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Chapter 569 The Tang Familys Enemy

“The person who sent those men to adduct Man must be our Tang familys enemy,” Tang Yunfan said.

If not, Gu Man wouldnt have been abducted, because she just came to City B and hadnt annoyed anyone.

“What” Everyone was shocked.

If the person behind the abduction was really the Tang familys enemy, why didnt he abduct a member of them, but chose Gu Man Had they found out about Gu Mans relationship with the Tang family If not, Gu Man wouldnt have been abducted, because she just came to City B and hadnt annoyed anyone.

In that case, Gu Man was totally a victim.

“I need to find her!” Tang Yunfan said, running outside.

“Yunfan!”Read at L istnovel.com.Tang Yunhang wanted to stop him, but was interrupted by Tang Haifeng.

“Let him go.”

“He just woke up! Its very dangerous if he runs out like that.” Tang Yunhang was worried.

He admitted that he was selfish, and chose Tang Yunfan over Gu Man.

He did feel sorry for Gu Man but it was a fact that Tang Yunfan was more important for their family.

“Didnt you hear how Yunfan addressed Gu Man If I guess correctly, he already regained his memory about her,” Tang Haifeng said.

Hearing that, everyone was surprised again.

What Yunfan regained his memory about Gu Man

Tang Haifeng added, “In addition, Gu Man was abducted because of our Tang family.

Its already very inappropriate that we are staying at home.

If we stop Yunfan from finding her now, Ningning and Gu Man will feel heartbroken.”

Although they had sent many people out to search for Gu Man, Tang Haifeng still felt guilty that they didnt do it themselves, so he wouldnt stop Tang Yunfan from doing so.

He didnt go out to search for Gu Man because he was too old, and Tang Yunhang had to stay home to protect them.

The rest of the people in the Tang family were all females, so they couldnt help.

Therefore, Tang Yunfan was the perfect person to do that.

Tang Yunhang agreed with Tang Haifeng, so he said nothing.

All they could do now was to hope that they would get back home safely.

“Whos the person behind this abduction” Tang Yunrong asked.

There were so many enemies of the Tang family, so she didnt know who the person could be.

Tang Haifeng, as the most sophisticated man in this family, opened his mouth again.

“If the person behind this abduction is really our Tang familys enemy, he must be aware of Gu Mans relationship with us.

If he knows Gu Man, he must know Ningning too.

If hes able to know that, he should be a person whos familiar with Yunfan.

I think he also has something to do with the accident which happened to Yunfan.

Tang Deming was the first in our business group one who found out that Yunfan was unconscious, so the person must have a connection with Tang Deming too.

Tang Deming is ambitious.

They must be planning to remove Ningning from their way to the chairman seat of Tanghuang Group.

However, Ningning wasnt in City B, so they abducted Gu Man.”

Although it was just a guess, everyone thought that it was highly possible.

“If so, will he call Ningning to rescue Gu Man so that they can catch Ningning at the same time” Tang Yunhang said worriedly.

Hearing that, everyone was astonished.

“Ill call Ningning right now,” Tang Haifeng said.

When Gu Nings phone vibrated in her pocket, she had already arrived outside of the abandoned warehouse, so it wasnt convenient for her to answer Tang Haifengs call.

Instead, she sent Tang Haifeng a message telling him it wasnt a right time.

Reading Gu Nings message, Tang Haifeng stopped calling her.

When Gu Ning approached the abandoned warehouse, she didnt immediately call Gu Man, because she decided to attack those kidnappers and catch them by surprise.

With the help of her Jade Eyes, it shouldnt be hard for her to find Gu Man.

A while later, Gu Ning received Tang Haifengs messages, and she realized that it really was a trap.

However, it was too late, because Gu Ning was already here.

Gu Ning sent a message back to Tang Haifeng and told him that she would be careful, then kept searching for Gu Man.

Tang Haifeng was too worried about Gu Nings safety, so he forgot to tell her that Tang Yunfan was awake now.

After a while, Gu Ning finally saw four men in the completely dark warehouse, but Gu Man was absent.

They really aimed to catch Gu Ning! Even so, Gu Ning wouldnt leave because she had to find out where Gu Man was from their mouths.

“Hei Zi, would the girl called Gu Ning dare to come here Will she call the police” a man asked with doubt.

Although Gu Ning said that she would come alone as they ordered, he didnt believe that a young girl would have the courage to meet them.

“Since she said yes, I bet that shell come, because her mother is in our hands now.

Moreover, I heard that the young girl isnt simple, so we must be careful!” Hei Zi said.

“Shes merely a young girl! What can she do to us” a man said with disdain.

“Exactly, but the girl is really beautiful.

I feel sexually excited already seeing her picture.

If the person who hired us allows us to touch her, I want to have some fun, ha-ha!” a man said with an evil smile on his face.

“Me too! Once its done, lets go find some women to have some fun together!” another man said.

Hearing their talk, Gu Ning was furious.

She kicked the door open all of a sudden and attacked them before they were prepared.

Because Gu Ning showed up unexpectedly, those men were soon beaten down before they could fight back.

Gu Ning attacked their most vulnerable parts without hesitation, and they screamed from the pain.

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