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Chapter 613 Antiques at the Bottom of the Lake

After dinner, they dispersed.

Chen Cangyi and K stayed in the hotel for the time being, while Gu Ning went to Leng Shaotings house.

Before she left, Gu Ning gave the photos and video advertisement to K.

It was still early, and there were many people ambling around the lake, so Gu Ning planned to go there after 11 pm.

When Gu Ning arrived at Leng Shaotings house, she felt a little lonely because he was absent.

She took out her phone, wanting to call him, but he was in the middle of carrying out his task, so she put her phone down.

At the same time, she was also worried about his safety.

Gu Ning went to the bedroom first and put on waterproof clothing, in case she would be wet after diving.

Afterwards, Gu Ning put on a long woolen coat.

Because the waterproof suit was black, nobody would notice that it was different from a normal sweater.

When it was 11:30 pm, Gu Ning took a taxi to a nearby hotel, then walked to the park.

There were few people around Beihai Park at this time.

And although Beihai Park was located downtown, it wasnt difficult for Gu Ning to find a concealed place.

She was wearing a mask when she showed up in Beihai Park.

However, because it was still cold, it wasnt strange that people were wearing masks.

Gu Ning came to the side where she found the box of antiques, then glanced around.

She found a well-concealed bush, so she went over.

After that, she took off her coat and put it into her telepathic eye space before she went into the water.

She went in slowly and didnt cause much sound.

With the help of her power, Gu Ning could breathe in water, so she directly swam to the box of antiques.

A few minutes later, she found it, and put it into her telepathic eye space before she swam back.

When she was back in the small bush, she put on her coat and walked out.

However, three young men who were wandering along the road surrounded her.

They were all drunk and smelt like they had been soaked in alcohol for a long time.

“Oh, what a beautiful girl! Why are you still out so late Do you feel lonely Why dont we have some fun together” a man leered at Gu Ning.

“Come on!” the other two men said, and ogled Gu Ning.

Seeing that they were all drunk, Gu Ning didnt bother to argue with them, but walked away.

However, they wouldnt give up, and stopped her.

“Get out of my way!” Gu Ning snapped at them.

It was already Spring, but they still felt quite cold when Gu Ning coldly stared at them.

Nevertheless, they thought that the weather was cold, not Gu Ning.

Therefore, they didnt move away at all.

“Dont be so rude.

Lets have some fun together!” All they wanted to do now was to have sex with Gu Ning.

Right when Gu Ning was about to punch them, a Maserati stopped by them all of a sudden.

A man got out of it and snapped at those drunk men.

“F*ck off!”

He was protecting Gu Ning.

However, when Gu Ning saw the man, she was even angrier.

The man wasnt a stranger, but was exactly Qi Ziyue.

Gu Ning did her best to hide her strong hatred towards him, and stayed calm.

“L-Lord Qi.”

When those drunk men noticed Qi Ziyue, they were wide awake, and fearfully greeted him with respect.

Qi Ziyue was very arrogant and kept a high profile in the capital, so many people knew his powerful background.

For now, Qi Ziyue was the general manager of the Tang familys business group in the capital and was also Tang Yaxins boyfriend.

It was said that they were about to be engaged.

Once they got married, Qi Ziyue would be in an even higher social status.

Tang Yaxin didnt know how to run a business, and it was impossible that Tang Bingsen would be willing to let his brothers or cousins inherit his properties, so Qi Ziyue would be the chairman of the Tang familys business group as long as Tang Yaxin married him.

And when Tang Bingsen retired, Tang Yaxin would inherit everything, and Qi Ziyue would take over.

Of course, it was just a thought in other peoples mind.

Although Tang Yaxin was the only child in the Tang family, Tang Bingsen was too selfish to let another man with a different surname inherit his business group.

That being the case, Tang Bingsen had a love son a long time ago.

He would only give his properties to his own son, even though he was a love child.

No one else knew this secret, especially Qi Ziyue, Tang Yaxin and her mother.

If they got to know about it, they wouldnt work hard for him, and would expose everything Tang Aining had done for him.

If so, his company would be in danger.

“Disappear now!” Qi Ziyue said with impatience.

“S-sure.” Those young men escaped without delay.

“Miss, are you alright” Qi Ziyue asked her with concern.

Qi Ziyue, of course, helped her for a reason.

He recognized that Gu Ning was the girl who had sat with the Xu family at the auction last time.

If Qi Ziyue was going to have a more stable position in the capital, he had to expand his network.

Since he encountered Gu Ning tonight, he had his own plan.

Qi Ziyue thought that Gu Ning would be grateful for what he had done, and they would exchange phone numbers.

Gu Ning would probably buy him a meal to thank him, then they would gradually become friends.

After that, she would introduce him to her other friends.

Qi Ziyue was too self-centered to realize that he wasnt important, or charming at all in Gu Nings eyes.

Instead, she hated him.

No matter what, Gu Ning didnt want to cause more trouble because he had helped her after all.

Accordingly, Gu Ning thanked him, then walked away without giving him a second glance.

“Wait a second, miss!” Qi Ziyue stopped Gu Ning.

“Its so late now.

You wont be safe alone.

Let me send you home!”

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