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Chapter 688 Lets Gamble Again

When a TV was on fire, one should never put it out with water.

Instead, after cutting off the electricity, one should use quilts to extinguish it from the sides of the TV to prevent cathode-ray tubes from exploding and injuring people.

Although the TV wasnt on fire yet, there was black smoke coming out, so it was likely to explode soon.

After that, Lin Yuehao supported Zhang Meiyu moving away from the living room.

Seeing Lin Lijuan standing still, although Lin Yuehao disliked her, he still reminded her to walk away.

“Why are you still standing there Do you want to die in the explosion”

Hearing that, Lin Lijuan stumbled away from the TV.

“Aunt Lijuan, I know that youve been living a hard life these days, but its not my familys fault.” Lin Yuehaos sympathy for Lin Lijuan was gone now.

He knew that she was in a bad mood, and hadnt done it on purpose, but she still caused damage.

Right at this moment, Lin Dechang came back and heard Lin Yuehaos angry voice from outside of the door.

Therefore, he criticized Lin Yuehao once he walked inside.

“Lin Yuehao, mind your words.

How can you talk to your aunt like that” He also understood that his family disliked Lin Lijuan, but they couldnt chase her away after all.

However, Lin Dechang smelt an acrid dense smoke, and frowned.

“What happened Why do I smell smoke”

When Lin Dechangs sight fell on the TV, he was astonished.

“Whats going on here”

“The TV was playing the release conference of Gu Nings jewelry brand just then, and Aunt Lijuan suddenly hit it with an ashtray,” Lin Yuehao said, then gave Lin Lijuan an unkind glance.

Hearing that, Lin Dechang changed his expression.

“Lin Lijuan, I know that youre in a terrible mood now, but you cant damage our home appliances to vent your anger.

Youre not a three-year-old kid.

Dont you know how dangerous it is if the TV explodes Im afraid that we cant keep you here with us.”

Lin Dechang felt a strong sense of danger now.

If Lin Lijuan lost control of herself again, they could be killed along with her.

Lin Lijuan didnt know what to say, and ran out of the house in anger.

“You…” Lin Dechang was mad, but didnt try to catch up.

Although Lin Dechang didnt mind Lin Lijuan staying here with his family, it didnt mean that he would tolerate her rude behavior.

Gu Qinxiangs company couldnt stay afloat now, and he wasnt able to pay his workers this month.

Nobody was willing to help him, and Gu Qinxiang was really hopeless now.

The Lin family didnt have much money either, and Lin Dechang was unwilling to help Gu Qinxiang now given what he had done before Besides, Gu Qinxiang had annoyed Gu Ning who was the only person who had the ability to help him out.

Therefore, Gu Qinxiang could only sell his house to get some money.

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When Gu Ning was about to eat, her phone rang.

She glanced at the caller, then walked aside to answer it.

“Miss Gu, I thought that you would call me to thank me after receiving my gift.” Qi Tianlin complained on the phone.

In fact, Qi Tianlin was waiting for Gu Nings call to invite him for a meal after he sent her a gift at the opening ceremony.

However, Gu Ning never called him, and he felt upset at being ignored.

Hearing that, Gu Ning remembered his gift, but didnt feel embarrassed at all.

“Thank you so much for your gift.”

Qi Tianlin was struck dumb for a second.

Gu Ning simply gave him a perfunctory answer, and he didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

“I dont think youre grateful,” Qi Tianlin said with dissatisfaction.

Gu Ning pulled her lips and asked, “What do you want me to do”

“Lets gamble again,” Qi Tianlin said.

“No problem, but Im not interested in small bets,” Gu Ning said.

She wouldnt reject it if Qi Tianlin wanted to send her money.

“Do you want to set three billion yuan as the bet for a round again” Qi Tianlin sounded unwilling.

Although he could afford it, he was unwilling to lose that much money by gambling.

“Of course not.

A hundred million a round is enough,” Gu Ning said.

“Deal!” Qi Tianlin agreed with alacrity.

He didnt believe that he would lose every time.

“Can we gamble after a few days Im very busy right now,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure.” Qi Tianlin understood that Gu Ning was busy right now.

After hanging up the call with Qi Tianlin, Gu Ning called Situ Ye and thanked him, in case he had the same thought as Qi Tianlin.

“Have you finished your work” Situ Ye asked with concern once he answered Gu Nings call.

Compared with Qi Tianlin, Situ Ye was more considerate, so he didnt seem displeased although Gu Ning called after a long time.

“Yeah, Im sorry Ive been very busy these past few days, so I only had time to call you right now.

Thank you so much for your gift,” Gu Ning said.

“Youre welcome,” Situ Ye said.

They talked for a while before hanging up.

Gu Ning then went back to the dining room and enjoyed the meal with her friends.

Xu Jinchen invited them to have fun together tonight, but Gu Ning had to leave to deal with other things, so she would be absent.

When they were gone, Gu Ning told Gu Man what had happened to Tang Haifeng.

Gu Man was scared, and relieved when she found out that Tang Haifeng was fine now.

“Should we visit him” Gu Man asked.

Gu Man now asked for Gu Nings opinions for everything

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