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“Ningning, thank you for everything youve done for our family,” Tang Yunfan said, feeling quite grateful.

It was his duty to protect his family, but Gu Ning had done a lot to protect them instead, which made him feel a little guilty as well.

Girls of her age were still studying in school, but Gu Ning had helped them solve many tricky problems till now.

Even though Tang Yunfan understood that Gu Ning wasnt a simple girl, his heart still ached for her.

Gu Ning smiled.

“Dad, were a family, and family members support each other, right”

In the beginning, Gu Ning accepted Tang Yunfan because Gu Man loved him, but she gradually felt that it was a good thing to have a loving father.

“Sure, sure.” Tang Yunfans eyes were wet with tears.

“Oh, dad, how is everything going between you and my mom” Gu Ning asked.

Speaking of that, Tang Yunfan was upset.

“Well, we get along very well, but…”

“But what” Gu Ning asked.

“We dont feel like a family,” Tang Yunfan said.

Hearing that, Gu Ning understood.

Although they got along very well with one another, they werent married after all, and not a legal couple.

“Dad, dont worry.

You can propose to my mom after the Tang family overcomes the crisis.

I believe that my mom will agree!” Gu Ning said.

“No problem! Ill deal with the rest of the things as soon as possible.

Leave them to me.” Tang Yunfan was cheered up.

“Great!” Gu Ning had no intention to interfere in the Tang familys business affairs, because it wasnt her company.

After hanging up the call with Gu Ning, Tang Yunfan called Tang Jiayang and told him the news.

Tang Jiayang was also shocked to learn that Tang Weiyong was still alive, because each member of the Tang family believed that he was dead.

Since they found out that Tang Weiyong was the mastermind, it would be easy for them to deal with it.

However, they couldnt punish Tang Weiyong right now, because they still needed to find out whether Tang Weiyong had others support.

He still had a son after all.

If they knew Tang Xinjies condition now, they wouldnt care about him, but the point was that they had no idea about it.

During the past years, they already forgot about them, so they knew nothing about them now.

They didnt even know Tang Weiyongs sons name.

Luckily, they found a useful clue that Tang Weiyongs daughter was Tang Xinrui.

The next day, Tang Jiayang went to work in the company as usual.

The company was working well these days, but they still needed to stay alert.

Tang Weiyong would achieve his goals by hook or by crook.

What had happened to Tang Yunfan, Tang Haifeng and Gu Man were all schemed by him.

Tang Jiayang didnt know what Tang Weiyong was going to do next to hurt him.

He wasnt afraid to meet Tang Weiyong face to face, but he was worried that Tang Weiyong might attack him behind his back.

Anyway, Tang Weiyong had nothing to lose now.

He had even planned to sacrifice a man to kill Tang Haifeng in the car accident before.

Tang Jiayang was right to worry.

Just when he arrived at the building of Tanghuang Group and got out of the car, he heard a shot and escaped by conditioned reflex.

He grew up in the military region, so he quickly realized that someone was shooting at him with a gun.

Unfortunately, he couldnt be faster than a bullet, and was shot in the right side of his stomach.

After that, he hit the car window under the force of the bullet.

The gunshot scared many people around him, and they screamed, running away.

The person who shot him also escaped, and the bodyguards ran to Tang Jiayang at once.

“Lord Tang!”

Tang Jiayangs face turned pale within a second.

“The medicine.

My pocket…” Tang Jiayang did his best to say that despite the pain.

A bodyguard took out the porcelain bottle Gu Ning gave him from his pocket without delay, and helped him take a pill before they sent him to the hospital.

After taking the pill, Tang Jiayang soon felt much better, and the wound gradually stopped bleeding as well, which amazed him.

However, the bullet was still in his body, which was very painful.

Within a short time, the shocking news spread abroad in Tanghuang Group, and the staff were all frightened.

Quan Mingkai left his office once he heard the bad news.

He called Tang Jiayangs bodyguard on his way to the hospital.

The bodyguard told him that Tang Jiayang felt much better now after taking Gu Nings pill, and that the wound had already stopped bleeding.

Hearing that, Quan Mingkai was a little relieved, because he knew that Gu Nings medicine was very effective.

Quan Mingkai then called Gu Ning and told her what had just happened to Tang Jiayang.

Gu Ning was on her way to the Tang familys house when she received Quan Mingkais call.

She knew that Tang Jiayang was in a dangerous situation, so she had reminded him to be careful, but he was still hurt now.

Although Tang Jiayang would be fine with the help of her pill, he didnt have much time to recover at this key moment, so Gu Ning told Qiao Ya to drive to the hospital right away.

She was going to put her magical power into Tang Jiayangs body in person to help him recover as soon as possible.

“Ningning, what happened” Gu Man was worried when she heard that they were heading to the hospital.

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