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Chapter 716 Is the Video the Evidence

Lin Lijuan hadnt eaten a good meal for a few days, so she started to stuff her mouth with food and quickly swallowed once the dishes were on the table.

After the meal, they went to the hospital together to check Lin Lijuans health.

However, the result shocked everyone.

There were obvious bruises on Lin Lijuans body, and some tears in her vagina.

It was obvious that she had been sexually assaulted.

Her head had also been heavily hit several times, which damaged her nerves and caused the decline of her intelligence.

She was now inclined to suffer from dementia.

It was hard to tell whether she could be cured, but it wasnt very likely.

Gu Man felt sorry for the fact that Lin Lijuan had been sexually assaulted, but Gu Qinxiang was too shocked to accept it.

He thought of a divorce, but Lin Lijuan would die if he abandoned her again, because the Lin family obviously wouldnt be willing to support her given her condition now.

She was his childrens mother after all!

After thinking for a long while, Gu Qinxiang gave up the idea.

He decided to hire a nurse to take care of Lin Lijuan.

At least she wouldnt be homeless.

Gu Qinxiang was still really shocked, and wasnt able to drive his car, so Qiao Ya drove them directly to the police station.

Although it would expose Lin Lijuans horrible experience, they couldnt allow the rapist to get away with it.

Zhuang Tianman was a beautiful new policewoman working in this police station.

When Gu Mans group arrived, her eyes lit up at once, and ran to them in excitement.

“Hey, are you Goddess Gu, oh, Gu Nings mother” Zhuang Tianman asked, although she already had the answer.

She addressed Gu Ning as Goddess Gu first, but changed it in case Gu Man didnt know who she was talking about.

Zhuang Tianman became a policewoman, because she had a strong sense of justice and wanted to protect the weak from violence.

She also liked martial arts very much, so she held deep admiration for Gu Ning after watching videos of her saving people.

Therefore, she was one of Gu Nings loyal fans now.

She never missed a piece of news about Gu Ning, and had also watched the video of the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

She had noticed Gu Man standing by Gu Nings side the entire time, so she believed that Gu Man must be Gu Nings mother given their similar faces.

Gu Man felt a little uneasy when Zhuang Tianman stared straight at her with a pair of bright eyes.


“Its so nice to meet you! My names Zhuang Tianman, and Im a big fan of Gu Ning!” Zhuang Tianman was more excited now.

Nevertheless, she didnt forget her job and asked with concern in an instant, “May I help”

Zhuang Tianman changed her tone so fast, it surprised Gu Man, so Qiao Ya opened her mouth at this time.

“We came here to report a case.”

Hearing that, Zhuang Tianman put on a serious face.

“Please follow me.”

After that, they followed Zhuang Tianman inside.

Hearing what had happened to Lin Lijuan, Zhuang Tianman was in a rage.

She couldnt wait a second longer to catch the rapist and throw him in jail for the rest of his life.

Since they were Gu Nings relatives, Zhuang Tianman recorded their account and filed it.

She also reported it to Liang Youbo who was the director of Public Security Bureau after walking Gu Mans group out.

Liang Youbo, of course, took it very seriously and sent out a group of policemen to investigate it.

Qiao Ya sent Gu Qinxiang and Lin Lijuan home, then took a taxi to the beauty salon along with Gu Man.

In City B.

The president of Technology Company G of Country Y arrived at 1:50 pm along with his subordinates.

Although Technology Company G was the leading company in the technology industry, it was barely comparable to Tanghuang Group in regards to its assets and social status.

Therefore, they came to visit Tanghuang Group in person, including their president.

The president of Technology Company G was a man who was around 30 years old.

He had curly hair with delicate features and a pair of ocean-blue eyes.

He was a born princess.

If Gu Ning was here, she would recognize the man, because the president of Technology Company G was actually Allan.


Allan, nice to meet you!” Quan Mingkai welcomed him in person.

“Nice to meet you too, Secretary Quan,” Allan said politely.

Although there was a problem with their cooperation, they wouldnt end the deal before they found solid proof even though they already distrusted each other.

Quan Mingkai guided Allans group to the meeting room afterwards.

It was almost 2 pm when they walked inside, and every director of Tanghuang Group was present.

When the meeting was about to start, Allan was slightly displeased that Tang Yunfan was still absent.

“May I ask why the chairman of Tanghuang is absent right now Can you make the decision without him”


Allan, Im very sorry that our chairman cant attend todays meeting, but it wont affect the result,” Quan Mingkai said.

“Great, then lets begin,” Allan said.

After that, they began to talk about the problem.

Allans group said that none of them had leaked the proposal.

Quan Mingkais group also said that they found that nobody in their team had leaked it after investigation.

However, it was obvious that someone among them must have leaked the proposal, so none of them believe each others statement.

If they couldnt have a result, both sides would suffer a great loss.

“Well, I received a video a few days ago, and I wonder whether youre interested to see it,” Allan said all of a sudden, and his secretary took out a USB flash disk at once.

Hearing that, others were all surprised and had a bad premonition.

Was the video the evidence

Quan Mingkai, Tang Yunhang and Tang Yunrong werent very surprised, because they had guessed all the possibilities, and one of which was that Technology Company G would come with “evidence”.

In that case, they were prepared to pay them compensation.

Although it was a trap set by Tang Deming, they still had to take responsibility, and take disciplinary action against the person who had leaked the proposal afterwards.

Quan Mingkai took the USB flash disk with a calm face, then opened it.

However, the video wasnt the “evidence” they thought it would be, but the introduction of a piece of land.

Everyone was struck dumb for a few seconds, then turned to look at Allan with confusion.

What did he mean

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