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Chapter 672 Ningning Is Going to Win

At the same time, Gu Ning took another raw material which was waste in order to attract less attention and also save some time.

It took around 20 minutes to cut out a piece of jade, while it only took two minutes to cut a raw material without jade inside.

Anyway, she already picked out the best raw materials, and Wu Yuanping was doomed to failure even if he was able to find the three raw materials with medium-low-level jade inside.

At this moment, Tang Jiakai, Ouyang Siyuan and Cong Maoxue arrived.

“Whats going on here” Tang Jiakai was confused.

“Stone gambling!” someone answered.

“What Isnt today the opening ceremony” Tang Jiakai asked again.

“Someone came to cause trouble!” another person said.

“Who dared to do that” Tang Jiakai was displeased hearing that, and walked to his mother and grandpa at once.

Jiang Lihua criticized Tang Jiakai when he showed up.

“Why are you so late”

Tang Jiakai felt a little embarrassed.

“Um, I drank too much last night at my friends birthday party, so I got up late this morning.”

“You…” Jiang Lihua was mad.

When she was about to teach him a lesson, she was interrupted by something new happening at the area of stone gambling.

“Youve already finished choosing” Wu Yuanping was surprised that Gu Ning picked out three raw materials within just two minutes.

Normally, it took a long time for a person to choose a raw material, but Gu Ning finished it within a short time and didnt even use any tools.

Some people who had some knowledge of stone gambling were also amazed by Gu Nings efficiency.

Tang Haifeng was worried too.

“Im done, and I hope that Mr.

Wu can be quick too, because I just have an hour,” Gu Ning said.

In fact, she could finish choosing within just a minute, but it took some time to turn up the raw materials she wanted.

After that, she jumped down from the truck, and walked towards a stone cutter.

In the live-stream, many people had never heard of stone gambling, so they remained silent.

However, some who knew a little about it started to complain.

“No way, how can she be so quick”

“Does it take a long time to choose a jade raw material” someone asked.

“Of course, its not easy to choose a good raw material, and it takes dozens of minutes normally.

She picked out three within just two minutes!”

“Oh, I understand.

I think Goddess Gu probably knows nothing about stone gambling.”

“She made the first bucket of gold by stone gambling.

If she knows nothing about it, how did she manage to make so much money before”

“Is it a lie”

“I dont think Goddess Gu will lie to us.

Its probably her own way of choosing raw materials.”

“I agree.

Lets see what will happen.”

“My younger sister is really outstanding!” Tang Jiakai said with pride.

Tang Jiakai never doubted Gu Ning, even though some people didnt believe her.

When Xin Bei heard that, he thought that Gu Ning must have a special relationship with the Tang family.

It was just a thought, and he didnt think further.

Gu Ning drew lines on the raw material which was waste first, then gave it to the stone cutter.

Wu Yuanping felt stressed when he chose the raw materials, because Gu Ning was able to finish it at a much faster pace than normal people.

Wu Yuanping wasnt willing to waste much time either.

He had checked those raw materials before he came here anyway.

While Wu Yuanping was still choosing raw materials, Gu Ning was ready to cut hers.

The raw material was small, so it took less time to cut a piece off it, but there was just stone inside.

After the second cut, it was still a common stone, which worried Tang Haifeng and others who stood by Gu Nings side.

Although Wu Yuanping was still choosing raw materials, he paid some attention to the stone cutting.

When he saw that Gu Nings raw material was just a stone, he relaxed a little.

All in all, he thought highly of Gu Ning, because Gu Ning was well-known for her outstanding ability of stone gambling.

In the beginning, he thought that he might lose, but he wouldnt give up until the end.

Many Internet users also doubted Gu Nings ability in the live-stream now.

“I think its just a stone without any jade inside.”

“Probably, but there could be jade hidden deeper inside.”

“Im reading articles related to stone gambling on-line, but its so difficult to understand them.”

“Ha-ha, I barely know anything about it either!”

“Please cut it through the middle.” Gu Ning didnt want to waste time, so she told the stone cutter to cut the raw material through the middle.

Hearing that, everyone was surprised, because it meant that this raw material was waste.

“Sure,” the stone cutter said.

Before the raw material was cut in half, Wu Yuanping found the first raw material he wanted.

He gave it to another stone cutter, then glanced at Gu Ning with mixed emotions before he went to choose the other two raw materials he needed.

Gu Ning gave his raw material a glance, and she saw that there was medium-low-level jade in it.

She had to admit that Wu Yuanping was indeed good at it.

Wu Yuanping didnt have Jade Eyes like her, so he totally depended on his knowledge and luck.

Gu Nings first raw material turned out to be a stone.

“Its a stone!” People who supported Gu Ning was upset.

“Its fine.

There are another two raw materials, and Ningning can win!” Leng Shaoting said with confidence.

Tang Jiakai didnt notice Leng Shaoting until he heard his voice.

He was impressed by Leng Shaotings attractive appearance, and wondered who he was.

However, he didnt think further, because he believed that Leng Shaoting must be Gu Nings friend.

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