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Chapter 80: Gu Man Leaves the Hospital

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In the patient room, Gu Ning greeted the family of Gu Qing one by one.

Gu Ning was happy to see that her mother had gained some weight and was more energetic than before.

Gu Man had told Gu Qing and Jiang Xu that Gu Ning had been out to find a house.

“Ningning, have you found a house” Gu Qing asked Gu Ning when she came in.

If Gu Ning failed to find a house, Gu Qing was determined to let them stay with her family so that they would have more time to find a place to live in later.

“Ive founded it,” Gu Ning answered.

“Really Thats good.

Where is the house Is it safe How much does it cost a month” Gu Qing asked.

Gu Ning felt contented receiving the kindness and care from Gu Qing.

She smiled with warmth.

“Its around the Youyi Road.

Its safe and the price is acceptable.”

Gu Ning didnt tell them details.

It wasnt the appropriate time.

Knowing that Gu Ning was going to buy instead of rent a house, Gu Man was surprised.

Youyi Road was close to the downtown with more blocks than Fenghua Luxury Mansion.

Gu Man didnt think of Fenghua Luxury Mansion of course, but the rest of the houses there werent cheap either.

A house would cost at least two million yuan.

Didnt Ningning still plan to allot some money to investment

Gu Man always believed that Gu Ning would buy a house in a remote area at the price of one million yuan at the most.

Gu Ning gave her mother a comforting glance.

She didnt want to explain everything to them now.

Although Gu Man was surprised, she was also happy to see that Gu Ning could make decisions on her own.

Gu Ning then added, “Ive already finished the discharge documents.

Now lets pack up and go home! Lets go celebrate!”

“Oh, Gu Man can leave now Thats very good! We must celebrate!” Everyone was delighted to know that Gu Ning had found a house, and that Gu Man was ready to leave the hospital.

Gu Qing thought that Gu Ning and Gu Man were probably on a tight budget now, after they had paid the admission and the VIP patient room fee.

Thus she invited them on her own initiative.

“This meal is on me.

No one is going to compete with me for that.”


This meal has to be on me.

Now, you all need to be mentally prepared, because I have some very important news to tell you later,” Gu Ning said seriously.

“What news” Gu Qing and Jiang Xu were a little worried to see Gu Ning wearing a serious face.

However, although Gu Ning put on a serious face, nothing was actually wrong.

Thus Gu Qing and Jiang Xu were slightly relaxed.

Only Gu Man knew what was going on, but if Gu Man had known that Gu Ning had bought two houses in the most expensive area in City F, she would have been completely shocked.

As for Jiang Xinyue, she was curious, but didnt think further.

“Lets go home now.

Ill tell you all later,” Gu Ning urged.

Since Gu Ning didnt want to tell them now, they all closed their mouths and started to pack up.

“Ningning, who sent those to you Theyre too many, and must be expensive!” Gu Qing didnt discover those gifts that Gu Ning had received till now.

“Some are from my schoolmates, some are from a doctor who is my friend in this hospital,” Gu Ning answered.

“Schoolmates They must be super rich!” Gu Qing said with surprise.

Gu Ning didnt say anything else.

They went downstairs and Gu Ning called a taxi on the way out.

Before they even left the hospital, the car was already waiting for them outside.

When the car stopped across Fenghua Luxury Mansion, everyone was amazed by its luxurious buildings.

They almost believed that it was where they were going to move in, but no one actually believed it.

It was beyond their imagination that Gu Ning was able to buy or rent a house here.

However, there were only tall buildings, shopping malls or hotels around except for those luxurious residential houses.

Thinking of that, Gu Qing asked, “Ningning, are there any houses to rent here”

Even Gu Man didnt understand why Gu Ning brought them here.

“We lack many daily necessities now so lets go to the supermarket first,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, everyone understood immediately.

Gu Qing said, “Oh, right! You just rented a new house.

There must be nothing inside.”

Then, the group of them walked into the supermarket.

They mainly bought cookers, ingredients and food, as well as some other daily necessities.

Gu Ning went to buy three sheet sets herself.

They couldnt buy everything they needed in such a short time, so they only bought everything they needed for today.

Gu Man had already quit her job.

Gu Ning planned to give her a credit card with a million yuan limit later, so that she could buy anything she wanted.

When they went to pay, the rest all waited outside while Gu Ning settled the bill.

No one else knew how much they had spent.

All of them then left the supermarket with large and small bags.

Since only Gu Ning knew the direction, everyone followed her, but when they got to the gate of Fenghua Luxury Mansion, everyone stopped and rounded theirs eyes in shock.

“Ningning, are you going to tell us your house is right in there” Gu Qing couldnt believe her eyes.

“Ningning, the house price here is so expensive, you…” Even Gu Man couldnt stay quiet now.

She was confused.

“Please lets not talk outside.

Lets get in first! I promise Ill tell you everything when were at home,” Gu Ning said in an undeniable tone.

The rest were all nervous following Gu Ning to walk inside afterwards.

Even though they walked in, they still couldnt believe it was true.

They got into a sightseeing car, and all were amazed by the scene.

They never would have believed that they would have a chance to step in Fenghua Luxury Mansion in their entire lifetime!

The car stopped at G zone.

They all got out and walked inside.

On the way, the rest all had countless questions in mind, especially the family of Gu Qing.

However, they knew Gu Ning wouldnt say anything till they were home.

They went to the ninth floor by elevator.

Gu Ning pulled out the key and opened the door of her house.

It was No.


Once the door opened, they all stepped inside.


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