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787 Can“t Submit to Humiliation

When Niu Ge asked her for money, Li Fengxia rounded her eyes in shock, and couldnt believe her ears.

“What Ten thousand yuan a person How dare you!”

Although Li Fengxia was willing to pay them to cause Du Laifeng trouble, she was reluctant to be extorted.

“If you dont give it to us, well damage your shop the next time!” Niu Ge threatened.

They wouldnt leave without money today.

“You…” Li Fengxia was mad as well as scared.

She was just an ordinary woman without any support.

Her son and her relied on this shop to live their lives.

If they really damaged this shop, they would suffer a loss of more than fifty thousand yuan.

She didnt dare to call the police either, because they would be kept in the police station for just a few days.

Once they got out, they would take a worse revenge on her.

It wasnt the first time that she had been in touch with them, so she knew them to some extent.

Therefore, no matter how unwilling Li Fengxia was, she had to yield, and transferred fifty thousand yuan to Niu Ge.

Niu Ge was satisfied when he received the money.

“Li Fengxia, its new boss told us to pass on to you that she will put you in jail if you dare to cause her trouble again.”

After that, they left.

Li Fengxia, on the other hand, was shocked that they betrayed her.

At the same time, she was also angry.

She thought that nobody knew that she was the person who had hired those hoodlums to damage Du Laifengs shop again and again.

Du Laifeng actually knew it from the very beginning.

However, Du Laifeng didnt have the ability to fight back, or he wouldnt have allowed his step-mother to do it again and again.

Since the shop had a new boss now, she didnt dare to cause them any trouble again.

She wasnt willing to accept this result, but she had to swallow her anger.

Thinking of what had happened today, Li Fengxia was growing increasingly displeased.

She grabbed a cup on the table and smashed it on the ground.

Right at this moment, her son, Du Mingda, came back, and the cup broke into pieces right under his feet.

Du Mingda was scared, so was Li Fengxia.

She ran over at once and asked him with anxiety, “Mingda, are you alright”

Li Fengxia had spoiled her son rotten.

Although her son was already over 20 years old, she still treated him like he was a little boy.

Du Mingda seldom took care of this shop, but hung out all day long with either his girlfriend or fair-weather friends.

Li Fengxia knew, but had never thought to teach her son, so Du Mingda was merely a good-for-nothing now.

“Yes, but why are you so mad” Du Mingda was unhappy.

“Du Laifeng just purchased a new batch of goods, and someone took over his shop…” Li Fengxia said, but Du Mingda interrupted her before she could finish.

“What Someone took over his shop Why didnt you hire some hoodlums to threaten the buyer”

“I just got to know about it this afternoon when I saw him unloading the goods! Niu Ge and his friends went to damage the shop a while ago, but they were all injured.

They even asked me for a medical fee of fifty thousand yuan!” Li Fengxia said.

Du Mingda was also annoyed.

“Fifty thousand yuan Its extortion! I can have fun for so many days with that money.”

Although Du Mingda was mad, he didnt dare to blame Niu Ge for it, so he swore at Du Laifeng.

“If I didnt give the money to them, they said that they would damage our shop once they recover.

At least were safe now,” Li Fengxia said.

In Du Laifengs shop, people all complimented Gu Ning after Niu Ges group left.

Master Xiao and Mr.

Chang went back to the office with Gu Ning afterwards, because Master Xiao wanted to see Gu Nings antiques in her suitcase.

Over ten of them were real, which shocked Master Xiao and Mr.


“Wow, I cant believe that theyre all real!” Master Xiao said with surprise.

“Ive only seen so many real antiques in either museums or rich collectors homes before,” Mr.

Chang said.

Normally, there were just a few real antiques in an antique store at the most.

“Girl Gu, why isnt there a signboard over the door of your shop” Master Xiao asked with curiosity.

Gu Ning smiled and said, “I just took over the shop, and we plan to open tomorrow, so the signboard will be put on tomorrow as well.”

“Oh, right.” Master Xiao thought that he should visit this shop again tomorrow.

After a while, Master Xiao and Mr.

Chang left together, and Gu Ning told Du Laifeng to lock the real antiques in a safe.

They would place them out for sale tomorrow.

Once Zheng Wenhao got off work, he went to the hospital along with his father, Zheng Lilin.

Zheng Lilin was in meetings all day long today, so he didnt have time to visit his wife and daughter until now.

Zheng Lilin told Zheng Wenhao to sit in his car, and questioned him, “I heard that you were brought away by several policemen in the company today.

Are you involved in a gang related incident Do you know that the board of directors is keeping a close eye on you Why couldnt you behave yourself”

As the heir of the Hetian Group, Zheng Wenhao didnt have many achievements, which already caused the shareholders dissatisfaction.

If he was involved in big trouble now, he was digging his own grave.

Zheng Wenhao knew it very well, but he still argued.

“Mother and Wenmei were injured by someone today.

I couldnt submit to this humiliation, so I hired some hoodlums to damage the persons store.”

Even though he suffered a great loss at the end of it, he still would do the same thing if he had a second chance to make a choice.

Even if he had a second chance, he still wouldnt know about Gu Nings influence, so he would, of course, not submit to humiliation.

Hearing that, Zheng Lilin frowned, then realized that these two events were connected.

“Couldnt you hire some reliable men” Zheng Lilin agreed with Zheng Wenhao on the revenge, because he wasnt a tolerant person either.

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