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Chapter 596 A Goddess A Model An Idol

“What the f*ck! Who left the comment” At that moment, Hao Ran was having a class when he read the news, and he couldnt help but shout out loud in anger, which scared his classmates and his teacher in the classroom.

“Hao Ran, whats wrong with you” His teacher criticized him.

Although he knew that Hao Ran wasnt a good student, and he didnt care whether Hao Ran attended his classes or slept in his classes, he wouldnt allow Hao Rao to affect other students in the classroom.

“Someone in our school attacked Gu Ning on the Internet,” Hao Ran said with annoyance.

“What Really” They had all heard of Gu Ning, who was the top student in their grade.

“What Someone attacked our boss on the Internet” Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping were also mad.

“Let me see it.” Hearing that, Mr.

Fang walked to Hao Ran.

Everyone in the classroom took out their phones.

“The most liked comment under the hottest topic on the Internet now,” Hao Ran added, and they all read the news and comment.

When Mr.

Fang finished reading the news and the comment he was displeased.

Whether this comment was true or not, this comment damaged Gu Nings reputation and also damaged the reputation of their school.

“Is the girl in the pictures and videos Gu Ning Oh my, Gu Ning is such a great girl!” Some students were greatly impressed by the news.

“Yes, Gu Ning did all of those great things,” Hao Ran said.


Fang was also surprised by what Gu Ning had done.

In that case, he was unwilling to see Gu Ning being slandered on the Internet.

“You may study on your own for a while, I need to go to the principals office,” Mr.

Fang said, he had to report it to the principal immediately.

Once Mr.

Fang was gone, Hao Ran told his friends in their WeChat group about what had happened to Gu Ning.

“F*ck, who dares to attack my boss on the Internet!” Chu Peihan jumped up in anger.

“I promise that Ill beat him or her!”

Everyone in the classroom was shocked by Chu Peihans abrupt movement.

However, before their teacher could question her, the bell rang and the class was over.

“Hey, you all, read the hottest topic on the Internet right now.

Someone is slandering Gu Ning, and we must swear at him or her!” Chu Peihan gave an order to everyone in the classroom.

This class was held by their head teacher, Jiang Yuan but he didnt scold Chu Peihans rude behavior immediately.

Instead, he took out his phone as well to see what was going on.

As a teacher, he wasnt willing to see the school being involved in a scandal.

Seeing that the teacher didnt say anything, all the students took out their phones to read the hottest topic on the Internet.

Not all of them were eager to help Gu Ning, but they were all curious about it.

After reading the news and the comment, they were all shocked.

“Jesus! Gu Ning saved so many peoples lives”

“I cant believe my eyes! She beat a group of security officers by herself”

“Is she really Gu Ning, not a superwoman”

They all doubted whether the girl was Gu Ning, even though they already saw the picture of her face, because it was totally beyond their imagination.

“What Gu Ning has over a hundred million yuan in wealth”

“Impossible! Isnt she really poor”

“She became so rich within half a year.

Is she…”

“Bull**!” Chu Peihan interrupted at once.

“Gu Ning relied on herself to make money.

Everyone in the high society is aware of the fact that Gu Ning is the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

When the Jade Beauty Jewelry store opened in City G, half of the important figures in City G attended it.”

“What Gu Ning is the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry” Hearing that, everyone was completely shocked.

They had heard of Jade Beauty Jewelry, because it was so popular now.

However, they couldnt believe that the boss of the high-end jewelry brand was their schoolmate.

Let alone the students, even Jiang Yuan was astonished.

“I heard that the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry made the first bucket of gold by stone gambling.

In other words, Gu Ning knows how to gamble stones, and shes quite good at it”

“Exactly! Stone gambling is highly risky.” “Wow, Gu Ning is so amazing.”

“I think shes a perfect goddess, model and idol!”

After that, most people sided with Gu Ning and went to swear at the person who had slandered Gu Ning.

“Whats wrong with you Do you dare tell us your real name”

“Gu Ning is the top student in our grade, so its understandable that shes absent from classes.”

“Shes also the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry!”

“Come on, we all know that Gu Ning relied on herself to be so successful now.”


Within minutes, dozens of comments which supported Gu Ning appeared at the bottom of the news.

Many Internet users who paid attention to this news were shocked.

Although some of them didnt know Jade Beauty Jewelry, they searched it on the Internet and got to know a lot of shocking news about the brand.

All of a sudden, those who kept criticizing Gu Ning stopped commenting, because they were afraid of Gu Nings network.

After this news, not only Gu Ning, but Jade Beauty Jewelry also became popular again within a short time.

Although some thought that it was a publicity stunt by Jade Beauty Jewelry, most people sided with Gu Ning.

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