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Chapter 585 Teach Feng Xueqin a Lesson

It was obvious that Feng Xueqin had turned the plates on Gu Nings table upside down, so nobody answered his question.

“You all should have seen it.

It was her who damaged all those plates, so whatever Im going to do next, she deserves it,” Gu Ning said in a cold voice, then abruptly stood up to slap Feng Xueqin across her face.

The sound when Gu Nings hand slapped Feng Xueqins face was so loud that it scared everyone in the restaurant.

Within seconds, Feng Xueqins face was already red and swollen.

In addition, Gu Ning took the rest of the plates on the table and pressed them on Feng Xueqins face with great force.

The food was still hot, and Feng Xueqin was seriously hurt again.

She almost passed out from the severe pain and had no strength to struggle.

Everyone was shocked by Gu Nings violent actions, but nobody had sympathy for Feng Xueqin, because she had been rude first.

A rude person like her should learn how to behave herself in public.

“Xueqin!” Feng Xueqins friend ran to wipe the food residue off from her face.

“Miss, dont you think thats too far” The restaurant manager criticized Gu Ning because he was afraid that Feng Xueqins family would blame him for it.

Gu Ning gave him a cold glance then questioned him, “Isnt it too far that she turned all my dishes upside down and made the food stain my clothes everywhere.

She ruined our lunch and made a loud noise.”

Gu Nings look was threatening and scared the restaurant manager, but he still argued upon thinking of Feng Xueqins powerful family background.

“You werent hurt after all, but Miss Feng is seriously injured now!”

“So what” Gu Ning asked and seemed arrogant because she realized that this manager was a snobbish person.

Although she had attacked Feng Xueqin with great force, Feng Xueqin had asked for it herself.

The restaurant manager was struck dumb, and didnt know what to say.

“You…” Feng Xueqin was so mad that she wanted to swear at Gu Ning.

However, her cheeks were too painful for her to utter a word.

Gu Ning turned to look at Feng Xueqin and coldly said, “What Do you think that you can bully me just because you were born in a super-rich family I dont care who you are, Ill punch you if you annoy me.”

If Feng Xueqin had just annoyed Gu Ning, Gu Ning would punch her and let her go, but Gu Ning would ruin Feng Xueqin if she dared hurt Gu Man.

“Ill kill you!” Feng Xueqin ignored Gu Nings warning, and raised her hand to slap Gu Ning, but was caught by Gu Ning in the air.

“What did you say” Gu Ning stared straight at her then threw her away, and Feng Xueqin fell to the ground because of the great force.

With a loud sound she fell.

Feng Xueqin moaned from the pain.

“Xuegin!” Her friend was really scared.

Normally, when Feng Xueqin wanted to hit someone, she would help Feng Xueqin do it, but she was afraid of Gu Ning this time.

“Call the police! Call the…” the restaurant manager shouted in anger, but shut his mouth at once when Gu Ning gave him a cold glance.

Gu Nings glance was so frightening that he didnt dare utter another word.

How can a young girl be so scary He thought.

“Whats going on here” At this moment, a displeased male voice sounded.

Hearing the voice, Gu Ning immediately knew who the newcomer was.

The man was exactly Pan Ziruis good friend, Guan Bin.

Gu Ning turned and saw Guan Bin, Pan Zirui and a stranger walking towards them.

“Lord Guan, this girl…” The restaurant manager blamed Gu Ning for everything the moment he saw Guan Bin.

However, before he could finish his sentence, Guan Bin greeted Gu Ning with surprise, “Miss Gu!”

The restaurant manager was struck dumb for a second.

Does Lord Guan know this girl

“Who” Pan Zirui ran over at once, and he got excited too when he saw Gu Ning.

“B-boss, why are you here”

Boss Everyone in the restaurant who knew Pan Zirui and the others was shocked.

What Lord Pan called this young girl his boss They must be very close.

The restaurant manager panicked a little.

If this young girl was Lord Pans boss, they would blame him for everything.

Feng Xin, who came here with Guan Bin and Pan Zirui, was stunned when he saw Gu Ning, because Gu Ning was really beautiful even though she wasnt wearing any make-up.

There were usually no beautiful women who didnt wear make-up, but Gu Ning was an exception.

She probably had on some foundation at the most.In fact, Gu Ning had very smooth, shiny skin, so people thought that she was wearing foundation.

If they looked closer at her face, they would see that she didnt wear any make-up.

“I came here to enjoy my lunch, but a crazy woman turned my dishes upside down and the food stained my clothes,” Gu Ning said with obvious disdain, then gave Feng Xueqin who was still lying on the ground a cold glance.

Hearing that, Pan Zirui and the others noticed the food stains on Gu Nings clothes and Feng Xueqin who was still lying on the ground.

Without asking further, they soon figured out what had happened.

Even so, Pan Zirui and Guan Bin still vented their anger at Feng Xueqin, instead of Gu Ning

“Miss Feng, what do you mean by causing a scene in my familys restaurant Do you think that my family is easy to take advantage of” Guan Bin didnt care that Feng Xueqin was seriously injured, nor did he care about her family background, but questioned her impolitely.

“Lord Guan, Miss Feng is already injured.

How can you blame her for everything Call the ambulance now! If anything bad happens to Miss Feng, the Feng family wont let you get away with it.” Feng Xueqins friend opened her mouth.

Nevertheless, Guan Bin hated that she used Feng Xueqins family background to threaten him.

Gu Ning was the Tang familys relative, so Guan Bin would, of course, stand by Gu Nings side without a second thought.

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