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808 The Scandal Erupts

Gong Zhengyangs mother was an actress without much fame many years ago.

Because of her affair with Yao Guanghui, she quit her job and hid away in another city.

Although she now made less money than before, she was still the owner of several beauty salons.

Gong Zhengyangs mother came back to City B two years ago, because she and Gong Zhengyang were about to take action to pay Yao Guanghui back.

At this moment, Gong Zhengyangs mother was in her apartment.

She was the boss of those beauty salons, so there was no need for her to work every day.

She seldom went out in case she ran into the Yao family.

She wasnt in the mood to go out either.

Normally, she would surf the Internet to kill time.

All of a sudden, she read the piece of news about the explosion, and recognized Gong Zhengyangs car at first glance.

She was scared and read the content without delay.

Knowing that Gong Zhengyang was sent to the hospital, Gong Zhengyangs mother called him several times, but nobody answered.

In fact, Gong Zhengyangs mother didnt care much about him.

In his mothers eyes, he was just a tool for her revenge.

Gong Zhengyangs mother left for the hospital at once for more details about Gong Zhengyangs condition now.

Gong Zhengyangs mother was confident that their scheme against the Yao family was still a secret, so she thought that it must have been an accident, instead of a murder.

Even the police dealt with it as an accident, because the car was a pile of waste after the explosion and no evidence was left.

Gong Zhengyangs mother soon arrived at the hospital, but only heard that Gong Zhengyang was already dead.

It was so hard for her to accept the news, because her plan of revenge was also ruined once Gong Zhengyang died.

Nevertheless, she refused to give up.

After thinking for a while, an idea dawned on her.

If she couldnt ruin the Yao familys business, she could ruin their reputation by exposing Gong Zhengyangs real relationship with Yao Guanghui.

Without hesitation, Gong Zhengyangs mother went back home and wrote a post, then sent it to a famous Weibo gossip blogger.

The famous Weibo gossip blogger had no moral principles, and he would post any gossip as long as it was funny and could gain attention.

Before long, the scandal about the Yao family erupted.

Exclusive News! Incest scandal about the Yao family in City B.

The news title soon attracted countless Internet users attention.

Around 28 years ago, Yao Guanghui, the leading role in the Yao family, had an affair with an actress without much fame.

Her name is Lu Sisi.

Lu Sisi didnt know that Yao Guanghui was already married until she got pregnant and wanted to marry him.

However, Yao Guanghui forced her to have an abortion.

Lu Sisi pretended to agree with Yao Guanghui, but fled carrying the baby and also quit her job.

Ever since Yao Guanghui found out, he had been searching for Lu Sisi, but failed to find her.

Several years later, Yao Guanghui met Lu Sisi again, and got to know that she already gave birth to their son.

In order to protect his reputation, Yao Guanghui decided to kill his son.

Left with no choice, Lu Sisi sent her son to an orphanage, and the boy was renamed Gong Zhengyang.

Gong Zhengyang who is precisely the son-in-law of the Yao family.

After reading the post, everyone was shocked.

Gong Zhengyang had been abandoned by his biological father, and his father had even tried to kill him.

Gong Zhengyang must hate his father the most.

Many people started to guess or even believe that Gong Zhengyang wanted to get revenge on his father by marrying into the Yao family.

Gong Zhengyangs actions were too much, but most people could understand why he wanted to get revenge.

Yao Guanghui asked for it himself.

If he hadnt cheated on his wife, he wouldnt have a love child.

Not only had he abandoned his woman and child, but he also wanted to kill them, which was completely brutal.

Therefore, the majority of the Internet users criticized Yao Guanghui.

At the same time, some also doubted whether the post was telling the truth.

It was more likely gossip without solid proof anyway.

Even so, the Yao familys reputation was still affected by the scandal.

There was no smoke without fire, and nobody dared to slander the Yao family if it wasnt true.

Within a short time, the shocking news went viral, and the Yao family learned of it too.

Yao Wenyu, Yao Lihuis older brother, was the first person who learned the news from his friend in the Yao family.

He was busy dealing with Gong Zhengyangs death now, so he didnt pay much attention to other things.

When he read the news, he was stunned, but he believed that the post could be true.

He felt sorry and sad for Gong Zhengyangs death at the beginning, but now was quite relieved.

If Gong Zhengyang hadnt been killed, his familys business could be ruined in the future.

Yao Wenyu didnt tell Mrs.

Yao and Yao Lihui right away, but told his father, Yao Guanghui at once.

Yao Guanghui panicked when this dirty secret was exposed.

He wondered whether the mysterious person who had called him before leaked the information.

Yao Guanghui had been so focused on Gong Zhengyang these days, and forgot to protect himself from the mysterious person.

“Dad, is it true” Yao Wenyu asked, although he already had the answer.

Yao Guanghui trusted his son, so he said, “Yeah, its true.

I just found out yesterday, and he had to be killed.”

Yao Wenyu nodded.

He thought that it was right.

Even if Yao Guanghui hadnt done that, he would do the same thing as well after knowing the truth.

As for Yao Guanghuis affair, Yao Wenyu chose to be silent, because he also had a mistress.

There were few men who could stay faithful to their partner in this world.

“Delete the post on the Internet as soon as possible.

We cant let it ruin our familys reputation,” Yao Guanghui said.

“Sure,” Yao Wenyu replied, then left.

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