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Chapter 616 Turn to Jiang Zhongyu for Help

Although Jiang Zhongyu was an antique expert, he was a human being without special power after all, so it was reasonable that he missed the real antiques.

Jiang Zhongyu took the blue and white porcelain pen holder, and couldnt put it down after he was sure it was real.

“Girl Gu, how much is this jade ink stone from the Qing Dynasty” Master Leng asked Gu Ning

“Um…” Gu Ning didnt know how to answer that question.

Master Leng was Leng Shaotings grandpa after all, and she wasnt willing to let him pay for it.

“Well, why dont you choose a piece as a gift from me” Gu Ning said to them.

“What” Hearing that, they were all astonished and couldnt believe their eyes.

Master Leng asked with doubt, “Girl Gu, are you serious”

“Please choose one as a gift from me,” Gu Ning said to them again.

“We cant do that!” Master Leng seemed displeased.

“This isnt cheap at all.

We cant take it for free.”

Gu Ning felt a little scared facing Master Leng.

“Girl Gu, we understand that youre kind to us, but we cant take it for free,” Jiang Zhongyu said.

“I seriously dont know whether youre kind or dumb.

These are all priceless antiques, and you send them to us as gifts” Master Xu said.

They werent willing to take advantage of Gu Ning, so they rejected Gu Nings proposal.

However, Gu Ning insisted on it.

“Its no big deal.

I didnt pay much for them, so theyre not very expensive in my eyes.”

“Thats your opinion, but we must pay according to its market price,” Jiang Zhongyu said with determination.

“Exactly!” Master Leng and Master Xu agreed.


Then a hundred thousand yuan each piece,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning, of course, wouldnt charge them according to the market price.

“A hundred thousand yuan each piece Its merely free!” Master Leng was still displeased.

“Its a hundred thousand yuan each piece.

Buy it or not.” Gu Ning wasnt willing to yield anymore.

If Master Leng wouldnt accept it, she planned to let Leng Shaoting send it to him, and didnt mind exposing her relationship with Leng Shaoting.


Master Leng and the others felt resigned, because they knew that Gu Ning wasnt willing to charge them.

It wasnt common for them to see a piece of real antique that they liked, so they were unwilling to leave with empty hands.

However, if they bought the antiques at such a low price, they would feel a little guilty.

Seeing that they were still hesitating, Gu Ning use her ace in the hole.

“Well, Ill tag this jade ink stone from the Qing Dynasty, this blue and white porcelain pen holder and this Tang Sancai yellow glaze horse as a hundred thousand yuan each.

If you dont want to buy them, I believe theyll soon be sold out once I put them out.”

The above antiques were their favorites.

Hearing that, the group of Master Leng wouldnt hesitate anymore.

“We want them!”

“Yes, we want them now!”

In case Gu Ning would sell them to others, they agreed at once.

“Girl Gu, if you encounter any trouble in the capital, feel free to tell us, and well help you without hesitation as long as we can,” Master Xu said.

That was the way to expand ones network.

“Thanks, I will,” Gu Ning said.

Right at this moment, Gu Nings phone rang, and the caller was Ning Changkai.

Gu Ning excused herself, then walked aside to answer the call.

“Boss, the result of drug control is out, and we didnt pass it,” Ning Changkai said in a calm voice, because it wasnt a surprising answer.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was displeased but not surprised either.


Dont worry.

Keep on producing, and Ill handle it.”

“Sure.” Although Ning Changkai felt upset, he wasnt in despair because he trusted Gu Ning.

In fact, if Gu Ning changed the name of the medicine and replaced Ning Changkai with another person, it wouldnt happen, but Gu Ning wouldnt do that.

She preferred to get rid of her enemies, not allies.

Gu Ning went back later, and said to them, “Well, what a coincidence! I do need your help now.”

“What is it” they asked.

“The thing is I acquired a medicine factory a while ago, because someone prevented the owner of it from passing the drug control.

It happened again after I took over the medicine factory,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, those masters were displeased, especially Jiang Zhongyu, because his son, Jiang Zhenghua, was the director of the State Food and Drug Administration.

If someone dared to scheme against others in SFDA, it would be Jiang Zhenghuas mistake.

Therefore, it was a serious problem.

“Girl Gu, dont worry.

Ill handle it well and give you the right result,” Jiang Zhongyu said.

He only promised to give Gu Ning the right result, but not to directly allow her medicine to be put on the market.

Medicines werent tools, so they had to be very careful.

“Thank you so much, Master Jiang!” Gu Ning was confident that her medicines were qualified, so she wasnt afraid of drug control.

Actually, Gu Ning turned to Master Jiang for help because she knew Jiang Zhenghua was his son, otherwise she would ask Leng Shaoting for help.

“What the name of your medicine company” Jiang Zhongyu asked.

“Colaine Pharmaceutical Company,” Gu Ning said.

“Please help me find out who is scheming against my company.”

“No problem,” Jiang Zhongyu said.

After that, they left without delay.

Once Jiang Zhongyu sat in his car, he called Jiang Zhenghua and told him about it.

In fact, it wasnt just Jiang Zhongyu who was helping Gu Ning; Gu Ning was also doing Jiang Zhenghua a great favor too.

The capital was the center of politics and power, and everyone behaved with great caution, to prevent being involved in trouble.

The competition in politics wasnt less violent than that in business.

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