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Chapter 712 Who Can Take the Position

“How is everything going between you and Wenxin” Xin Chen asked with concern, because he had noticed Cao Wenxin standing right by Xin Beis side at the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry in the video.

“Nothing new.

Ill tell you if I have any good news,” Xin Bei said.

“Alright!” Xin Chen said, then hung up.

Xin Bei gave the house a glance before he drove away.

In the house, Cao Wenxin was actually standing by the window, watching Xin Beis car driving away.

She couldnt help thinking of the kiss, and her heart was beating fast.

That night, Cao Wenxin didnt sleep at all, neither did Xin Bei.

Both of them were thinking of each other.

The next day, Xin Bei woke up at 7 am, and sent a message to Cao Wenxin.

Xin Bei: May I know your answer

He didnt receive Cao Wenxins reply after a long while, and thought that she was probably still sleeping, so he stopped texting her in case it woke her up.

Cao Wenxin indeed didnt see his message because she was still sleeping.

She didnt fall asleep last night until it was almost daybreak.

Around 7:40 am, Qiao Ya arrived at Huafu Hills.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting sent Gu Man along with Qiao Ya to the airport at 8 am.

At the same time, Xu Jinchen, Xin Bei and Si Ming were about to leave for the airport too.

They didnt have as much free time as Leng Shaoting, who was their team leader, and they had to stay in the military base even if there was no task.

Xin Bei still didnt receive Cao Wenxins reply after waiting for a while longer.

Just when he was ready to call her, he got a message from her.

Cao Wenxin: Ill answer you when we meet next time.

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In fact, Cao Wenxin indirectly admitted that she liked Xin Bei.

Reading the message, Xin Bei didnt want to leave all of a sudden, but he had to.

Xin Bei: Sure, I can wait.

At the airport, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting walked Gu Man to the lounge before they left for the hospital.

Tang Yunrong and Tang Yunhang were going to attend the meeting at the company, so there was only Jiang Lihua in the ward together with some security guards.

At the same time, Feng Xueqin who just got up received a call, and heard the news that Gu Man was leaving City B for City F while Gu Ning was absent.

Hearing that, Feng Xueqin was thrilled, because it was a great chance.

“Very well.

Follow her to City F right away.

If Gu Ning is absent, itll be easier to catch Gu Man!” Feng Xueqin said in a malicious tone.

“Yes, maam.”

In a meeting room, eight directors sat across from each other at a table.

Quan Mingkai, as the secretary of the chairman, was sitting in the head seat.

Tang Yunfan was still unconscious, so he wasnt able to attend this meeting, so he would be attending on behalf of Tang Yunfan before they elected a new chairman.

However, he could only attend this meeting of the board of directors and put forward suggestions, he couldnt make a decision.

“There is something wrong with our proposal with a company from Country Y, and the representatives of our partner will come here to deal with it at 2 pm.

Before that, I think that we better have the best solution to this problem,” Quan Mingkai said.


“I agree with Secretary Quan, but our business group lacks a leader right now and Im afraid that its not easy to solve the problem without a leader,” Tang Deming said.

It was obvious that he wanted to elect a new chairman before talking about the deal.


Chairman Tang and Master Tang are both unconscious now.

How can we persuade them to cooperate with us” Fu Kaiyu said.

“It was an accident, which caused Chairman Tangs unconsciousness,” Tang Zhilin argued.

“They wont care about that.

Businessmen only value benefits.

Even though Yunhang is the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, our business partner is a foreigner, and it wont work,” Tang Deming said.

“Do you mean that we have to elect a new chairman to solve this problem” Tang Yunhang said with a strong air of power, and the others all felt quite stressed all of a sudden.

However, they didnt retreat from their plan.

“I didnt say that.

Well, if youre confident to settle the deal this afternoon, its fine not to elect a new chairman right now,” Tang Deming said.

It seemed that Tang Deming was more confident than Tang Yunhang.

“And your opinions” Tang Yunhang asked Cheng Zhongsheng and Wu Boyan who had remained silent the entire time.

“I support the plan which is good for the groups development,” Cheng Zhongsheng said.

“Yes, were all businessman, and we need to look after our own interests as well,” Wu Boyan said.

Even though they were neutral, Tang Demings plan was more beneficial according to the situation now.

“Oh, then who do you think is capable to take the position” Tang Yunhang asked again.

Tang Yunhang, as the Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of City B, could be a shareholder of a corporation, but he couldnt be its chairman at the same time.

The same thing went for Tang Yunrong as well, because she had a title in the military.

Although they could resign their jobs, it took several days to do that.

Therefore, neither of them could be the new chairman of their familys business right now.

Tang Deming knew that very well, which was part of the reason why he dared to force them to agree with him.

In fact, Tang Deming was also worried that they would transfer their shares to a member of the Tang family.

“No matter who has the ability, he can take the position,” Wu Boyan said.

Speaking of business ability, only Tang Zhilin and Tang Deming were better than the others.

“Since its about ability, shouldnt we work together to solve this problem first so that we can see who is most capable of taking the job” Tang Yunhang said.

Hearing that, Tang Deming squinted.

Tang Yunhang was indeed cunning.

Since Tang Yunhang said that, he had to give up for now in case it did him harm if he insisted.

Tang Deming obviously knew that the Tang family was aware of his ambition, but he didnt care about it, because the Tang family couldnt fire him just because of his ambition.

He hadnt done anything to hurt the Tang familys business yet after all.

If the Tang family fired him without a reasonable reason, it would damage the reputation of the corporation.

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