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Chapter 845: Yang Ziqian Confesses His Affection to Yu Zi

Teachers from different cities along with Director You also made a guess about Gu Nings score in the rematch.

Most of them thought that Gu Ning could get a score of around 95, while only a few believed that she was able to get full marks again, Mr.

Tan included.

However, although they made that guess, they werent very confident, because the questions were much harder this time and they knew little about Gu Ning.

At the same time, they thought that fewer than 10 students would get a score over 90, and the majority might get a score around 80.

Gu Ning finished the paper within 25 minutes, and handed her paper in once half an hour passed once again.

Even though other students in the same classroom as her were mentally prepared, they were still astonished.

To their surprise, Gu Ning was still able to finish the paper within a short time even though the questions were much more difficult.

Gu Ning left the classroom while everyone looked at her.

Song Siyaos eyes were full of hatred, and she cursed that Gu Ning would fail this time.

Once Gu Ning was gone, one of the teachers in the classroom picked up her paper to have a look.

Gu Ning had, once again, filled in all the blanks with correct answers! The teacher couldnt believe his eyes.

Director You walked over the moment Gu Ning walked out of the classroom.

“Hi, Gu Ning, have you finished your paper”

“Yes, Director You,” Gu Ning said.

“Are you confident in getting full marks” Director You asked.

“I think I can,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, everyone took a long breath in.

No matter how difficult the math questions were, it seemed that they were still very easy in Gu Nings eyes.

“Oh, youre going to attend the National College Entrance Examination soon.

Which university is your target” Director You asked, and he had an idea.

“Well, my dream university is the Capital University,” Gu Ning replied.

Knowing that, everyone was surprised.

The Capital University was the top university in the country, and it was very hard to get in.

However, Gu Ning sounded quite confident.

“The University of City B is also a highly prestigious university.

Why dont you consider it” Director You hoped that Gu Ning, who was an unusually outstanding student, could stay in his city.

“Im sorry, but Im determined to go to the capital,” Gu Ning said.

Since Gu Ning said so, Director You didnt insist.

After saying good-bye to them, Gu Ning left the school.

Leng Shaoting was still waiting for her outside.

Yu Zi had been busy these days, so she had turned Yang Ziqians invitation down a few times, which made him wonder whether she was avoiding him.

Luckily, Yu Zi invited Yang Ziqian to have coffee together today, and he was very excited about it.

It was a Saturday, so Yu Zi was free.

The two met each other in a café at 3 pm.

The second Yang Ziqian was seated, Yu Zi apologized to him, “Ziqian, Im so sorry that Ive been very busy recently.

Please dont mind it.

I called you today because I want to make it up to you.”

“Its fine.

I understand, and I was very happy when you called me today,” Yang Ziqian said.

He understood that Charm was still in the early stage of developing, so Yu Zi would be very busy dealing with her business.

In fact, he cared about her so much that he couldnt help thinking of her.

“Great!” Yu Zi smiled.

“Um, what kind of person am I in your eyes” Yang Ziqian asked all of a sudden, staring at Yu Zi.

Yu Zi was struck dumb for a second, and flushed a little.

“I think youre a good man.”

“Can I be your boyfriend” Yang Ziqian blurted out with anticipation.

“Well…” Yu Zi was surprised.

She didnt know how to answer that question, so she lowered her head to drink coffee.

She had to admit that she liked Yang Ziqian, or she wouldnt have met with him so often before.

Nevertheless, she still felt a little shy to say it aloud.

“Can I” Yang Ziqian got nervous when Yu Zi hesitated.

“I-I dont know how to answer,” Yu Zi said.

“Its fine.

You can be honest with me.

I can accept it.” Yang Ziqian felt disappointed.

He thought that Yu Zi was going to reject him.

If Yu Zi really rejected him, he wouldnt insist.

Feeling Yang Ziqians disappointment, Yu Zi said aloud at once, “Sure you can.”

She flushed again afterwards.

“What” Yang Ziqian was cheered up.

“Are you saying that I can be your boyfriend”

“Yeah.” Yu Zi nodded, but still avoided meeting his eyes.

Yang Ziqian was thrilled, and caught her hand on the table.

Yu Zi struggled a little, but soon accepted it.

“Yu Zi, I understood that you dont believe sweet nothings, so Ill prove my love to you with actions and time,” Yang Ziqian said with a serious face.

Yu Zi was touched.

She had heard too many sweet nothings before, so now she valued actions above words.

After that, Yang Ziqian snapped his fingers, and a waiter showed up with a bunch of red roses walking towards them.

Yu Zi was amazed, then realized that Yang Ziqian was prepared today.

Yang Ziqian was indeed prepared, because he was very sure of his feelings towards Yu Zi.

He made up his mind to confess his affection to her today.

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