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768 It“s Not That Simple

Tang Xinrui made up her mind to leave as soon as possible.

If she stayed here any longer, the Tang family might catch her as well.

Therefore, she didnt hesitate and booked a plane ticket to Country Y, then left for the airport at once.

Luckily, she had the paperwork with her.

As for Tang Weiyong, she didnt care whether he was alive or dead.

He treated her unfairly, so it was not her fault for abandoning him now.

Ever since Quan Mingkai found out that Tang Xinrui was secretly helping Tang Weiyong, he had arranged for someone to spy on her, so he knew that Tang Xinrui was leaving City B, but he didnt stop her.

After all, Tang Xinrui hadnt hurt the Tang familys benefits yet.

What happened to Tang Deming soon spread abroad among the high society in City B, and everyone got to know about his relationship with Jazz Club.

Although the Tang family hadnt accused him of his involvement in those accidents which had happened to Tang Yunfan, Tang Haifeng and Tang Jiayang yet, it was easy for others to connect the dots.

Accordingly, people tended to believe that it was the truth.

Tang Demings family was amid criticisms because of that.

Mu Wenqi was also caught by the police because he owned 20% shares of Jazz Club.

The moment Mu Xuxin heard about it, he drove to the Public Security Bureau and tried to bail Mu Wenqi out.

Although Mu Wenqi had done illegal things, they werent severe, and he would be sentenced to two or three years in jail at the most.

The Mu family was an influential family in City B, and Mu Xuxin was confident that his son would be fine.

However, the Tang family didnt think so, and the Public Security Bureau just allowed Mu Xuxin to have a short meeting with Mu Wenqi.

Mu Xuxin wasnt aware of Mu Wenqis relationship with Tang Weiyong, but he knew that Mu Wenqi owned shares of Jazz Club.

Jazz Club was sealed because of illegal deals, but Mu Xuxin thought that it wasnt a big deal.

It was a very common thing in clubs anyway, but it would be fine if the club wasnt discovered or had a powerful support.

In that case, Mu Xuxin didnt blame Mu Wenqi.

Jazz Club was owned by a man from Country Y, so it obviously didnt have a powerful support in City B.

Once it was discovered, it was doomed.

Mu Wenqi, however, was a member of the Mu family, but the police still refused to let him go, which confused Mu Xuxin.

At the same time, he realized that it probably wasnt that simple.

He didnt know many details about it yet.

All he knew was that Jazz Club was found to be involved in the sex and drug trade, and its senior management was all arrested by the police.

“Wenqi, what happened Why did they refuse to let you go” Mu Xuxin asked with a serious face.

Mu Wenqi said, “The Tang family is also involved in this case, and they, of course, dont dare to let me go without the Tang familys permission.”

“Ill go to find Tang Yunhang,” Mu Xuxin said.

He believed that the Tang family would do him a favor for the sake of their close relationship in business.

In his eyes, the Tang family didnt know that Mu Wenqi was involved so the police caught Mu Wenqi along with other people.

There was no need for the Tang family to deal with it in person after all.

“Its not that simple.” Mu Wenqi looked upset.

“Why” Mu Xuxin got nervous.

“I just found out that the boss of Jazz Club has a grudge against the Tang family, so Im afraid that the Tang family might think that Im helping them, but I merely joined them for money,” Mu Wenqi said.

In fact, it was a lie, because Mu Wenqi didnt dare to let his father know about his relationship with Tang Weiyong.

Even though he was just aware that Tang Weiyong aimed to get control of Tanghuang Group, and he wasnt involved in the accidents which had happened to Tang Yunfan, Tang Haifeng and Tang Jiayang, he was still guilty because he sided with the Tang familys enemy.

If he wanted the Tang family to forgive him, he better not be involved in the mess.

However, it wasnt easy to fool the Tang family, so Mu Wenqi was worried that he might be put in jail too.

“Its fine.

I can explain it to him.” Mu Xuxin believed Mu Wenqis words.

Mu Wenqi didnt know what else he could do now, but hoped that his father could help him out.

After that, Mu Xuxin called Tang Yunhang.

Tang Yunhang used to think that Mu Wenqi dared to help Tang Weiyong because he had Mu Xuxins approval, but it was obvious that Mu Xuxin knew nothing about it after hearing his explanation on the phone.

Although Mu Wenqi was also an accomplice like Tang Deming in the case, he hadnt directly hurt the Tang familys benefits, so Tang Yunhang decided not to sue him for the sake of the Mu family.

However, the Tang family wouldnt help him and also hoped that he would be punished for his involvement in Jazz Club.

Tang Yunhang thought for a while, then said, “Xuxin, Im afraid I cant help you bail Wenqi out, because the news has already spread abroad.

If Im involved in it, I could be in danger.

You know how many people want to replace me, right”

Although Tang Yunhang was the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, it didnt mean that everyone was afraid of him.

On the contrary, he had many enemies in politics.

Cliques and factions always existed in politics, and every official had his own supporters.

Normally, those who had more supporters would be more likely to gain the most powerful seat.

There were different groups of people in the center of politics, and nobody dared to stay neutral, because one would lose his position at any moment without a powerful team behind his back.

Everyone wanted to promote his allies and occupy the important seats so that he could gain more advantages and benefits.

Tang Yunhang was the only official who stayed neutral in politics in City B, because he had the Tang family as his backing.

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