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Chapter 733 Lin Tianyou Is Caught

“Stop there! Dont come closer!” Lin Tianyou lost control of himself and yelled in anger.

His hand which was holding the knife was trembling, and it was very likely that he would cut Yu Zis neck again.

“Let her go now.

Do you know that you can be put in jail” a policeman said to Lin Tianyou.

However, Lin Tianyou wouldnt listen to him.

“F*ck off, you all! F*ck off! Its none of your business.”

Right at this moment, Yang Ziqian also arrived, and saw that Yu Zi was being threatened by Lin Tianyou.

He got nervous and mad when he noticed the blood and cut on Yu Zis neck.

He ached to tear Lin Tianyou into pieces, but calmed himself down trying to figure out a way to rescue Yu Zi.

Yu Zi was in a very dangerous situation right now, because the knife was pressed right against her neck.

“What do you want to do” the policeman asked.

“I want to be with her!” Lin Tianyou stared at Yu Zi with his eyes full of a desire to possess.

“Since you want to be with her, why are you hurting her Shouldnt you protect her” the policeman asked him.

“I-I-I… She refused to be with me!” Lin Tianyou shouted in anger and sadness.

Yang Ziqian had served in the army and was now involved in the police force, so he knew many fighting skills.

While the policeman was talking with Lin Tianyou, Yang Ziqian secretly moved behind Lin Tianyous back where he couldnt see him.

At short notice, he dashed


Seeing that, everyone was surprised.

However, before they could exclaim, Yang Ziqian already stood behind Lin Tianyou.

Afterwards, he caught Lin Tianyous hand which was holding the knife, and grabbed his other hand which was on Yu Zis shoulder.

With two clear sounds, Lin Tianyous wrists were dislocated and Yu Zi finally got rid of his control.

Those policemen ran to them at once.

Some supported Yu Zi to stand, while others caught Lin Tianyou.

After the police caught Lin Tianyou, Yang Ziqian came to Yu Zi and said with concern, “Let me take you to the hospital.”


“Thanks,” Yu Zi said.

Given the situation, the police needed their oral confession, but it was obvious that Yu Zi needed to be treated as soon as possible, so a policeman was sent to follow them to the hospital.

However, Yang Ziqian rejected it.

He took out his police officer certificate and said, “Im a police officer; Ill bring her to the police station later.”

“Oh, Lord Yang! Please do.” Seeing Yang Ziqians police officer certificate, the policeman recognized him at once and agreed without hesitation.

After that, Yang Ziqian carried Yu Zi in his arms, which scared her a little, and she flushed red at once.

“Um, I can walk.”

“Youre injured now,” Yang Ziqian said.

“I…” Yu Zi still wanted to say something, but Yang Ziqian strode ahead without delay.

Yu Zi felt quite uneasy in Yang Ziqians arms, and didnt dare to meet his eyes.

Her face had turned pale in horror just then, and now she seemed worse after her face turned red.

“Is it very painful” Yang Ziqian was more worried.

“No, its fine.” Yu Zi denied it.

In fact, the cut wasnt deep, and she just lost a small amount of blood.

“Im sorry.

I came too late.” Yang Ziqian blamed himself.

Although he and Yu Zi were just friends, he took their relationship very seriously, so he thought that it was his duty to protect her well.

Therefore, he blamed himself now because he failed to do that.

“Its not your fault!” Yu Zi said.

Lin Tianyou was the one who should be blamed.

Yang Ziqian didnt say anything further, but swore to himself that he would never allow anyone else to hurt Yu Zi again from now on.

Yang Ziqian and Yu Zi went to the hospital, and Lin Tianyou was taken to the police station.

Given what he had done today, he was doomed to jail.

The police informed Lin Tianyous family when he was brought to the police station.

Lin Tianyous father was frightened when he heard the shocking news.

He could never imagine that his son would break the law.

However, he only had one son, and didnt know what to do if his only son was put in jail.

“What happened” Mrs.

Lin asked her husband after seeing his unusual reaction.

“Tianyou was arrested by the police because he used a knife to threaten a woman in a public place,” Lin Tianyous father said.

“What” Mrs.

Lin was shocked, and fell on the sofa.

“Impossible! I dont believe that Tianyou would do that!” Mrs.

Lin couldnt believe or accept it.

Her son already broke the law, and was going to be put in jail.

Once her son was put in jail, his life was ruined.

All of a sudden, Mrs.

Lin caught her husbands hand and cried, “We cant let our son be put in jail.

Itll ruin his life! Do something.”

“Lets go to the police station first, and see whether we can settle it out of court,” Lin Tianyous father said.

He obviously wanted to help his son out, but he wasnt an influential figure, so it wasnt easy for him to do that.

Both the victim and the police station had to agree on it if they wanted to settle it out of court.

“Sure, we can pay her over a million yuan for it as long as she wont sue Tianyou,” Mrs.

Lin said.

She didnt mind how much they had to spend on it.

They also didnt know that the woman was Yu Zi, or they would be aware that it was very difficult for them to settle it out of court.

Of course, given Mrs.

Lins character, she would only force Yu Zi to agree to settle it out of court if she found out that Yu Zi was the victim.

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