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Chapter 741 Jason Robert

“Miss Gu, couldnt you consider it for a while Its just a piece of cake for you!” Zuo Jiangkui understood that Gu Ning rejected his offer for a reason, but he still couldnt figure it out.

“If I agree, Mr.

Zuo, can you promise that my family and I will be safe and nobody will take revenge on us” Gu Ning asked.

“Well…” Zuo Jiangkui was struck dumb for a second, and suddenly didnt know how to answer that question, because he couldnt promise that.

Benefits lived with risks.

Since Gu Ning agreed to help He Siyin, she would bear the result of the deal herself.

All He Siyin needed to do was to protect her when she was in HK.

However, Gu Ning asked Zuo Jiangkui that question because she hoped that he could take full responsibility for the result and risk.

“If you cant, why should I take the risk for an amount of money that I dont lack” Gu Ning said with pride.

She didnt lack five hundred million yuan.

This news upset Zuo Jiangkui.

As an apprentice of the gambling magnate, he only had ten hundred million yuan in wealth himself.

Therefore, if he were Gu Ning, he would accept the offer without hesitation.

Unfortunately, he wasnt.

Since Gu Ning wasnt willing to help him, Zuo Jiangkui gave up, but he still took out his name card and gave it to Gu Ning.

“Miss Gu, I still hope that you can consider it; this is my name card.

If you change your mind before the 28th of March, please contact me.

I promise that Ill do my best to satisfy your needs.”

Although Gu Ning rejected his offer, there was no need to embarrass him, so she took his name card, but didnt give him hers.

Zuo Jiangkui frowned, then said, “Miss Gu, if you dont mind, could you please give me your name card I admire your outstanding gambling skills very much, and I hope that we can gamble for fun in the future.”

Gu Ning was curious about what Zuo Jiangkui wanted to do, so she gave him her name card in the end.

He Siyin remained silent from the beginning to the end, like it had nothing to do with her.

After the meal, Gu Ning left.

At noon, a foreign man around 30 years old came to Charm store.

“Hi, is Miss Yu here” he asked a saleswoman.

“Nice to meet you, sir.

Im sorry Miss Yu isnt here right now.

Do you need me to call her” the saleswoman said politely.

No matter who came to meet Yu Zi, the staff would call and tell Yu Zi about it, because it could be business.

“Great, thanks!” he said.

Afterwards, the saleswoman called Yu Zi with the phone in the store.

“Miss Yu, there is a foreign man looking for you in the store,” the saleswoman said.

After that, she gave the phone to the foreign man.

“Hi, Miss Yu, this is Jason Robert from Paris,” he said.

He was the famous clothing designer, Jason Robert, who had said that he wanted to accept Yu Zi as his apprentice on the Internet.

He came here in person, which proved his sincerity.

“W-what” Yu Zi was shocked, and couldnt believe her ears.

“A-are you Jason Robert, the famous clothing designer from Paris”

Yu Zi had heard a lot about Jason Robert, and she was a fan of his.

Yu Zi worked as a clothing designer, and focused on gowns, so she paid a lot of attention to those famous designers who were involved in the same field.

Jason was her idol!

“Yes, its me,” Jason said.

Even though she heard the answer from his mouth, Yu Zi still couldnt believe that it was true.

She hadnt seen the comments Jason had left on the Internet, so she didnt know why Jason visited her all of a sudden.

“Um, Mr.

Robert, may I know why you are suddenly visiting me” Yu Zi asked with excitement and nervousness.

“If you dont mind, we can talk about it face to face,” Jason said.

“Of course not.

Ill be right there.

Please wait for a while,” Yu Zi said.

Although Yu Zi was excited to hear from Jason, she stayed alert before she was sure that the man was really Jason.

If the man was really Jason, she would invite him to dine together at a fine restaurant.

She was very familiar with Jasons appearance, because she had read many pieces of news about him, so she was confident that she could recognize him at first glance.

“Sure,” Jason said.

Before Yu Zi arrived, Jason walked around and observed the gowns in the store.

Jason appreciated Yu Zis designs, but it didnt mean that her designs were perfect.

In Jasons eyes, there were many things she could do to improve them.

As a clothing designer, Yu Zi was very talented, which was why Jason wanted to meet her, and help her to be an outstanding designer.

It wasnt easy for a famous designer to choose potential apprentices.

An excellent apprentice would be the pride of his master, while a terrible one would damage his masters reputation.

Jason only had two apprentices till now, and both of them became famous clothing designers.

In addition, Jason wouldnt charge a cent for his lessons, because Jason loved clothing design and art more than anything else, and he didnt lack money either.

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