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Chapter 659 They Work for You

Qiao Ya would follow Gu Ning going back to Huafu Hills.

Gu Ning planned to bring Gu Man to have some fun in City B tomorrow, but she didnt have much time to keep Gu Man company, so Qiao Ya would be Gu Mans bodyguard.

Although Feng Xueqin hadnt done anything to hurt Gu Man yet, she was a threat.

Feng Xueqin would show up tomorrow if no accidents happened.

She could recognize Gu Ning and Gu Man when they met tomorrow.

If she wanted to hurt Gu Man, Qiao Ya would be able to stop her.

Leng Shaoting also went back to Huafu Hills along with Gu Ning.

Since Gu Man already knew about their relationship, there was no need for him to hide anymore.

As for Xin Bei, Gu Ning proposed to book a room for him too, but was declined.

Xin Bei preferred to stay in the Jinlin Hotel with Xu Jinchen.

There were more than one Jinlin Hotel in City B.

The Jinlin Hotel and the Huangdeng Hotel were both five-star hotels.

Other than them, the Shengshi Hotel which belonged to Shengshi Group was also an international five-star hotel, and its branches were all across the major cities in this country.

Therefore, they had many choices of hotels, and Gu Ning didnt insist.

After that, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya went to the room with the gowns.

They would meet the others a little later.

A short while after they gathered in a private room, Xu Jinchen arrived.

He complained that none of them had told him that they would be coming to City B.

When he found out that they came to City B to attend the opening ceremony of Gu Nings jewelry branch, he was more upset, because nobody had informed him about that either.

Even so, he didnt dare complain about Gu Ning, since Leng Shaoting was in the room.

However, when Gao Yi and Qiao Ya walked inside, Xu Jinchen abruptly stood up with an angry face.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya seemed mad and aggressive all of a sudden too.

When they met each others eyes with hatred and anger, the atmosphere in the room was rather tense.

The others were all surprised by Xu Jinchens reaction, and realized that there had to be an old grudge between them.

Qiu Yuxin, Su Tongnuo and Lin Xiaoxia were a little scared, because they were weak women and were afraid of being hurt it they were going to fight.

Qiu Yuxin would actually be safe as long as Si Ming was here.

“What are you doing here” Xu Jinchen asked in deep cold voice.

“None of your business,” Gao Yi said.

“Since weve run into each other, lets put an end to what happened last time,” Xu Jinchen said, like he was going to kill someone.

“Sure, I need to take revenge too!” it seemed that Gao Yi was going to fight as well.

“I dont care what grudge you have against one another.

Now is dinner time, and I wont allow anything else to happen here,” Gu Ning said to interrupt them.

“Yes, Miss Gu,” Gao Yi said, then walked to vacant seats with Qiao Ya.

Both of them would follow Gu Nings orders under any conditions.

Hearing that, Xu Jinchen was astonished.

“Gu Ning, do they work for you” he asked with uncertainty.

“Yes,” Gu Ning said.

“They work for me, so I have the right to know what happened, but not now.

Lets enjoy the dinner first.

If they worked for Gu Ning, Xu Jinchen hesitated over whether to take his revenge.

“Do you know their previous occupation” Xu Jinchen asked, in case Gu Ning was cheated by them.

“Yes,” Gu Ning said.

Since she said so, Xu Jinchen didnt say anything further and sat down.

Dishes were soon placed on the table, but Gao Yi, Qiao Ya and Xu Jinchen lost their appetites.

After dinner, Su Tongnuo and Lin Xiaoxia left first, knowing that it wasnt the right time to stay here.

Cao Wenxin and Qiu Yuxin also walked out.

The people left in the room were all members of either side.

Xu Jinchen then revealed the grudge between them.

Two years ago, Xu Jinchen had to fulfill a task and catch a cultural relics trafficking team.

However, the illegal team was also Flying Eagle and Flying Birds target, so they had fought against each other to finish their own tasks.

In the end, neither of them had won.

Those cultural relics had been broken and the head of the illegal team had also escaped.

Xu Jinchen had been injured because of that and had stayed in the hospital for half a month.

He had also hurt Flying Bird who was Qiao Ya, and Qiao Ya had stayed in the hospital for a long time too.

Therefore, they held a great grudge against one another.

During the past years, they had tried to find each other to take revenge, but failed.

Unexpectedly, they encountered one another today.

“I know that its an old grudge, but all of you just did your job back then.

I hope that it can come to an end today, but I wont stop it either if you want to have your revenge,” Gu Ning said.

She wouldnt help or stop any of them.

Gu Ning didnt have the right to make the decision for them after all.

However, she did believe that it wouldnt do any of them any good if they fought against each other.

In addition, they had been injured to almost the same degree back then, so it wasnt difficult for them to let it go.

“Well listen to you, Miss Gu,” Gao Yi and Qiao Ya said at the same time.

Although Xu Jinchen seemed unwilling to give up, he decided to let it go in the end since Gu Ning asked.

He wasnt willing to cause trouble for Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting either.

If Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting ran into conflict because of him, he would feel guilty.

“Fine, for Gu Nings sake, let bygones be bygones,” Xu Jinchen said.

Although they all agreed on it, they still disliked each other.

Since it was settled, they left a while later too.

Leng Shaoting remained silent from the beginning to the end, and didnt interfere in Gu Nings solution.

A group of them went to the parking lot together.

Leng Shaoting had a car which was prepared for him by his subordinates, but Xin Bei and Xu Jinchen didnt.

Cao Wenxin then gave her car key to Xin Bei.

“You can drive mine!” After that, they separated.

Gao Yi walked them to the underground parking lot, and didnt go back until they were gone.

When the car stopped outside of the door, Leng Shaoting took out many gifts from the trunk, which surprised Cao Wenxin and Gu Ning

“Why did you bring so many gifts” Gu Ning asked.

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