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They knew less about Gu Ning than Gao Yi did, so since Gao Yi told them to leave, they followed him.

Seeing that, Gu Ning was relieved, and swam towards the evil jiao at once.

She was going to stop it, in case it attacked her friends.

In addition, she had to figure out a way to put it into her telepathic eye space, otherwise it would cause big trouble.

Even if the evil jiao didnt directly attack humans, it could twist its body under the sea to cause violent waves.

No matter how strong the waves would be, they could easily damage or destroy ships on the surface of this sea.

In that case, many innocent people could be killed.

The evil jiao must have come here because of her magical power, so Gu Ning produced more of it on purpose in order to attract it.

She also covered the camera on her body to protect her friends from knowing about it.

The evil jiao thought that Gu Ning couldnt see it, because it was completely dark at the bottom of the sea and was filled with coral reefs.

So it was greatly surprised when the distance between them became shorter and shorter.

It saw Gu Ning swimming towards it.

Why isnt this human afraid of me

The evil jiao stopped five meters away from Gu Ning, so did Gu Ning.

She was worried that she might annoy it if she moved near again.

All of a sudden, the evil jiao shouted at Gu Ning, but it wasnt very loud, so it didnt cause strong currents.

“How dare she approach me” the evil jiao said.

It was talking to itself without doubt, because it didnt believe that Gu Ning was able to hear it.

However, Gu Ning did, which also surprised her, but she soon realized that it must be the effect of the Jade Eyes.

She took off her snorkel, and did her best to stay calm.

“Why not”

Hearing that, the evil jiao was shocked.

“H-How come you can hear me” it asked with uncertainty.

“I dont know.

I just can,” Gu Ning said.

The evil jiao couldnt believe it.

Anyway, it was more interested in Gu Nings magical power, so it asked with a pair of greedy eyes, “Tell me, why do you have magical power”

“Magical power What is that” Gu Ning played dumb.

The evil jiao squinted with dissatisfaction.

“Dont play dumb with me.

If you dont tell me, Ill swallow you.” the evil jiao threatened Gu Ning.

Gu Ning had magical power in her body, which was helpful for its inner discipline.

“Well, I can give it to you.” Gu Ning pretended to be scared, but she actually aimed to attract it over.

She could only put it into her telepathic eye space by touching it.

In an instant, the night-luminescent pearl appeared in Gu Nings hand, and it lit up the bottom of the sea at once.

The evil jiao was terrified and moved a long distance backwards.

It almost lost control of itself.

The next second, the evil jiao got excited sensing the magical power coming out from the bright pearl.

If it could absorb the magical power from it, he could soon transform itself from a jiao to a real dragon.

“What is this” the evil jiao asked.

“A night-luminescent pearl,” Gu Ning replied.

“A night-luminescent pearl” The evil jiao didnt know what a night-luminescent pearl was, but it didnt care about that either.

It swam towards Gu Ning without delay, trying to swallow the night-luminescent pearl.

The evil jiao was too confident and it believed that Gu Ning didnt dare to resist, so it put its full attention on the night-luminescent pearl.

It moved closer and closer within seconds.

When the evil jiao opened its big mouth to swallow the night-luminescent pearl, Gu Ning moved her hand and caught its long beard.

Within a second, the evil jiao was put into the telepathic eye space before it could struggle.

After that, Gu Ning swam to the surface of the sea.

In the yacht, people were all worried about Gu Ning, because she had been absent for too long.

A lot of dangerous things could happen under the sea.

Most importantly, Gu Ning seemed anxious when she urged Gao Yi and the others to leave.

She even covered the camera, so they knew nothing about what was happening.

They wanted to dive into the sea again to check whether Gu Ning was fine, but they werent sure whether they could help her or be a burden to her.

“Miss Gus camera is working again, and shes swimming upwards along the rope.

Pull her up, now!” Shen Zhaoxuans one friend said.

He was in charge of the cameras.

Hearing that, everyone was cheered up, and went to pull Gu Ning up.

A few minutes later, Gu Ning was out of the sea, and got on the yacht.

“Miss Gu, are you alright” everyone asked her with concern.

“Im fine,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

“Miss Gu, what happened Why did you urge them to leave just then” Li Maosong asked.

“Why” the others asked the same question.

They were all worried about Gu Nings safety.

“Well, I just felt an abnormal change in the sea water, so I told them to leave before me.

Dont worry, I already solved the problem,” Gu Ning said.

She couldnt tell them any details about the evil jiao.

Hearing that, everyone was relieved.

They didnt ask further about the abnormal change in the sea water, because they knew that Gu Ning could handle it well.

Afterwards, Gu Ning went to change her clothing, and the yacht moved back towards the docks.

They didnt open those boxes right away, but would share the valuable objects when they were back in the villa.

When Gu Ning was putting on dry clothes, she thought about how she should deal with the male ghost and the evil jiao in the telepathic eye space.

What she had done today had annoyed them without a doubt.

If she set them free into the sea, they would cause trouble to pay her back.

She didnt want innocent people to be killed because of her.

Before she could figure out a good way to settle this problem, she decided to leave them in the telepathic eye space for now.

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