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No matter how unwilling Tang Yaxin was, she could not say no under the threat of the Kirin Gang.

She hated this “Tang Aining” to death right now, and made up her mind to kill her, like what she had done to that “Tang Aining”.

They were able to kill a well-trained killer, so it would be easy to get rid of this weak woman.

On the contrary, Gu Ning wasnt a weak woman, but a girl who was even stronger than Tang Aining.

Besides, they had only been able to kill Tang Aining because Tang Aining had not been prepared back then, and nobody had treated her after she had been injured.

Even if they could hurt Gu Ning now, she would be cured with the help of the magical power within just minutes.

Before they transferred the money, they had to count the chips first.

Tian Ge would be in charge of it.

Tian Ge told several security guards to count the chips at the same time.

They didnt find out that Gu Ning won all the chips in the slot machine until they moved them, and they were all stunned by the huge pile of chips.

After counting for nearly half an hour, Gu Ning won over a hundred million yuan.

Ten times of it was a billion yuan.

When they counted the chips, Gu Ning sent K a message.

She told him to send her the number of his bank card, because she didnt want to use her own bank card, in case it exposed her real name.

K replied to her at once, and Gu Ning gave Qi Ziyue the name and the number of the bank card after they finished counting.

Although Qi Ziyue was a senior manager of the Tang familys business group, he had no right to use the public fund, so he had to call Tang Bingsen for his permission.

He also had that amount in his bank card, but he was unwilling to pay the bill for Tang Yaxin.

Moreover, he knew that the Tang family could afford it.

He was Tang Yaxins fiancé, but he was only marrying her for her familys wealth.

In that case, he didnt care whether Tang Yaxin would be punished or criticized for her stupid mistake today.

Tang Bingsen and his mistress, Tian Feifei, were socializing with a bunch of important figures in a private room of an exclusive nightclub.

The room was filled with a sensual and luxurious atmosphere.

The majority of those super-rich men would indulge themselves in alcohol and sex.

In addition, they normally gathered together to have fun without their families knowing.

Birds of a feather flocked together, and they shared many dirty secrets so that none of them would betray other members in the group.

Tang Bingsen walked out when he received Qi Ziyues call, because it was too loud in the private room.

“Chairman Tang, Yaxin just lost a billion yuan in a gambling game with a woman.

The woman wants the money right now.

If we cant pay her, she wont let us leave,” Qi Ziyue said.

It wasnt easy for him to tell Tang Bingsen.

“What” Tang Bingsen couldnt believe his ears.

“Say that again.”

“Yaxin just lost a billion yuan in a gambling game,” Qi Ziyue said it again.

“How is it possible What did she do” Tang Bingsen was mad.

A billion yuan! He had never seen anyone lose a billion yuan in a gambling game before.

Although the Tang family had dozens of billions of yuan in wealth, a billion yuan was still a fortune.

“They played slot machine, and Yaxin set the bet.

The loser has to pay 10 times the chips the winner wins.

The woman won all the chips in the slot machine, so Yaxin has to pay her a billion yuan in all.” Qi Ziyue explained.

Tang Bingsen was struck dumb for a second.

“Seriously She lost a billion yuan on a slot machine Why didnt you stop her”

“I did, but you know that nobody can stop her.” Qi Ziyue felt aggrieved.

“Whos the woman If shes just an ordinary person, tell her that Yaxin is a member of the Tang family in the capital.” Tang Bingsen was unwilling to pay the money, so he decided to use his familys influence to solve this problem.

“I dont know her background, but Im sure that she has the Kirin Gangs support,” Qi Ziyue said.

If he was able to use the Tang familys influence to solve this problem, he would do that himself.

“What The Kirin Gang” Hearing that, Tang Bingsen panicked a little.

Since the Kirin Gang was involved in it, it was a tricky problem now.

Although he also had a gangs support, it was barely comparable to the Kirin Gang.

“Chairman Tang, there is another thing I think you should know,” Qi Ziyue said, then tell him that he met another Tang Aining today.

When Tang Bingsen heard the name “Tang Aining”, he was scared.

“What She has a USB flash disk and knows some secrets about us”

At the same time, Tang Bingsen was very anxious because the Tang family would be ruined if their dirty secrets were on the USB flash disk.

“Kill her.” Tang Bingsen gave the order without hesitation.

“If this is just her scheme, I think that she must have helpers.

As long as shes killed, Im afraid that the USB flash disk will be exposed,” Qi Ziyue said.

Tang Bingsen frowned, and agreed with Qi Ziyue.

“Conduct an investigation first, and kill her if its possible,” Tang Bingsen said.

“Sure,” Qi Ziyue replied.

They obviously wouldnt tolerate such a dangerous threat lying in their way.

“And the billion yuan…” Qi Ziyue opened his mouth again.

“Ill call the finance department right now.” Tang Bingsen had to yield to the threat of the Kirin Gang and the USB flash disk.

“Great,” Qi Ziyue said, then hung up.

Within two minutes, the finance director of the Tang familys business group called Qi Ziyue, and Qi Ziyue told him the name and the number of the bank card.

The finance director then called Swiss Bank at once, and Swiss Bank would transfer the money to the bank card as ordered.


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