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After making the calls, Qi Ziyue came back.

In fact, Gu Ning was also surprised that she could make a billion yuan today from the gambling game with Tang Yaxin.

A billion yuan was just about one fiftieth of the Tang familys wealth, but it was still painful for them to pay it.

Tang Bingsen lost his interest in playing in the nightclub, and excused himself from the party.

As Tang Bingsens female partner, Tian Feifei left along with him.

“Boss, you dont look very well.

Are you in a bad mood” Tian Feifei asked with concern, but she didnt ask for the reason, because she knew what she shouldnt say as a mistress.

“Yeah,” Tang Bingsen said, but didnt say another word.

“Its still early.

Why dont you come to my place and have a rest” Tian Feifei asked.

It wouldnt just be a rest, but sex.

When Tang Bingsen encountered trouble, he often came to her place and vented his unpleasant feelings by having sex with her.

Tang Bingsen was her sugar-daddy, so she should, of course, please him.

Even though she hated making love with him, she had to tolerate it in case he dumped her.

She probably couldnt find another sugar-daddy who was as generous as Tang Bingsen.

“Not today.” Tang Bingsen rejected it.

He wasnt in the mood.

Since Tang Bingsen was in no mood for sex, she wouldnt insist.

Instead, she felt happy about it, because she disliked flattering him in bed.

Tian Feifei preferred to have sex with her agent who had a thick, big and long-lasting manhood.

Thinking of that, Tian Feifei decided to meet her agent after they separated.

Five minutes later, Gu Ning received Ks call, and he told her that he got the money.

Although K understood that there would be a certain amount of money coming into his account, he didnt know that it was a billion yuan.

When he saw the long number with so many zeros, he was shocked and couldnt believe his eyes.

“Boss, what have you done” K asked with astonishment.

“I won it in a gambling game,” Gu Ning said airily, like it wasnt a big deal, but K took a long breath in.

If she won it from a gambling game, it was a large amount of quick money!

Gu Ning added, “The money can be used as the public money.”

“Sure,” K said.

Hearing the noise from Gu Nings side of the phone, K knew that Gu Ning was still busy, so he didnt talk with her for a long while, and soon hung up.

“Well, you can leave now.” Gu Ning looked at Qi Ziyue.

Qi Ziyues group gave Gu Ning a glance before they walked outside.

Gu Ning noticed the strong hatred in Tang Yaxins eyes, but she didnt care.

It was still too early to know who would kill whom!

They walked outside, but didnt leave right away.

Qi Ziyue told Mu Wenqi to stay in the parking lot and keep a close eye on the elevator.

If “Tang Aining” came out, Mu Wenqi would tell him.

At the same time, Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin waited at the front door.

However, Gu Ning changed her clothes before she left, so none of them knew that she was “Tang Aining” when she strode out of the Earth Nightclub.

During that time, Tang Yaxin called Tang Bingsen, and Tang Bingsen heavily criticized her.

Tang Yaxin thought that it wasnt her fault and blamed “Tang Aining” for everything.

She believed that it was a scheme, but she didnt dare to argue with Tang Bingsen.

Therefore, she hated “Tang Aining” more, and was determined to kill her.

“I know that you hate her, but you better not take action on your own.

I think your father will handle it well.

If you ruin his plan, hell blame you,” Qi Ziyue said to Tang Yaxin.

In fact, even if the Tang familys dirty secrets were all exposed, he wouldnt be involved, because those secrets were highly confidential, and Tang Bingsen didnt tell him much.

He found out about them by investigating it himself.

Although he wouldnt be involved, he was unwilling to see the Tang family ruined, because he was always ambitious to take over its business.

Tang Yaxin was displeased at being warned by Qi Ziyue, but she had to stand it, in case she ruined Tang Bingsens plan.

Before long, Qi Ziyue got the result of the investigation on “Tang Aining”.

In the beginning, Qi Ziyue thought that “Tang Aining” couldnt be the womans real name.

However, to his surprise, “Tang Aining” really existed, but he failed to get detailed information about her.

Did “Tang Aining” tell him the truth

Qi Ziyue decided to conduct a deeper investigation.

When Gu Ning was already back to Huafu Hills, Qi Ziyue and the others were still waiting for her.

It was 10 pm when she got back home, and Gu Man along with Qiao Ya were already back.

“Ningning, your Aunt Qing told me that the new skincare products are super popular now, and the beauty salon is always crowded these days!” Gu Man seemed very excited.

“Glad to hear that.” Gu Ning also felt happy.

“Oh, is everything going well in the Tang family” Gu Ning asked.

“Yes,” Gu Man said.

Nevertheless, it wouldnt last long.

Qi Ziyue didnt see “Tang Aining” walking out after waiting for a long time, then he realized that “Tang Aining” must have left in another way, or she probably stayed in the Earth Nightclub for the night.

No matter what, Qi Ziyue understood that they wouldnt see “Tang Aining” again today.

If they didnt see her again today, it would be very difficult for them to find her again.

Qi Ziyue was reluctant to give up, but he didnt know what else he could do.

In the meanwhile, Tang Xinrui met Tang Weiyongs mistress.

Her name was Mi Jiamei.

Mi Jiamei had no intention to do bad or immoral things with Tang Xinrui, but she just wanted to drink and chat with her.

In the private room, only Mi Jiamei and Tang Xinrui were drinking and listening to light music.

“Cheers!” Mi Jiamei raised her glass towards Tang Xinrui.

Tang Xinrui lifted hers and clinked Mi Jiameis glass, then drank it up.

After several glasses of drink, Mi Jiamei opened her mouth.

“Xinrui, I have something that I want to tell you today.

Whether youll listen to it or not, I hope that we can keep it a secret between you and me.”

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