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798 Wang Yunping

Gu Ning also told An Guangyao the terrifying news about the land, but she didnt tell him many details, but just said that it was a rumor.

An Guangyao trusted Gu Ning, so he believed her.

After days of resting and a supply of drugs, Feng Xueqin was able to calm down a little.

However, she was already addicted to drugs, and the Feng family had to buy drugs for her.

Luckily, they were rich enough to afford it.

Lu Qiuting stayed with Feng Xueqin in the hospital most of the time, because she was a full-time housewife and wasnt busy.

In the beginning, Lu Qiuting took care of Feng Xueqin because of their friendship, but she soon got tired of it.

She could still stand it, so she forced herself to keep Feng Xueqin company, but she would often ignore Feng Xueqin and play on her phone.

Feng Xueqin just took drugs, so she was lying quietly on the bed.

“Jesus, Tang Yunfan proposed!” Lu Qiuting suddenly exclaimed with shock, which surprised Feng Xueqin.

“What did you say” she asked.

Hearing Feng Xueqins voice, Lu Qiuting realized that she shouldnt have said that.


If Feng Xueqin found out about it, she would lose her temper again, while Lu Qiuting was reluctant to comfort her again and again.

“No, you just said Tang Yunfan.

You just said he proposed!” Feng Xueqin stared straight at Lu Qiuting.

Since Feng Xueqin had already heard it, it was useless for Lu Qiuting to hide it.

“Well, yeah.

Tang Yunfan just proposed to that woman.”

Hearing that, Feng Xueqin, weirdly, remained silent without any movements for a long while.

Lu Qiuting thought that she might get over it, but Feng Xueqin abruptly screamed and went crazy after a few seconds.

“How can he do that How can he do that” Feng Xueqin yelled, throwing things around the room, which made a loud noise.

She even got off the bed, but fell on the ground because she was short of strength.

She hit her head on the bedside table, and it started bleeding.

Lu Qiuting was scared, and went to find the doctor.

She was unwilling to support Feng Xueqin at this moment, because she didnt want to be hurt by her.

Feng Xueqin, however, kept shouting in anger with her head bleeding and her face covered in blood.

“Why Why do you have to treat me like this”

“Look at me now.

Im already ruined by drugs, and you just proposed to another woman.”

“Bi*ch! Bi*ch!”

“Go to hell!”

It sounded like Feng Xueqin was the victim, and Tang Yunfan had cheated on her, but she asked for it herself.

The doctor later came, and used great force to hold Feng Xueqin down to inject sedatives into her body, and Feng Xueqin finally collapsed on the bed.

Once the doctor was gone, Lu Qiuting lost her patience and swore at Feng Xueqin, “Feng Xueqin, enough is enough! If you dont want to live, kill yourself now! Stop torturing me!”

After that, Lu Qiuting left.

There were nurses in the hospital after all, and they could take good care of Feng Xueqin.

Feng Xueqin had a twisted mind now, and grew hostile towards Lu Qiuting.

If she couldnt live a good life, nobody else could.

Lu Qiuting, I helped you before, and you want me to kill myself now

Thinking of that, Feng Xueqin did her best to calm herself down, and called Feng Pinghui.

“What” Feng Pinghui sounded impatient on the phone.

“Pinghui, I know that you never forgot about Wang Yunping.

I ran into her last year.

She lives like a beggar now.

Do you know who caused that Lu Qiuting and I.

Lu Qiuting turned to me for help and we schemed together to put Wang Yunping on the same bed with another man so that you would dump her.

Lu Qiuting then caused you to get drunk on purpose and had sex with you to force you to marry her,” Feng Xueqin said, feeling satisfied.

She was afraid of nothing now.

“What did you say” Feng Pinghui was shocked.

It was true that he had never forgotten Wang Yunping, because he had been deeply in love with her, and he also had been hurt deeply by her.

Even though he got along well with Lu Qiuting, he never loved Lu Qiuting.

However, he didnt do anything that hurt Lu Qiuting either.

However, Feng Xueqin now told him that what had happened that year was merely a scheme!

If so, it was completely a joke that he had hated Wang Yunping for so many years, and he felt that Lu Qiuting and Feng Xueqin were really disgusting all of a sudden.

They had destroyed his happiness, left a mental scar on his heart, and ruined his beloved womans reputation, but they lived their life like nothing had happened!

Feng Pinghui was in a rage, and questioned, “Tell me, where is Yunping now”

He felt utterly guilty if she really lived like a beggar now.

It was a scheme designed by Lu Qiuting and Feng Xueqin, but it was also true that he had blamed Wang Yunping for everything and had even dumped her.

“I dont know where she is right now, but you can check the factory area in the western district.

She was wearing a uniform from a factory when I ran into her last time,” Feng Xueqin said.

She knew that Lu Qiutings relationship with Feng Pinghui was doomed.

After hanging up the call, Feng Pinghui arranged for someone to search for a woman named Wang Yunping around the factory area at the western district.

Feng Xueqin, on the other hand, laughed out loud like a crazy woman.

Lu Qiuting, your life will be ruined as well.

Lu Qiuting went to a beauty salon after she left the hospital.

She had no idea that her happy marriage and life were about to be destroyed.

With the approximate area, it was easy to find a person.

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