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If Gu Ning wanted to take things out from here, she had to conquer this male ghost.

Gu Ning stopped fighting against it, and the ghost stopped as well, but it stayed alert looking at her.

“Youre a ghost now.

Why do you have to guard these objects that are without an owner” She took the snorkel out of her mouth.

She covered her camera before she came here, so the others didnt know what was happening inside.

“You can talk” The male ghost was surprised again.

“Well, these are the only things left by Commander Hu now.

I owe him a lot.

As long as I exist, I should guard his belongings.

Destroy me first if you want to take them away!”

Although the male ghost knew that it wasnt a match for Gu Ning, it was a ghost now, and couldnt be injured or killed, so it wasnt afraid of Gu Ning.

“Why do you have to do that” Gu Ning sighed.

Gu Ning understood the male ghosts feelings towards Commander Hu.

If Commander Hu were still alive, she wouldnt steal his belongings, but he was already dead.

Once he was dead, his belongings became something without an owner.

“Why do you have to steal others belongings” the male ghost asked.

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second.

The male ghost wouldnt give in.

What should she do

As Gu Ning felt cornered, an idea dawned on her.

She could put the male ghost into her telepathic eye space! She had a pair of Jade Eyes, so she could see and touch things normal human beings couldnt.

In that case, her telepathic eye space could also store things which appeared in her sight.

She could see ghosts, so she could put them away.

In fact, it wasnt Gu Nings idea; the Jade Eyes reminded her to do that.

Therefore, once Gu Ning received the message, she attacked the male ghost and caught its wrist.

The second she touched the ghost, it disappeared.

She succeeded!

Afterwards, she went to check those boxes without delay.

The locks were already rotten after being soaked in sea water for so many years, so she could directly open the boxes.

Gu Ning put several antiques she thought were most valuable into her telepathic eye space.

Although they werent many, they were priceless.

She didnt touch the box of gold bars, and would share them with the others.

After putting what she wanted into her telepathic eye space, Gu Ning turned around and swam out.

The three people outside were worried when Gu Ning had stayed inside for a long time.

They thought that they should probably go inside to have a look, but Gu Ning showed up at this moment, and they were relieved.

She waved her hand at them, and they swam towards the ship at once.

If Gu Ning told them to come over, there must be valuable objects inside.

This time, they successfully swam into the cabin, and found the 10 large boxes.

Once they opened those boxes, they rounded their eyes in shock.

They knew that there must be many valuable objects in this ship, but they were still astonished to see so many of them.

Zhao Jiangquan and Shen Zhaoxuan were excited, but Gao Yi looked calm as usual.

He wasnt interested in these ancient objects afterall.

Without delay, they started to pack the good clothes, cloth, gold bars, real antiques and so on into five boxes in all.

After that, they moved the boxes out onto the ocean floor.

Those boxes were quite heavy, and it was impossible for any of them to swim upwards carrying a large box.

In addition, they already dove into the sea with weights on.

Therefore, they decided to work shifts.

Two of them would move one large box at a time, while the other two waited at the bottom of the sea.

Shen Zhaoxuan and Gao Yi would move a large box first, and Gu Ning along with Zhao Jiangquan would wait at the bottom.

They took off their ropes and fastened it to the large box, then tied it to Shen Zhaoxuans and Gao Yis waists.

Afterwards, they sent a message through the camera to their partners in the yacht.

The people who stayed in the yacht started to draw their ropes back and pull them up.

When they were moving upwards, Gu Ning sized up the surroundings.

She loved eating seafood, so she brought a net bag with her when she came here in order to catch some seafood.

Gu Ning told Zhao Jiangquan to guard the rest of the boxes with a hand gesture, then went to swim around.

There was a lot of seafood in the ocean, but Gu Ning couldnt take all of it away, so she chose some big fish and shellfish.

Abalone, sea cucumber, prawns, big crabs, and so on were all in her net bag.

Zhao Jiangquan was surprised by Gu Nings actions.

They came here to search for treasure, but Gu Ning searched for seafood.

She was so different from them!

Even though Zhao Jiangquan couldnt see the seafood in Gu Nings net bag clearly, he thought that it was a good idea.

He liked eating seafood too.

Before long, Gu Nings net bag was filled with seafood.

However, Gu Ning noticed a golden fish swimming in the coral reef.

She recognized it with a simple glance.

It was the giant yellow croaker.

The giant yellow croaker was a critically endangered species of marine and brackish water fish in the family Sciaenidae.

There used to be a giant yellow croaker which weighed 48 kg, and someone had paid six hundred thousand yuan for it.

It was even more expensive than gold.

Gu Ning wouldnt allow herself to let it escape! Moreover, this giant yellow croaker was unusually big, and weighed around 70 kg.

In case the fish fled, Gu Ning produced some magical power to attract it.

The second she did that, not only the giant yellow croaker, but many other fish were also attracted.

In an instant, Gu Ning was surrounded by all kinds of fish.

Seeing that, Zhao Jiangquan was shocked.

The giant yellow croaker didnt escape because of her magical power, but instead swam towards Gu Ning.

Gu Ning quickly caught it and put it into her telepathic eye space.

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