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The man felt a little scared now, but he was a well-trained mercenary after all, so he was able to calm himself down.

However, he didnt dare to take this young girl lightly anymore.

If she was confident to be able to kill him by herself, she couldnt be a simple girl.

Although the man didnt believe that Gu Ning could do it, he had to be cautious from this moment.

He tried to kill Gu Ning before she could kill him, so he took out his handgun without delay, but Gu Ning attacked him at the same time.

Seeing that, the man moved away at once, and tried to shoot at Gu Ning again, but Gu Ning wouldnt let him have the chance.

She kept attacking him, so he didnt have any chance to aim at her.

If he couldnt aim at her, it was useless to shoot.

The man was astonished that Gu Ning, who was just a young girl, was able to move so quickly and punch him with great force and accuracy.

He realized that he had met a match.

It didnt take long for Gu Ning to beat the man down, and she soon dislocated his arms and broke his ankles.

She also gagged his mouth before she dislocated his arms, in case his scream attracted others attention.

Since she was going to kill this man, she couldnt let others see it.

And now, the man became a piece of meat on Gu Nings chopping board, and she could cut him as she wanted.

He almost lost consciousness from the pain, but he also stayed conscious because of the excruciating pain.

The man was horrified now.

To his astonishment, this young girl was so cruel and agile that he didnt even have a chance to fight back.

She was even better than those ace killers.

Was she a killer sent by his enemy

Either way, since this young girl was going to take revenge today, he was doomed to death.

Although he was a mercenary, and was mentally-prepared to be killed at any moment, he still felt terrified when he saw the end of his life.

Nobody wanted to die when it was possible to stay alive.

However, he also knew that it was meaningless to beg a killer who didnt have mercy at all, so he remained silent.

Gu Ning drew out her gun from her pocket, and aimed at him.

Even though the man understood that he was going to die the next second, he still moved a little trying to escape.

Gu Ning already knew who the mastermind behind the scheme was, so she didnt hesitate to kill this man who was useless in her eyes.

Because of the silencer, it didnt make any sound.

A bullet hit his heart, and he was dead after struggling for a few seconds, then Gu Ning left.

K had hacked the surveillance cameras along the way to this old town, so nobody would know that Gu Ning was the killer, Even if she was exposed, the Tang family was able to protect her.

It was illegal to kill a man, but she wasnt regretful because this man should be killed.

Gu Ning drove back to the hospital afterwards.

Tang Yunfan soon had the result of the investigation on Tang Weiyong.

Tang Weiyongs identity in Country Y was a normal businessman named Yar, and his son called Tang Xinjie was adopted by another family in Country Y.

However, all the members of the family were killed in a car accident many years ago.

As for Tang Xinjie, he was just a playboy.

Although Tang Weiyong knew many influential people, most of them were in Country Y, and Tang Yunfan didnt believe that they would dare to help Tang Weiyong in another country.

In addition, they worked with Tang Weiyong for benefits.

If there were no benefits, they wouldnt bother to give Tang Weiyong a helping hand.

Therefore, there was nobody in Tang Yunfans way to stop him from paying Tang Weiyong back.

Right when those directors were still arguing in the meeting room, Tang Jiayang showed up all of a sudden, and he looked quite well, which shocked everyone.

“Jesus, wasnt he shot by a gunman How could he look so well after just several hours”

“Its so unbelievable!”

In the company, everyone discussed it with surprise.

When Tang Jiayang entered the meeting room, all the directors were astonished too, especially Tang Deming.

He stood up from his chair and couldnt believe his eyes.

“Werent you shot by a gunman How can you be fine right now”

It was obvious that he couldnt accept the fact that Tang Jiayang was fine now.

It was understandable why Tang Deming was reluctant to accept it, because it was a part of their scheme that Tang Jiayangs life was in danger.

Tang Jiayang stared at Tang Deming and asked coldly, “What Do you feel disappointed”

Hearing that, everyone turned to look at Tang Deming with suspicion on their faces.

It sounded like Tang Jiayang believed that Tang Deming had him shot.

Was Tang Deming really involved in it If so, Tang Deming was really evil!

Fu Kaiyu subconsciously moved further away from Tang Deming.

Although Fu Kaiyu supported Tang Deming and they had done many dirty deals together before, he didnt know what Tang Deming was doing against the Tang family.

Moreover, he wouldnt hire a gunman to kill another person, because he could be put in jail once it was exposed.

Tang Deming panicked a little, but soon calmed himself down.

“Of course not.

I-I just felt surprised, like everyone else in the room.” He even felt aggrieved.

Tang Jiayang sneered, and his eyes were full of disdain and distrust, which annoyed Tang Deming, but he didnt dare to say anything now.

Once Tang Jiayang was back, those who planned to cause Tanghuang Group trouble had to stop.

In fact, during the past days, several companies had found fault with Tang Jiayang using the excuse that the proposal wasnt right, but none of them succeeded.

Tang Jiayang lacked experience, so he wasnt able to handle everything well, but he could still run the company steadily with the help of Quan Mingkai and Yan Weilun.

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