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Chapter 559 Bottoms Up

“Theyre fine.

They can chat with each other, all in love, and they wont get bored! I can drink with you!” Cao Wenxin said.

Since Leng Shaoting wasnt willing to drink, she wouldnt force him to do so.

Gu Ning needed to drive the car, so everyone understood that she wouldnt drink.

However, Leng Shaoting seemed cold and refused to drink, which displeased them.

Gu Ning sensed their emotional change and she also believed that Leng Shaoting should have fun with those who didnt understand him in case refusing caused misunderstandings.

Anyway, she didnt care about others opinions.

Nonetheless, when Tong Jiayao heard Cao Wenxin saying that they could chat with each other in love, she realized that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were girlfriend and boyfriend, so she was a little disappointed.

Even so, she didnt give up, and made up her mind to compete against Gu Ning for Leng Shaoting as long as they werent married.

After all, Tong Jiayao finally met a man she was interested in.

Compared with those women who tended to seduce men with their bodies, Tong Jiayao would rather attract a man with her own charm.

Therefore, she wouldnt seduce Leng Shaoting, but seized every chance to talk to him.

Of course, she wouldnt do it in front of Gu Ning.

“Since you arent drinking, why dont we chat together” Tong Jiayao said.

“Miss Gu, you look so young.

Are you still a student”

Tong Jiayao behaved casually and seemed kind, but Gu Ning already sensed that she was interested in Leng Shaoting, so Gu Ning was alert now.

However, before Tong Jiayao did anything inappropriate Gu Ning replied politely, “Yes, Im a senior in high school.”

Hearing that, everyone was surprised.

Tong Jiayao thought that Gu Ning was too young to be married, and anything could happen in the future, so she believed that it was impossible that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting would be together for long.

The fact that she had that thought proved that Tong Jiayao didnt know much about Gu Ning or Leng Shaoting

“The entrance examination to college is just around the corner.

Miss Gu, which university is your dream college” An Ran asked.

“The Capital University,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Tong Jiayao thought that Gu Ning was going to study in the capital, while Leng Shaoting would stay in City B.

They all subconsciously thought that both Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning lived in City B.

Otherwise, Gu Ning wouldnt be here if she was still a student.

In that case, Tong Jiayao was hopeful.

She didnt care who Leng Shaotings girlfriend was now.

As long as they werent married yet, she still had a chance to win Leng Shaotings heart.

In fact, Tong Jiayao was a self-centered person who would do anything to get what she wanted and ignored others feelings.

After chatting for a while, Gao Chengyun said to Cao Wenxin, “Wenxin, we havent had a kung fu match for a long time.

Why dont we have a round now”

Both of them grew up in the military region, and they would have a kung fu match every time they met each other.

In addition, they were at the same level of kung fu, and the match wouldnt end quickly, so it was exciting to watch.

They were in a sports area, so there was enough room for them to have a kung fu match.

“Of course!” Cao Wenxin was excited.

“Lets have a bet as usual!” An Ran said.

Every time Cao Wenxin had a kung fu match with Gao Chengyun, the others would bet for fun.

Since the two were at the same level of kung fu, it was unpredictable who would win, which was also the reason why the bet would be so exciting.

Of course, they wouldnt bet money but wine.

Gao Chengyun took a bottle of wine which wasnt opened yet.

“The loser has to finish the bottle by himself!”

If there was a loser, the loser would finish the bottle alone.

If the result was even, the two would share the bottle fifty-fifty.

“No problem! everyone agreed.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting wouldnt drink, so they didnt join them.

“I bet Wenxin will win,” Jiang Zezheng said.

They all knew that Jiang Zezheng liked Cao Wenxin, so he bet that Cao Wenxin would win every time.

Unfortunately, Cao Wenxin wasnt interested in Jiang Zezheng, so Jiang Zezheng stayed by her side as her friend.

Interestingly, Zhu Yuanzhen liked Jiang Zezheng, but Jiang Zezheng wasnt interested in Zhu Yuanzhen, so they became friends.

It wasnt always easy to fall in love with a person who loved you too.

“I bet Chengyun will win,” An Ran said.

In the end, Jiang Zezheng and Tong Jiayao bet that Cao Wenxin would win, while An Ran and Zhu Yuanzhen bet that Gao Chengyun would win.

After that, the kung fu match began.

The two attacked each other constantly and it seemed very exciting to outsiders, like Jiang Zezheng and the others, but it was quite childish in the eyes of Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning.

They werent at the same level as Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting after all.

Around 10 minutes later, they stopped, and Gao Chengyun lost this time.

It wasnt a surprising result, because the two were at the same level of kung fu.

“Come on, Chengyun, An Ran and Yuanzhen, you share a bottle!” Jiang Zezheng was excited that he won the bet.

Gao Chengyun lost, so he had to drink too.

“Chengyun, did you lose because you wanted to drink this bottle” An Ran pretended that he was dissatisfied.

However, he was just joking.

“Ha-ha, you got me!” Gao Chengyun laughed.

An Ran glared at Gao Chengyun.

“Since you want to drink, you can drink more than us!”

“Nope, lets share it!” Gao Chengyun said.

After that, Gao Chengyun, An Ran and Zhu Yuanzhen shared a bottle of wine.

“What should we play next” An Ran asked.

“Bluffing” Zhu Yuanzhen proposed.

The rules were: Each die had 6 sides, from 1 pip to 6 pips.

Each player held five dice in their dice cup without revealing it to each other.

The purpose of this game was to guess the total number of one particular pip from both players, and if you were right, you won; if you were wrong, then you lost.

For example, it could be from one 6 to twelve 6s.

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