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Chapter 704 Good for You!

Although K made a promise to his mother that he would never find his father, he still hated him throughout these years.

Therefore, he was afraid that he might do something he shouldnt do if he met him in City B.

Even now he still had the same feelings.

Chen Cangyi knew that the grudge was hidden deep in Ks heart, and it could never be wiped off.

Chen Cangyi wasnt willing to see K living an unhappy life because of it.

“I wont find him on my own initiative, but I wont stop myself from taking revenge if I meet him one day,” K said.

He would keep his promise to his mother, but he would follow his heart if he ran into Mu Xuxin and that woman.

Chen Cangyi thought that it wasnt a bad idea.

Around 5 pm, Yu Zi received a call from a man named Yang Ziqian who was Mrs.

Yangs son.

Yu Zi had mixed emotions, because she didnt expect that it would move so fast.

Yang Ziqian asked Yu Zi whether she was free, and he invited her to share a meal together.

Since Yu Zi agreed to meet Mrs.

Yangs son, it would be inappropriate if she rejected.

Although she wasnt familiar with Mrs.

Yang or her family background, she knew that Mrs.

Yang must be a noble woman given Mrs.

Lins attitude towards her.

In addition, Yang Ziqian invited her to meet in a public place, so it would be safe.

Therefore, Yu Zi agreed.

For Yu Zis convenience, Yang Ziqian set the meeting place right in Fengshang Shopping Mall, which left a good impression on Yu Zi.

Before Yang Ziqian called Yu Zi, he already booked a table at a restaurant owned by him and one of his friends.

Since Yu Zi agreed to share a meal with him, Yang Ziqian left for Fengshang Shopping Mall at once.

The appointed time was 6 pm, but Yang Ziqian arrived 20 minutes early to show his respect for Yu Zi.

Yu Zi, of course, wouldnt arrive just before 6 pm, because it would be impolite.

Both of them were people with good manners.

Accordingly, Yu Zi arrived at the restaurant 10 minutes early.

However, when Yu Zi walked to the table that Yang Ziqian told her to, she was surprised to see the man sitting by the table.

“Its you!”

Facing Yu Zis reaction, Yang Ziqian wasnt surprised at all, but smiled and stood up.

“Miss Yu, nice to meet you.

Im Yang Ziqian.

Im glad that you still remember me.

Please have a seat.”

Yu Zi and Yang Ziqian didnt know each other, but they had met once before, which was unforgettable.

On a day three months ago, Yu Zi was ambling in a park, and an old man who was practicing with a sword suddenly lost control of it and the sword flew at Yu Zis back.

Right at this moment, someone grabbed her and moved out of the way.

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was se

Yu Zi thought that the man was sexually harassing her, so she slapped him across his face without hesitation.

After that, she found out that it was just a misunderstanding.

Yu Zi felt embarrassed, apologizing and thanking him repeatedly afterwards.

Yang Ziqian didnt mind, but the slap made him remember Yu Zi.

He thought that she was very funny.

In the following three months, he couldnt help laughing when he remembered what happened.

Yesterday, he saw Yu Zi at the release conference of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm, and he appreciated her for her creative designs.

In the beginning, he didnt have the plan to chase Yu Zi, but his mother suddenly wanted to set him up with a girl.

In fact, he didnt want to go on a blind date, because it wasnt romantic at all.

However, when he found out that the girl was Yu Zi, he agreed without delay.

After Yu Zi was seated, Yang Ziqian gave the menu to her.

“Please order whatever you like.”

“Thanks,” Yu Zi said, then started to read the menu.

Since they had met before, they werent strangers, and Yu Zi felt much more relaxed.

She ordered a steak, a corn juice, and a plate of fruit salad.

Although there had been a misunderstanding between them before, it had been cleared up right away, so they didnt feel embarrassed at all, and enjoyed the meal.

Gu Ning was also dining with her friends at the same time.

“Boss, when will you go back to the capital” Xu Jinchen asked.

“No idea,” Leng Shaoting said.

He hoped that he wouldnt be assigned any tasks these two days, so he could spend more time alone with Gu Ning.

Even though they had been together for the past few days, there were always other people by their sides.

“Fine,” Xu Jinchen said.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya went for a walk after dinner, but soon noticed that someone was stalking them.

They didnt pay much attention to the man, but walked to a place with few people around.

They didnt turn around to search for their target until there was nobody around them.

At a glance, they focused on a man in black with a mask and baseball cap.

The man also understood that he had already been discovered, but he didnt avoid Gao Yis and Qiao Yas sight, and walked straight to them.

Both Gao Yi and Qiao Ya remained silent, staring at the man.

The man stopped two meters away from them, then said, “Flying Eagle, Flying Bird, good for you! Youre able to live a normal life now.”

Hearing that, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were surprised, but stayed calm and alert.

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