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Chapter 714 Lin Lijuan Has a Mental Problem

If Technology Company G was working with Tang Deming, they must have arranged someone to leak the proposal on purpose.

Around 12:20 pm, Gu Man and Qiao Ya were back in City F.

They called Gu Ning and told her that they were safe once they got off the plane.

However, they were stalked the moment they walked out of the airport.

Qiao Ya noticed it first, but didnt tell Gu Man, in case she got nervous and anxious.

They took a taxi and headed to the beauty salon.

When they entered the city center and waited for the traffic light to turn green, Gu Man saw a dirty-faced, not well-dressed woman pushed to the ground by a man in front of a breakfast shop on the roadside.

He was punching and kicking her.

Gu Man felt very sorry for her, but didnt do anything, because it was not her duty to help every poor person.

However, when the taxi was about to move ahead, Gu Man suddenly saw the womans face.

To her astonishment, the woman was Lin Lijuan! Gu Man could never imagine that Lin Lijuan would be like this.

Although she had the worst relationship with Lin Lijuan, they were relatives after all, and she didnt have the heart to watch her being beaten by a man on the street.

Therefore, Gu Man told the driver to stop.

The driver stopped the car by the road, but it wasnt a place where he could stop a car for long, so Qiao Ya paid him before he left.

Qiao Ya didnt ask why Gu Man did that, because she just needed to protect Gu Man well.

“Stop it!” Gu Man ran to them without delay.

The man heard her voice and stopped.

“Whats going on here” Gu Man asked.

“She stole my steamed buns, and dirtied many!” The man was angry.

“How much are they I can pay you,” Gu Man said.

However, before the man could say a word, Qiao Ya opened her mouth.

“Hes beaten this woman, and I think that is enough to pay the bill.”

It wasnt about money, but Qiao Ya was unwilling to pay the man after he had beaten the woman.

The man wanted the money in the beginning, but felt embarrassed to take it after hearing what Qiao Ya said.

“Alright, forget it.” After that, he turned and walked back to his shop.

Lin Lijuan was kneeling on the ground on her knees and elbows, but protected the steamed buns in her hands very well although she had been beaten.

Gu Man felt very sad seeing Lin Lijuan like this.

Although she hated her very much, she still had deep sympathy for her.

“Lijuan, what happened to you” Gu Man squatted down beside her.

Right when Gu Mans hand touched Lin Lijuan, Lin Lijuan yelled in fear, “Dont-dont grab my steamed buns away…”

Saying that, Lin Lijuan swallowed the steamed buns down in chunks.

It seemed that she was afraid that someone would grab them away if she couldnt eat them right away.

“Well…” Gu Man was shocked by Lin Lijuans reaction, and realized that there was something wrong with Lin Lijuans mental


“Maam, I think she has a mental problem,” Qiao Ya said.

“A mental problem” Gu Man was surprised.

“I wont grab your steamed buns away.

Do you want to eat delicious food I can take you to have some,” Gu Man said.

“Really” Lin Lijuan raise her head to look at Gu Man.

Her eyes were very bright and seemed innocent.

She didnt recognize Gu Man at all.

She wasnt in a normal mental condition now, and had the same level of intelligence as a kid.

What had she been through What was Gu Qinxiang doing now Gu Man was worried.

“Yes, of course,” Gu Man said.

“Hooray!” Lin Lijuan got back to her feet at once.

Even if someone sold her for money, Lin Lijuan wouldnt know what happened to her.

Gu Man saw a nearby barbershop, and said to Qiao Ya, “Qiao Ya, Ill take her to wash her hair, can you help me buy a set of clothing for her”

Gu Man wasnt carrying a suitcase, so she didnt have any clothes to share with Lin Lijuan.

“Maam, since Miss Gu told me to protect you, you must be in a dangerous situation, so I cant leave you alone.

We can take her to wash her hair first, then buy some clothing for her!” Qiao Ya thought of the person who was stalking them along the way.

“Fine!” Gu Man agreed.

After that, Qiao Ya and Gu Man took Lin Lijuan to the nearby barbershop.

When the hairdresser saw Lin Lijuan, who was filthy, he felt disgusted, but there was no reason for him to reject the chance to make money.

In the beginning, Lin Lijuan was resistant, because she didnt know what she was doing.

Gu Man had to persuade her to wash her hair first before they went to eat delicious food, and she also stayed by Lin Lijuans side the entire time.

Lin Lijuan finally accepted it in the end.

When the hairdresser was washing Lin Lijuans hair, Gu Man called Gu Qinxiang.

Gu Qinxiang was very surprised that Gu Man would call him again.

“What” Gu Qinxiang asked and sounded normal.

“Did you divorce Lin Lijuan” Gu Man asked.

If they were already divorced, she couldnt send Lin Lijuan back to Gu Qinxiangs place.

“Not yet,” Gu Qinxiang said.

“Shes already back to the Lin familys place now though.”

Hearing that, Gu Man frowned.

“Since you and Lin Lijuan havent divorced yet, I think I better tell you the truth right now.

I ran into her on a street, but shes filthy and has a mental problem.”

“What” Gu Qinxiang was shocked.


Gu Qinxiang didnt love Lin Lijuan anymore, but he still had a family relationship with her, which was the reason why he never had the idea to divorce her even though he had mistresses.

Not to mention the fact that they hadnt divorced yet, even if they had, Gu Qinxiang would still do something after hearing about Lin Lijuans condition now.

“Where are you right now Ill be right there,” Gu Qinxiang asked.

“Were in a barbershop on XX Road, and the hairdresser is washing Lin Lijuans hair now.

Well take her to buy new clothes before we go to eat something,” Gu Man said.

“We will probably be done after half an hour.

Why dont you come to pick us up”

“Sure, sure, Ill be right there!” Gu Qinxiang said, and left his company at once.

Half an hour later, Lin Lijuan had her hair and face washed, and Gu Qinxiang arrived at the same time.

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