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811 Is Wenxin in Love

The second Xu Jinchen and Xin Bei got in their car, Xin Bei took out his phone and called Cao Wenxin.

He couldnt wait a second longer to hear her answer.

Seeing that, Xu Jinchen felt a little sad.

His close brothers all had or were about to have a girlfriend, while he was still single as usual.

When Cao Wenxin received Xin Beis call, she was enjoying coffee with her friends, Gao Chengyun and An Ran, in a café.

They were almost the same age, and just graduated from their universities, so the three of them were all jobless now.

However, they had no intention to rely on their families forever.

Even though their families wealth could support them to live a luxurious life, they still believed that they should do something serious.

Cao Wenxin wasnt allowed to join the army, nor the police, but she disliked politics, so she thought business might be a good choice.

Gao Chengyun was also interested in business.

An Ran was born in a family of power, but she hated working in the government because she thought that it was very boring.

Instead, she found business fun, so the three of them came to an agreement.

The problem was what business should they be involved in

The ringing phone interrupted their discussion all of a sudden.

Seeing the callers name, Cao Wenxin flushed, and her heart was pounding.

Since Xin Bei called her right now, he must be in City B and wanted to hear her answer.

Thinking of what she had said to Xin Bei, Cao Wenxins heart was beating faster.

“Um, excuse me, I need to take this,” Cao Wenxin said, then left at once.

Seeing Cao Wenxins red face, Gao Chengyun and An Ran exchanged a knowing glance.

“Is Wenxin in love” An Ran guessed.

Although she wasnt sure about it yet, she thought that it was quite possible.

“I think so,” Gao Chengyun said, but felt a little upset.

What Cao Wenxin didnt know was that Gao Chengyun liked her ever since they were kids, but he knew that Cao Wenxin treated him as a friend.

He had even joked before that they could try to get together if both of them couldnt find their love, but Cao Wenxin rejected it.

After that, Gao Chengyun never mentioned it again, because it could ruin their friendship.

Just like what happened to Jiang Zezheng and Cao Wenxin.

Jiang Zezheng had confessed his affection towards Cao Wenxin, but Cao Wenxin rejected him, so they now felt a little uneasy when meeting.

It was a shame that they couldnt be a couple, but they could at least be good friends.

He could also help her and care about her without worrying.

He still held hope before because she didnt have a boyfriend.

He wished that he could be together with Cao Wenxin.

However, if it wouldnt happen, he would still move on.

Cao Wenxin ran aside to answer the call, and pretended to be calm.


“Where are you right now” Xin Bei asked.

He also sounded calm on the phone, but he was actually quite nervous and excited.

Cao Wenxin had told him that she would give him the answer once they met each other again.

In other words, Cao Wenxin could soon be his girlfriend.

“Im in a café with my friends,” Cao Wenxin said.

“Which café I can pick you up,” Xin Bei said.

“Are you in City B now” Cao Wenxin asked, although she already knew the answer.

“Yeah, I just left the airport.

Which café are you in” Xin Bei asked again.

“I-Im in the Sky Café at Fengshang Shopping Mall,” Cao Wenxin said.

“Great, Ill be right there.

We can dine together with Gu Ning and other friends,” Xin Bei said.

In case Cao Wenxin rejected his invitation, he used Gu Ning as the excuse.

“Oh, sure.” Cao Wenxin agreed.

After Xin Bei hung up the call, Xu Jinchen joked, “When did you become a couple I never heard you mention it.”

“Not yet, but soon.

Well be a couple in a little while!” Xin Bei looked satisfied and proud, which made Xu Jinchen feel envious once more.

Xu Jinchen was probably the only single man in their team right now.

He had just felt hurt seeing Leng Shaoting and Gu Nings loving actions, and he was soon going to witness the new couple Xin Bei and Cao Wenxin.

Why was he still left single

Cao Wenxin went back to her seat after a while, and apologized to her friends.

“Im sorry.

Im afraid I cant dine with you this afternoon.

Ningning, her boyfriend and several friends of her boyfriend are coming, and were going to gather together.”

“Really” An Ran didnt believe it, then pulled Cao Wenxin over with one arm around her shoulders.

“Tell me, are you in love”

“No!” Cao Wenxin denied it, but flushed again.

“No Look at your face.

Youre lying! Come on, who were you talking to on the phone just then” An Ran asked.

Cao Wenxin felt a little embarrassed, because Xin Bei and her really werent a couple yet.

“Im not right now, but will probably be soon.”

“That means youve found your love, right” An Ran said.

“Yeah,” Cao Wenxin said in a quiet voice.

“Wow, congratulations!” Gao Chengyun said with a smile, but only he knew how heart-broken he was right now.

“Well, I want to be in love as well seeing as youre going to have a boyfriend soon.” An Ran was affected by Cao Wenxin.

“I think its easy for you to get a boyfriend.

We all know that you have many admirers,” Gao Chengyun said.

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