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Chapter 638 Hit with an Ashtray

A high rank meant that Xin Bei was a senior military officer in the army now! Therefore, she did everything she could to find Xin Bei and she really was still in love with him.

However, he said to her face that he felt disgusted seeing her.

Yu Wenjing was also an utterly selfish person.

“Yu Wenjing, stop harassing Cao Wenxin right away.

She isnt someone you can mess with.

Dont hurt yourself and involve your family too.” Xin Bei warned her with a serious face.

He didnt care about Yu Wenjing now, but he was unwilling to see Cao Wenxin being harassed again.

Yu Wenjing couldnt believe her ears.

“Did you just threaten me because of her” Yu Wenjing still believed that Xin Bei shouldnt treat her like that.

“Yu Wenjing, thats all I can say.

If you wont stop, youre digging your own grave.” Since Yu Wenjing wouldnt listen, Xin Bei wouldnt waste more time on her.

After that, he stood up and was about to leave.

He would leave it to Cao Wenxin now.

“Xin Bei!” Yu Wenjing stopped him and wore a malicious expression.

“Since you care about her so much, I promise Ill ruin her!”

Xin Bei turned around and stared straight at Yu Wenjing in anger, which scared her.

“Dont you dare!” he said in an extremely cold voice.

Xin Bei had never been so angry before.

Although he was really annoyed by what Yu Wenjing had just said, he curbed his anger.

However, when Yu Wenjing said that she was going to hurt Cao Wenxin, he couldnt limit his anger anymore.

At this moment, he was certain that he cared about Cao Wenxin.

Even though Yu Wenjing was afraid of him now, she lost her mind and threatened him.

“Lets see! Not only her, I promise Ill ruin every woman who dares to be with you! Ill never let you live a good life!”

Cao Wenxin couldnt stand it anymore.

She stood up and walked towards them.

“Oh, whats your plan to ruin me” she said coldly to Yu Wenjing.

When Cao Wenxin suddenly showed up, Yu Wenjing went crazy.

Xin Bei was really with Cao Wenxin now! Yu Wenjing grabbed the ashtray on the table and threw it at Cao Wenxin without delay.

Seeing that, Xin Bei dashed over and protected Cao Wenxin in his arms with his back facing the ashtray.

With a loud sound, the ashtray hit Xin Beis head, and it immediately started bleeding.

The blood dampened Xin Beis hair and flowed down his neck and his gray shirt turned red within seconds, which was quite noticeable.

Hearing the noise, others turned to look at them, and were all shocked by the scene.

Yu Wenjing was struck dumb, so was Cao Wenxin.

To Cao Wenxins astonishment, Xin Bei protected her in his arms.

Actually, Cao Wenxin could avoid it herself, but Xin Bei pressed her to his chest before she could.

Cao Wenxin felt touched as well as surprised by Xin Beis behavior.

“Whats going on here” A waiter came over and was shocked by the scene too.

Hearing the waiters voice, Cao Wenxin got her mind back and asked Xin Bei in trembling voice, “A-are you alright”

Before Xin Bei answered her question, she shouted at the waiter, “Call an ambulance!”

“Oh, right-right!” The waiter made a call in a hurry.

“I-I-I didnt mean to hurt you.” Yu Wenjing trembled in fear and walked to Xin Bei.

“Xin Bei…”

“F*ck off!” Cao Wenxin kicked her in great anger.

Yu Wenjing was a slim woman and was no match for Cao Wenxin at all.

She was kicked in the stomach, and she stumbled backwards a few steps before she fell down on the sofa and hit the hard ground.

Yu Wenjing was in great pain after the heavy kick, and couldnt move right now.

Everyone around was shocked again.

“Im fine,” Xin Bei said.

Although he felt a little dizzy, it wasnt a serious injury.

Cao Wenxin, however, was mad and pushed him away.

“What Are you protecting her I just kicked her once.”

“Of course not…” Xin Bei said.

He was just comforting Cao Wenxin to ally her concern.

“Then what do you mean” Cao Wenxin wouldnt let him go.

“I just dont want you to be worried about me,” Xin Bei said.

Hearing that, Cao Wenxins heart skipped a beat.

“What happened” The manager of this café came over in a hurry.

Seeing the blood on Xin Beis collar, Cao Wenxins heart ached for him.

She ignored the manager and helped him sit down.

“Have a seat.” After that, she turned to the manager.

“Give me a clean towel.”

The manager immediately arranged for a waiter to do that.

Xin Bei suddenly enjoyed the feeling of Cao Wenxin worrying about him.

All of a sudden, Cao Wenxin thought of Gu Ning, because Gu Ning was good at rescuing people.

When Gu Ning received Cao Wenxins call, Leng Shaoting was kissing her in the house.

He was quite annoyed to be interrupted at this moment.

Even so, Leng Shaoting wouldnt stop Gu Ning form answering it.

“Hi!” Gu Ning picked it up.

“Ningning, Xin Bei was hit with an ashtray in the head.

Where are you now Can you come over and help him” Cao Wenxins voice was trembling.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was slightly scared, and asked with anxiety, “Where”

“A café on XX Road, but I think the ambulance is about to arrive.

Please meet us at the nearby No.10 Hospital,” Cao Wenxin said.

“Sure, well be right there,” Gu Ning said, then hung up and left the house with Leng Shaoting at once.

About seven minutes later, an ambulance arrived at the café.

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