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Chapter 636 Punch Her If Youre Angry

Maybe out of guilt or something else, Xin Bei said to Cao Wenxin gently, which had never happened before, “Im so sorry for what she has done to you, but there is nothing between her and me now.

She did it on her own initiative.”

Cao Wenxin stopped eating, looking at him.

“Anyway, tell her to stop harassing me, or Ill punch her the next time.

I know the address of her place.”

“Punch her if youre angry, and leave the rest to me,” Xin Bei said.

He was spoiling her, but even he didnt realize.

Some of the women around the table felt a little scared.

Cao Wenxins heart, on the other hand, skipped a beat all of a sudden.

She actually enjoyed the feeling of being spoiled.

Her heart pounded fast, and she didnt dare look him in the eyes.

Damn it! Why did she suddenly feel like it wasnt a bad thing to have a boyfriend like Xin Bei Thinking that maybe she liked Xin Bei now, Cao Wenxin felt uneasy.

She moved her eyes away from him and focused on the food.

Seeing that, Xin Bei wasnt sure whether Cao Wenxin was being shy.

If so, why did she feel shy Thinking that maybe Cao Wenxin liked him too, Xin Bei was cheered up a little.

Just when they were about to enjoy the meal again, Cao Wenxins phone rang a second.

It was a message warning tone.

Cao Wenxin read the message from a strange number and it was all bad language.

She was mad at once, addressing Xin Bei, “I cant stand it anymore.

She just sent me another message with dirty language.

Do you want to clear it up with her, otherwise Ill go punch her right now”

Xin Bei thought for a while, then said, “Ill go with you.”

Cao Wenxin asked with confusion, “Do you want to clear it up with her or go punch her with me”

If he was going to clear it up, she wouldnt go with him, in case it would cause more misunderstandings.

In addition, was he going to punch a woman with her

“To clear it up.

If she wont let it go, you can punch her as you like,” Xin Bei said, and didnt think that there was anything wrong with that.

Hearing that, some women around the table had a worse impression of Xin Bei.

“I agree!” Gu Ning said to Cao Wenxin.

In fact, she thought Xin Bei probably just wanted to spend some time alone with Cao Wenxin.

Cao Wenxin and Xin Bei then stood up and left together.

“Ningning, youre setting them up!” Xu Qinyin blinked at Gu Ning with a knowing smile.

Gu Ning smiled too, but didnt say a word.

“Do you think Wenxin is really going to punch Yu Wenjing” Xu Qinyin asked with curiosity.

“No idea,” Gu Ning said, but Yu Wenjing asked for it even if Cao Wenxin punched her.

“Miss Gu, do you think its a good idea to support the lady to punch another woman Dont you know its illegal” Di Runa said, criticizing Gu Ning.

Actually, it was Cao Wenxins idea to punch Yu Wenjing, but Di Runa purposely put it as if Gu Ning had incited Cao Wenxin to do it.

Di Runa said it in order to show her kindness which would accentuate Gu Nings cruelty so that Leng Shaoting would have a good impression of her and even start to hate Gu Ning.

Di Runa was too naive.

Several other women also thought that it was inappropriate that Gu Ning had supported Cao Wenxin to punch another woman, but they knew that it was Cao Wenxins idea after all.

Gu Ning understood that Di Runa was picking on her.

“Miss Di, I bet you must be very tolerant, and youll accept any misunderstandings, dirty words and harassment, right” Gu Ning said lightly.

It was quite ironic.

Di Runa was displeased.

Not only Di Runa, but other also knew that it was irony.

Gu Ning added, “In my opinion, Ill never treat others the way I dont want to be treated back, but Ill pay it back if anyone dares hurt me.” It sounded like she was talking about Cao Wenxin, but she was also warning Di Runa.

Di Runa didnt think that Gu Ning knew about her affection for Leng Shaoting, so she had no idea that Gu Ning was warning her.

“I agree! Yu Wenjing asks for it herself,” Gu Anna said.

“I cant stand it either!” Xu Qinyin said.

Xu Qinyin had never been through such a thing, but she knew that she couldnt tolerate offensive words or behavior.

Since both Gu Anna and Xu Qinyin agreed with Gu Ning, Di Runa didnt know what to say now.

In fact, she couldnt stand it either.

After the meal, they dispersed.

No matter how unwilling Di Runa was to see Leng Shaoting leaving with Gu Ning, she could do nothing about it.

“Shouldnt you visit Grandpa Leng at home” Xu Jinchen asked Leng Shaoting to remind him.

Leng Shaoting would visit Master Leng first once he was back in the capital before.

However, Leng Shaoting spent every second with Gu Ning now.

Xu Jinchen wouldnt judge, but thought that it was inappropriate that Leng Shaoting wouldnt visit his grandpa now even though he was back in the capital.

Leng Shaoting was struck dumb for a second, then remember that he hadnt visited his own grandpa yet.

“Yeah, Ill go visit him later.”

After that, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went back to their place.

Xin Bei called Yu Wenjing the moment he walked out of the hotel.

When Yu Wenjing received Xin Beis call she was thrilled, and Xin Bei even invited her to meet at a café.

Yu Wenjing believed that Xin Bei must have changed his mind and wanted her to be back by his side.

“Shes coming,” Xin Bei said after hanging up.

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