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He was also worried that Gu Ning might get a straight flush, but it was hard too.

Although he didnt know what her face-down card was, he already had spades 8.

Gu Nings face-up cards were Q and 9.

If she was going to make a straight flush, she needed spades 9, 10, J, Q, or K.

Except for the face-down card, her face-up cards werent enough to make a straight flush.

Gu Ning kept adding chips, and the chips doubled every time.

She placed another four chips on the table, and her next card was spades K.

For now, Gu Ning had spades 9, 10, Q and K.

All she needed was a card of spades J so that she could make a straight flush.

In fact, Gu Ning had already used her Jade Eyes to see their cards during this round, so she was aware that Fan Zhihao was going to make four of a kind, and hers was a straight flush.

That was the reason why Gu Ning kept adding her chips.

Seeing Gu Nings cards, Fan Zhihao got a little nervous.

However, he already had three cards of 8 now, so it was impossible for him to give up right now.

Therefore, he threw another four chips to the table as well, and his next card was hearts 8.

With four cards of 8 in hands, Fan Zhihao was more excited now, but he didnt show it on his face.

People started to discuss behind him.

“Jesus, could it be four of a kind”

“Even if it isnt four of a kind, it could be full house!”

“Wow, its so amazing!”

“As long as the woman cant get a straight flush, Mr.

Fan is going to win.”

“Um, could she get a straight flush She already has spades 9, Q and K.

If her face-down card is spades 10 or J, it will be a straight flush.”

“I dont think its that easy to make a straight flush.”

More people believed that Fan Zhihao could win.

Even He Hongyuan was cheered up a little seeing the cards in Fan Zhihaos hands.

The final card was about to be dealt.

No matter what it was, Fan Zhihao was going to make four of a kind.

At this moment, Gu Ning placed another eight chips on the table.

The dealer gave the final card to Gu Ning, and it was spades J.

“OMG, could it really be a straight flush”

Seeing that, everyone was shocked.

Fan Zhihao and He Hongyuan were disappointed.

If Gu Ning really made a straight flush, they would lose again.

In addition, Gu Ning didnt seem worried at all.

Given Gu Nings four face-up cards, it could be a straight flush or straight.

With three face-up cards of 8 in hands, Fan Zhihao was likely to make four of a kind or full house in others eyes.

If he made full house, Gu Ning would win no matter if hers was a straight flush or straight.

If he made four of a kind, he might win on the condition that hers was straight.

Thinking of that, Fan Zhihao relaxed a little.

He also threw out another eight chips, and got his final card, which was hearts K.

In the end, each of them held five cards in hands, but they still needed to raise the bet before turning the face-down card up.

Once Fan Zhihao raised the bet, Gu Ning had to follow up if she wanted to reveal the face-down card, or she had to give up.

No one was willing to give up and lose all the previous chips at this time.

If Gu Ning gave up right now, her previous bets would be wasted.

She could make straight flush this time after all!

Fan Zhihao was a little worried that Gu Nings cards could be a straight flush in the end, so he didnt dare to take the risk and bet all his chips on the result.

If he did that, he could lose all his money.

He was scared of Gu Nings gambling skills, so he stayed cautious even though he had good cards in hand.

Accordingly, Fan Zhihao placed another 10 chips on the table, so did Gu Ning.

The moment Fan Zhihao flipped his face-down card over, everyone was astonished.

“Jesus, it is four of a kind!”

“Unless she can make a straight flush, shell lose.”

All the chips they had laid during this round added up to 250 million yuan.

People turned to look at Gu Ning with one accord after seeing Fan Zhihaos face-down card.

They thought that Gu Ning would panic a little at least, but she looked calm as usual, which made He Hongyuan and Fan Zhihao anxious.

Is she going to make a straight flush

Gu Ning turned her face-down card up, and it was indeed spades 10.

“OMG, its a straight flush!”

“I cant believe my eyes!”

Some were greatly surprised, while some couldnt accept it.

He Hongjie was happy to see the result without doubt, while Fan Zhihao couldnt believe it.

After playing the second form of gambling, Gu Ning had chips of 1.01 billion yuan in all now.

Nobody had seen anyone else who could make a fortune as easily as she could before.

In fact, Gu Ning thought that stone gambling was the best way to make a lot of money.

She actually wasnt very interested in other forms of gambling.

There were only two rounds left.

Fan Zhihao totally lost confidence in himself now, and started to be unlucky.

Gu Ning wasnt in during the ninth round, so she lost ten million yuan.

In the tenth round, Fan Zhihao got terrible cards, so he decided not to be in, and Gu Ning got the ten million yuan back.

All in all, Gu Ning still had chips of 1.01 billion yuan in her hands now.

In many peoples eyes, it was a great fortune.

“Do you need to rest again” He Yishao asked He Hongyuan and couldnt help gloating over their failure.

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