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777 The Zheng Family“s Revenge

The director of the Public Security Bureau was a member of Tang Yunhangs group in politics, so he was, of course, willing to help once Tang Yunhang opened his mouth.

In addition, it wasnt the three policemens fault after all, so it was completely above board.

When Luo Guosheng, the leader of the police station where Tong Chao and the other two policemen worked, received a call from the director of the Public Security Bureau, he was shocked.

To his astonishment, the director of the Public Security Bureau would make a call in person to protect Tong Chao, Wu Xuanjie and Hu Yiming who were just three junior policemen.

Since the director gave the order to keep their job in person, Luo Guosheng didnt dare to disobey.

After hanging up the call with the director, Luo Guosheng asked Tong Chao and the other two policemen what they had done today.

The director calling to protect their jobs must be because of something they had done today.

Tong Chao and the other two policemen thought that the Zheng family was punishing them.

They werent afraid of it, and told their leader everything.

After hearing their explanation, Luo Guosheng nodded.

Although they didnt mention that Gu Ning had promised to protect them, Luo Guosheng had heard of Gu Nings name.

He also admired Gu Ning himself, and soon realized that it was Gu Ning who wanted to help them keep their jobs.

Luo Guosheng was aware that Gu Ning had a powerful network, but he was still greatly surprised when the director called him in person.

“Leader, if you want to fire us for the sake of the Zheng family, its fine and we can accept it,” Tong Chao said.

“Yeah, Goddess Gu promised to find us a better job,” Hu Yiming said.

Before Wu Xuanjie could say a word, Luo Guosheng interrupted them.

“Who said that Im going to fire you”

“Um, youre not going to fire us” Tong Chao and the other two policemen were surprised.

“The director just called, and he gave an order that you are to keep your jobs,” Luo Guosheng said.

In addition, when Luo Guosheng heard that Goddess Gu had promised to arrange a better job for them, he thought that he should maintain a good relationship with them, which would be beneficial to him.

Luo Guosheng wasnt a selfish or snobbish person, but he knew what the right thing to do for his career was.

“What The director” Tong Chao and the other two policemen rounded their eyes in shock.

“Wow, I think well be safe with Goddess Gus help.”

“Exactly, but Im actually a little disappointed, because I prefer to work for Goddess Gu.”


Why dont we quit our jobs right now”

They totally forgot that their leader was sitting right in front of them, and talked about it in a loud voice filled with excitement.

Hearing their conversation, Luo Guosheng was displeased.

“You can leave now.

I need to deal with other things.” Luo Guosheng chased them out.

In fact, Luo Guosheng knew that they were upright diligent young men, so he was unwilling to see them quit their job.

However, without the directors call, he would yield to the Zheng familys influence.

He wasnt a senior leader in the organization after all, and he could barely protect himself.

Half an hour later, Luo Guosheng received a call from a division chief.

The division chief gave an order to fire the three policemen, but Luo Guosheng rejected it.

Luo Guosheng also told the division chief that it was the directors order.

Hearing that, the division chief was shocked.

He didnt expect that the director would protect the three policemen, and he didnt dare to say another word.

He had promised to settle it on the phone with Zheng Wenhao, but now he failed.

Even though he failed, he still needed to call Zheng Wenhao and tell him the result.

When Zheng Wenhao heard that the director of the Public Security Bureau gave an order to keep the three policemens job in person, he was surprised and mad, but he couldnt do anything about it.

The Zheng family didnt dare to annoy the director of the Public Security Bureau.

However, it wasnt the end yet.

If they couldnt make the three policemen jobless, they could teach them a lesson by beating them.

Therefore, Zheng Wenhao made another call and was determined to pay the three policemen back.

“Wenhao, how is it Were they fired” Zheng Wenmei asked with anxiety.

“No, theyre being protected by a senior official.

Dont worry, Ill send some people to teach them a lesson.

I promise that they wont be able to work anymore,” Zheng Wenhao said.

“Great! We must teach them along with that girl an unforgettable lesson,” Zheng Wenmei said with an evil expression.

In the beauty salon, they were sorting out skincare products.

Their ex-boss told them to sell those skincare products themselves, and that they could share the money.

The ex-boss of this beauty salon was a rich lady, so she didnt care about the loss of several million yuan.

When they were about to place the skincare products outside for sale at a reduced price, a group of strong men dashed inside and damaged everything in the beauty salon, which scared them and they didnt dare to fight back.

The bunch of strong men didnt leave until everything was damaged in the shop.

“This is the result if youve annoyed the Zheng family!” one of them said, then they left.

Once they were gone, Manager Ding called Gu Ning and told her about what had just happened.

Gu Ning was on her way to the antique street at this moment, because Du Laifeng told her that the skincare products had been delivered there from the capital.

Gu Ning thought that she could take several real antiques with her there, but heard the bad news halfway.

She wasnt surprised, because she knew that the Zheng family wouldnt give up, but it didnt mean that she wasnt mad.

Gu Ning was in a rage.

No matter who dared to cause her trouble, he or she would pay for it!

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