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Chapter 586 Live with It

Pan Zirui would, of course, protect and defend Gu Ning on any condition.

“So what Do you think that the Feng family is the most powerful family in City B”

“You…” Feng Xueqins friend was struck speechless.

Although Feng Xins family name was also Feng, he actually had no connection with Feng Xueqin.

However, when he saw Feng Xueqin seriously injured, he felt that it was a little much so he said, “Well, I think we better send her to the hospital now.

It wont do us any good if anything bad happens to her.”

“She annoyed my boss!” Pan Zirui was unwilling to let Feng Xueqin leave.

“Alright, let them go.” Gu Ning thought that it was enough now, and she didnt want to waste more time on the mess.

“She has to pay the restaurants losses before she leaves.

She turned my dishes upside down and made the food stain my clothes, but shes injured now, so Ill forgive her.

No matter what complaint she has, live with it.”

Gu Ning seemed arrogant, but others somehow felt comfortable, especially when she said the last sentence.

Guan Bin would ask for compensation from Feng Xueqin later.

Nobody called the ambulance for Feng Xueqin, so her friend had to.

Before the ambulance arrived, Guan Bin invited Gu Ning to share a meal with them in a private room.

Gu Ning and Yu Zi were still hungry, and Pan Zirui hadnt seen her in a long time, so Gu Ning agreed.

The two men who had leaked the information to Feng Xueqin didnt leave right away when they walked out of the restaurant.

Instead, they secretly watched them from the window.

When they saw Gu Ning slapping Feng Xueqin, they were also shocked and felt lucky that they had escaped earlier.

When the mess was solved, one of the two men made a call and reported on what had happened in the restaurant.

The person who arranged them to leak the information wasnt Tang Deming, but a man who worked for him.

The moment the person heard what had happened in the restaurant, he called Tang Deming.

“What They encountered each other, and Feng Xueqin is injured” Tang Deming was astonished.

Is this girl that powerful

“Are you sure that shes the girl” Tang Deming asked.

“Not very sure.”

Since they werent sure about it, there was nothing that Tang Deming could do.

He told the two men to leave City B in case they would be caught.

In the restaurant.

Yu Zi didnt know them, but she knew that they were all born in super-rich families from the conversation that they just had.

Lin Tianyous and Zhao Xiaoxuans families were barely comparable to the Pan family and the Guan family.

Therefore, Yu Zi felt uneasy when they shared a meal at the same table.

What she didnt know was that Cao Wenxin was born in a much more powerful family than them.

If she had known that, she wouldnt have felt at ease when she had made friends with Cao Wenxin.

“Boss, please order whatever you like.” Pan Zirui gave the menu to Gu Ning, and Gu Ning didnt hesitate to order her favorite food.

When the waiter left Pan Zirui asked, “Boss, why did Feng Xueqin suddenly irritate you”

“She asked about my relationship with the Tang family.

I didnt tell her, so she got mad,” Gu Ning said and lied to some extent, because she had to keep the fact that Tang Yunfan was her biological father a secret.

“Why did she ask about that Its none of her business.” They all thought that it was strange.

Although they were also curious about Gu Nings specific connection with the Tang family, none of them dared ask that question.

“How much do you know about Feng Xueqin” Gu Ning asked with curiosity.

She knew that Feng Xueqin had to come from a rich family, but she didnt know the details.

“Feng Xueqin is from another super-rich family in City B and she has admired Lord Tang for so many years.

She even claimed to be Lord Tangs fiancée when she was younger, but Lord Tang doesnt like her.

Nevertheless, she has remained single the entire time until now.

Shes 36 years old,” Pan Zirui said.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was surprised.

“Although she loves Lord Tang deeply, shes also a malicious woman.

No matter who criticizes her, shell pay the person back,” Pan Zirui said.

“Well, I dont think that shes able to do that to Miss Gu,” Guan Bin said.

He believed that Gu Ning was smarter and more powerful than Feng Xueqin.

“Exactly! Boss, feel free to call me if you need my support.

Ill stand by your side,” Pan Zirui said.

“Thanks,” Gu Ning said.

“Oh, boss, let me introduce you.

This is my friend, Feng Xin,” Pan Zirui said to Gu Ning.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Gu.

Ive heard Zirui mention you many times,” Feng Xueqin said.

“Although my family name is also Feng, I dont have any family connection with Feng Xueqin.”

“Ha-ha, nice to meet you too,” Gu Ning said politely.

Feng Xin used to think that Gu Ning would be an arrogant, rich heiress.

Unexpectedly, she was kind but stayed cold, so he didnt know how to get closer to her.

On the way to the hospital, Feng Xueqins friend called Feng Xueqins sister-in-law, Lu Qiuting

When Lu Qiuting arrived at the hospital, Feng Xueqins face was already wrapped in bandages and she couldnt say a word.

Therefore, Lu Qiuting asked Wu Jinyi, who was Feng Xueqins friend, “Jinyi, what happened Who dared to hit Xueqin” Wu Jinyi didnt tell her everything on the phone, so she didnt know the details.

Wu Jinyi then told her what had happened in the restaurant.

Although Wu Jinyi didnt add fuel to the fire, Lu Qiuting was still furious.

“The little bitch is too arrogant!”

Lu Qiuting didnt think that what Feng Xueqin had done was rude, but blamed Gu Ning for everything, which proved that she was a selfish person too.

In fact, Lu Qiuting was four years older than Feng Xueqin, but they were very close.

As the old saying went, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

When they were both young, Lu Qiuting admired Feng Xueqins older brother, Feng Pinghui, from afar, but Feng Pinghui already had a girlfriend.

In order to help Lu Qiuting marry her older brother, Feng Xueqin along with Lu Qiuting schemed against her older brothers girlfriend, and let Feng Pinghui catch the innocent girl in bed with another man.

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