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788 More than Sister and Brother

“I thought that Liu Zhongming is a middle manager in the Kirin Gang, so he could handle it well.

Im also surprised by the influence that the boss of the beauty salon has,” Zheng Wenhao said feeling upset.

He felt utterly uncomfortable after being humiliated in his familys company.

“Who is the boss of the beauty salon” Zheng Lilin asked.

“The boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry,” Zheng Wenhao replied.

“What The boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry” Zheng Lilin was astonished.

He had heard of Jade Beauty Jewelry, and he knew that its boss was an 18-year-old young girl.

Although the girl was very young, she was a well-known successful businesswoman.

In addition, she had a powerful network, and many important figures had attended the opening ceremony of her jewelry shop.

Jade Beauty Jewelry itself was barely comparable to the Zheng family, but its boss network was much more influential than the Zheng family.

Of course, the condition for it was that the girl had to have a close relationship with those important figures.

If not, they would stay away once the girl was in trouble.

Zheng Lilin had worked in business for half of his life, so he knew the rules very well.

He also held a position of power in the Hetian Group, and knew many influential people, but he actually didnt have many close friends.

Most of those who socialized with him gathered together for benefits.

He did that as well.

Either way, since Gu Ning was able to punish Zheng Wenhao this time, it proved that she wasnt someone that they could mess with.

Zheng Lilin was unwilling to accept the result either, but he had to remind Zheng Wenhao to be more cautious.

“Learn from this, and dont be so impulsive again in the future.

If you really need to take action, dont involve yourself and our family.”

“Sure,” Zheng Wenhao said.

However, he made up his mind to take revenge once he seized a chance.

He knew that he couldnt take his enemies lightly anymore, and he would be more careful the next time.

“Tell me what happened to your mother and Wenmei” Zheng Lilin asked for details.

“Mom and Wenmei liked the beauty salon and wanted to rent it, but they needed time to consider it.

When they made the decision and went to rent the beauty salon today, Gu Ning did it before them and was about to sign the contract.

Mom and Wenmei were, of course, unwilling to accept it, so they had an argument with the girl, then were both injured.” Zheng Wenhao still didnt think that it was Mrs.

Zheng and Zheng Wenmeis fault.

Zheng Lilin, however, knew his wife and daughter well.

He knew that they must have threatened the girl first.

However, even though he knew it clearly, Zheng Lilin still sided with his family.

People of the same kind made up a family.


Zhengs and Zheng Wenmeis aggressive characters were the same as Zheng Lilins.

Zheng Lilin spoiled his wife and daughter rotten.

He knew that they had made a mistake, but he would still protect them.

In the hospital, Zheng Wenmei was in a good condition after her wrist was moved back to its normal position, although it was still a little painful.


Zheng also got much better, and they could go home later when Zheng Lilin and Zheng Wenhao came.

Knowing that the beauty salon was damaged, Zheng Wenmei was in a good mood now, but she still felt dissatisfied that Gu Ning was safe.

All in all, she thought that the result wasnt that bad, and believed that Gu Ning would learn her lesson sooner or later.

However, she didnt know that Zheng Wenhao had actually paid a lot for what he had done without him even being able to hurt Gu Ning.

In order not to upset her, Zheng Wenhao decided to keep it a secret from her.

When Zheng Lilin and Zheng Wenhao arrived, Zheng Wenmei was talking to a friend on the phone and seemed quite happy.

Seeing that, Zheng Wenhao was displeased, but didnt say anything.

Zheng Wenmei hung up the moment she saw Zheng Lilin and Zheng Wenhao walking towards her.

“Hi, dad, Wenhao!” Zheng Wenmei ran to them and threw herself into Zheng Lilins arms.

“Who were you talking to on the phone You looked very happy.

Were you talking to your boyfriend” Zheng Lilin joked.

Zheng Wenhao was annoyed when he heard the word “boyfriend”.

He disliked knowing that Zheng Weimei had a boyfriend.

Zheng Wenmei felt a little shy and said with pride, “Hes just chasing me now, and I havent agreed yet.

Its said that men never cherish a girl that they can easily get.”

“Youre my daughter.

Who would dare to not cherish you, Ill make him pay for it!” Zheng Lilin seemed serious.

Zheng Wenmei snorted with laughter.

“Love you, daddy!”

“How about me” Zheng Wenhao wasnt willing to be ignored.

Hearing that, Zheng Wenhao moved out of Zheng Lilins arms, and held Zheng Wenhaos arm.

“Youre the best older brother in the world!”

Zheng Wenhao was satisfied, but still felt unhappy about the fact that Zheng Wenmei was about to have a boyfriend.

He knew his feelings towards Zheng Wenmei clearly.

In his eyes, Zheng Wenmei was more than his younger sister.

He was highly possessive of her and didnt want her to have a boyfriend at all.

At the same time, he also knew that they were biological sister and brother, and no other relationships were going to exist between them except for their family connection.

Nevertheless, he couldnt control himself, and felt distressed.

“Alright, how is your mother now” Zheng Lilin asked.

“Honey!” The second Mrs.

Zheng saw Zheng Lilin, she cried feeling aggrieved.

In other peoples eyes, Mrs.

Zheng was arrogant and aggressive, but she was a weak woman in front of Zheng Lilin.

Zheng Lilin loved that, because he enjoyed the feeling that his wife needed him.

Zheng Lilin walked over at once, and asked with concern, “How are you, honey”

“Its still painful,” Mrs.

Zheng said, and looked pitiful.

“Well, I guess you have to tolerate it.

Youll be fine in a few days.

I wish I were the one who had been injured,” Zheng Lilin said.

“No, honey, dont say that.” Mrs.

Zheng pressed her fingers on Zheng Lilins lips to stop him.

Although they had been married for many years, they were still a loving couple and said sweet nothings to each other all the time.

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