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Feng Pinghuis secretary directly called the HR department of the factory area, and found out that a woman named Wang Yunping really worked there.

Therefore, Feng Pinghuis secretary arrived at the factory area in half an hour, and found the woman named Wang Yunping at the sixth factory after 20 minutes.

The secretary didnt talk to Wang Yunping right away, but took a picture of her and sent it to Feng Pinghui.

She looked over 30 in the picture, because she aged over time, but Feng Pinghui still had the feeling that she was the woman he loved at first glance.

He lost control of himself and burst into tears.

Feng Pinghui told his secretary not to disturb her work, and that he would come to meet her in person.

Afterwards, he left his work to another secretary before he drove over.

Half an hour later, he arrived.

It was only 5:30 pm, and the workers were still at work, so Feng Pinghui waited outside for Wang Yunping.

Feng Pinghui didnt see Wang Yunping walking out until 6:05 pm.

Although she was just 35 years old, she looked like a woman in her late forties.

What had she been through during the past years

Feng Pinghui showed no disdain at all, but his heart ached for her.

If he had married Wang Yunping, they could have lived a happy life together.

Feng Pinghui didnt go over at once, but followed her, trying to find out what kind of life she was living now.

Wang Yunping walked to a bus stop and waited for a while.

She got on a bus later, and Feng Pinghui drove behind it.

After four stops, Wang Yunping got off somewhere near the suburbs.

However, she didnt leave the bus stop, but sat there looking at oncoming buses once in a while.

Feng Pinghui thought that she was about to transfer to another bus, but it seemed that she had no intention to take another bus after many buses passed by the stop.

Two minutes later, a bus stopped, and a young teenage boy around 16 years old got off it.

Seeing the boy, Wang Yunping beamed and walked to him.

After that, they chatted and laughed while walking away.

The moment Feng Pinghui saw the young teenage boys face, he was shocked.

The boy closely resembled him when he was young! Was the boy his and Wang Yunpings child

When Wang Yunping left him that year, she was pregnant, but he thought that she was carrying another mans baby.

To his astonishment, this boy was highly likely to be his son!

They had been deeply in love that year and wanted to marry each other, so they had sex and Wang Yunping soon got pregnant.

Feng Pinghui had mixed emotions now.

He was thrilled that he had a son with Wang Yunping, because the boy was the symbol of their deep love for each other.

It probably sounded unfair to Lu Qiuting, but it was Lu Qiuting who had ruined his happiness.

If it hadnt been for her, he wouldnt have been apart from his beloved woman, and his son wouldnt have grown up in a single-parent family.

According to the law, Lu Qiuting could be put in jail.

It didnt matter whether Wang Yunping had a new family now, or they could get back together again, but he couldnt live with Lu Qiuting any longer.

He wouldnt sue her given their years of marriage, but he was determined to divorce her.

No man would tolerate a woman who had ruined his happiness and made his beloved woman along with their kid live a poor life.

Feng Pinghui calmed himself down, and followed them in his car.

Around 10 minutes later, they walked to a living area and bought some food before they went home.

It was a narrow road, and a car couldnt drive in, so Feng Pinghui stopped his car by the roadside, and followed them on foot.

They walked for around 50 meters, then entered an old building.

Wang Yunping and her son lived on the first floor.

It wasnt a big apartment.

Wang Yunping slept in the inside room, while her son slept in the outside room, which was also their living room, kitchen and dining room.

Only poor people lived here.

Feng Pinghui didnt go closer until they had walked inside, but he didnt immediately knock on the door.

Instead, he eavesdropped outside the door.

“Mom, have you found a good apartment yet” Wang Yunpings son, Wang Zesheng, asked.

“Not yet, Im still looking.

Dont worry, we will find a good apartment before the demolition,” Wang Yunping said to comfort her son.

“Mom, Im studying hard, and Ill make a lot of money so that we can live in a good house in the future!” Wang Zesheng said with a serious face.

It was what he wanted the most.

“Good boy.

Mom trusts you, and youll be successful one day in the future!” Wang Yunping encouraged Wang Zesheng.

Feng Pinghui felt like crying outside of the door.

They didnt even have a good place to live.

He composed himself, then knocked on the door.

“Coming!” Wang Yunping walked over.

Neighbors here often visited each other, so Wang Yunping didnt think further.

However, when she opened the door and saw the man standing outside, she was stunned.

Feng Pinghui What is he doing here How come he knows I live here

“Yunping,” Feng Pinghui greeted her the way he had called her when they were deeply in love that year.

Wang Yunping soon reacted and tried to slam the door, but was stopped by Feng Pinghui.

“Yunping, can we talk”

“We have nothing to talk about,” Wang Yunping said.

Feng Pinghui was the last man in this world that she wanted to see now.

What had happened over a dozen years ago left a deep mental scar on her heart.

She didnt blame Feng Pinghui for it, because he was a victim too.

However, it was hard for them to let it go.

“Mom, whats wrong Who is he” Wang Zesheng ran over at once, and protected Wang Zesheng behind him.

He stared at Feng Pinghui, staying alert.

When their eyes met in the air, Wang Zesheng somehow felt that this man looked familiar, and Feng Pinghui believed that Wang Zesheng had to be his son after looking at him from a close distance.

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