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Chapter 709 I Cant Wait Till Tomorrow

“Im just worried that youre not willing to do it.

If so, we dont need to waste time here, right” Gu Ning said in an aggrieved tone.

“You…” Gu Man didnt know what to say, because she knew that Gu Ning cared about her.

“Once the Tang family overcomes the crisis, its time to deal with your marriage,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Man flushed again, and turned to look outside of the window.

When they got home, it was almost 10:30 pm, and Gu Man went to take a shower before going to bed.

However, it was still early for Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, so they stayed in the living room watching TV.

Gu Ning was watching TV, but Leng Shaoting was staring at her the entire time.

“Why are you staring at me all the time”

“I just want to,” Leng Shaoting said, and leaned in to kiss her, but Gu Ning avoided it at once.

“What are you doing My mom is home.”

“Just a kiss,” Leng Shaoting said with an innocent face.

“No, what if my mom comes out all of a sudden” Gu Ning refused.

“I think that were sharp-eyed enough to discover it in time,” Leng Shaoting said.

It was obvious that he couldnt wait a second longer.


Even so, Gu Ning still didnt dare to do it and said, “We can never be too careful.

If my mom catch you doing that, shell have a bad impression of you, and probably forbid me to be with you anymore.”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was nervous, and sat back upright without hesitation.

“I cant wait till tomorrow when your mother is back in City F,” Leng Shaoting said with burning desire in his eyes.

Gu Ning glared at him and was amused.

When Yu Zi and Yang Ziqian finished watching the film and walked out, it was 10:30 pm, so Yang Ziqian drove Yu Zi home.

Although Yu Zi had already bought a house, it was still being furnished, so she lived in a rented apartment for now.

The moment Yang Ziqian heard where Yu Zi lived, he was concerned.

“It isnt safe there.

Are you sure youll be fine living there”

“I just bought a new house, but its still being furnished, so I have to live there for the time being,” Yu Zi said.

Since she said so, Yang Ziqian didnt say anything further on the topic, because they werent very familiar yet.

“Oh, I watched the release conference; did you establish Charm yourself” Yang Ziqian asked and changed the topic.

“Yeah! Its been established for over a year, but wasnt profitable until my boss invested in it,” Yu Zi said with a grateful expression.

“I love your designs, and I think they are as good as those famous masters.

You just need some fame,” Yang Ziqian said.

It was the truth that people nowadays would only pay for fame.

Once Charm became popular along with Jade Beauty Jewelry, its flagship store was crowded every day.

Yu Zi, however, felt a little embarrassed.


Yang, thank you so much for you appreciation, but I still think that I have a lot to learn from those masters.”

“Im telling the truth, and I believe in you,” Yang Ziqian said with a serious face.

“Thanks!” Yu Zi said.

Yang Ziqian didnt leave until Yu Zi went back into her apartment and turned on the lights.

Coincidentally, Yang Ziqian also lived in Huafu Hills not far from Gu Ning.

When he got back home, Mrs.

Yang asked him curiously, “How was it”

“Everything went well, and I think shes a good girl, but I dont know her impression of me,” Yang Ziqian said.

“Do you need me to ask her for you” Mrs.

Yang asked.

“Please dont.

Its just the first meeting; we can take it slow,” Yang Ziqian said.

He was afraid that his mother would put too much pressure on them.

“Fine!” Mrs.

Yang also understood that it was their personal affairs.

“If you think that shes a good girl, seize every chance to chase her!”

“Alright, I understand,” Yang Ziqian said before going upstairs.

It would take time for them to get along with each other after all.

Cao Wenxin and her friends were also leaving for home.

However, just as she stood up, she stumbled and fell into Xin Bei and kissed his lips by accident.

In an instant, both of them rounded their eyes in shock, and they felt their hearts beating fast at the same time.

The others around them were also astonished.

“Jesus, Xin Bei had a forced kiss!” Xu Jinchen exclaimed in excitement.

Xu Jinchens voice separated them at once.

To be specific, it was Cao Wenxin who pushed Xin Bei away.

Xin Bei, on the other hand, felt a little disappointed.

However, when she stood up, she fell again and pressed on Xin Beis body.

“Wenxin, are you alright” Qiu Yuxin wanted to help her up, but was stopped by Si Ming.

“Its fine.

They need a good chance to get closer to each other.”

Hearing that, Qiu Yuxin stood still.

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