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“The raw materials possess many characteristics.

We can judge the internal condition of a raw material according to these characteristics.

From the perspective of petrology, the jade inside has a certain correlation with the color of the outer shell.

The characteristics of “songhua”, “python stripe” and “moss”[1: Songhua, python stripe and moss refer to surface features of crust, distribution of colour and characteristics of fissure skeins of raw jade.] are important features for distinguishing the internal conditions of jadeite,” Li Zhenzhen explained very professionally, like she was teaching Gu Ning.

However, the disdain and arrogance in her eyes betrayed her.

Li Zhenzhen was merely showing off her knowledge, and humiliating Gu Ning because she knew very little about stone gambling.

While Li Zhenzhen was explaining, she checked the raw material in Gu Nings cart with her eyes.

She then said with dislike, “There is no python stripe, songhua or moss around this raw material.

Im afraid this one is a waste material, Mis Gu.”

Li Zhenzhens professional explanation received much acclaim from the people around her.

“This young lady is so knowledgeable at such a young age!”

“True! There arent many young people who know a lot about the raw materials of stone gambling.”

Hearing the praise, Li Zhenzhen felt more proud, like she had greatly defeated Gu Ning.

Li Zhenzhens family was involved in the jewelry business too.

She had grown up with a variety of jade, and had good acquaintance with the raw materials of stone gambling.

In the past, she had cut out several medium-level jade.

Although she had bought more waste materials, she had earned some money in all.

The jewelry brand of the Li Family wasnt in the third-line jewelry brands, but was famous in City G.

The Li Family had a wealth of 500 million yuan, which was a real super rich family, but compared with the third-tier richest families, it was left far behind.

Moreover, their companys assets not only belonged to the Li Family, but also belonged to the shareholders.

Li Zhenzhens explanation was correct and true, so Qin Yifan wasnt aware she was being unkind.

“Miss Li is right, but a raw material without songhua, python stripe and moss doesnt mean there isnt jade in it.

I like this one, and I would like to give it a try,” Gu Ning replied airily.

Gu Ning admitted that Li Zhenzhen was professional, but no matter how professional she was, she wasnt able to determine which raw material had jade inside.

Li Zhenzhens professional knowledge couldnt be more accurate than her Jade Eyes.

Gu Ning knew there must be an emerald in this raw material because of her Jade Eyes, while Li Zhenzhen was certain this was a waste material.

It was obvious who was right.

Gu Ning only cared about who would be the winner.

To win was the most important thing.

Li Zhenzhen sneered, but pretended to compliment Gu Ning, “Miss Gu is so determined!”

Even though Qin Yifan didnt think highly of that raw material in Gu Nings cart either, he didnt know how to stop the argument since Gu Ning seemed so sure.

“Yifan, brother, lets check the raw materials!” Li Zhenzhen urged.

She didnt want to stay with Gu Ning.

“Gu Ning, why dont you join us” Qin Yifan kindly invited.

“Yifan…” Li Zhenzhen wanted to stop him.

But before Li Zhenzhen could say another word, Gu Ning refused first, “Thanks, but I dont think there is a need for that, since the shop isnt big.”

“Well, fine! If you need any help, please let me know.” Qin Yifan didnt insist.

The shop wasnt big.

It wasnt difficult to meet again.

Gu Ning nodded then pulled her cart away.

Right at that moment, the woman who had picked up the raw material with a red jade inside came back.

Apparently, she decided to buy the raw material.

But unfortunately, the raw material was Gu Nings now.

The woman was disappointed and regretful.

She had lost the raw material that she liked.

Gu Ning ignored her and kept on shopping.

Before long, two raw materials with jade inside came into Gu Nings sight.

One was as big as a football, while the other was as big as one-third of a football.

The second one was in the hand of a man, who was around 40 years old.

Gu Ning obviously couldnt go and grab it.

Gu Ning picked up the other one.

She stopped looking at the one in the mans hand.

She wasnt that selfish to have all the raw materials with jade inside.

The reason why she had stared at the raw material with a red jade inside was that red jade was rare.

She didnt want to miss it.

Since it hadnt been cut out yet, Gu Ning had no idea whether it was high-level or medium-level.

Gu Ning turned to another pile of raw materials, and got another two with green jade inside.

Although they were only as small as an apple, the color was special.

After a while, she got another one which was as big as two footballs.

Gu Ning planned to cut out two or three raw materials here.

She also picked up two big waste materials as a disguise.

Gu Ning was easily noticed for she was a young girl.

Besides, she picked up raw materials so carelessly, which also attracted a lot of attention from people around her.

Gu Ning knew people were staring at her, but she didnt care.

The raw materials Gu Ning had chosen werent small, nor cheap.

They cost 4.5 million yuan in total.

After paying her bill, Gu Ning noticed the man was stilling checking the raw material in his hand.

She had an impulse to tell the man to buy it now.

But she also knew the man possibly wouldnt believe her.

She wasnt an experienced expert after all.

“Gee! Isnt this the boss of Zhoufu Jewelry, Zhou Zhenghong Oh, the ex-boss, because I am the boss of Zhoufu Jewelry now.

What Do you still have money to play stone gambling after youve lost everything”

A bright, but sarcastic male voice sounded.

Everyone, Gu Ning included, looked over at once.

Zhoufu Jewelry had 16 years of history with hundreds of millions in assets.

It was a relatively low-level brand.

The previous chairman was Zhou Zhenghong, and Shao Ping became its chairman half a year ago.

The reason was still a secret.

Shao Ping was in a suit with a briefcase in hand.

He was a little fat, walking with his head up and chest out.

He was followed by several men, and looked like a powerful man.

But Shao Ping squinted his eyes with viciousness.

Hearing that voice, Zhou Zhenghong, the man who was holding the raw material in hand, quickly raised his head.

“Shao Ping,” Zhou Zhenghong clenched his teeth.

His eyes were full of hatred.

Facing Zhou Zhenghongs hatred, Shao Ping didnt care at all.

He continued to mock, “I heard that you want to restart your business, but I think you can stop, and save the money for your sons tuition fee!”


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