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Chapter 556 Tang Haifeng Criticizes Cao Wenxin

Leng Shaoting felt disappointed but he understood Gu Ning so he didnt insist.

They could meet in the night after all.

A short while after Leng Shaoting went back to the hotel he received He Qimings call.

While Gu Ning talked with Xia Yichu in the park, Leng Shaoting called He Qiming and told him to find some appropriate garment factories and companies which were on sale.

Shengshi Group was indeed very powerful and He Qinming finished his task within an hour.

“Lord Leng, there are exactly two vacant floors in an office building which is under construction of our company.

Every floor is 800 square-meters large.

As for garment factories, Ive found three of them, and Ive emailed their information to you.

Please check the email,” He Kaiming said

“Great,” Leng Shaoting said then opened the latest email.

The three garment factories that could barely stay afloat were all because of poor management, and they were all in good locations with advanced equipment.

However, Leng Shaoting didnt make the decision for Gu Ning but would let her choose when they met in the night.

When Gu Ning was driving to the Tang Familys house, Xia Yichu arrived at the airport with two suitcases.

One was filled with her clothes, and the other was full of Xia Yidongs clothing and laptop.They didnt live a very good life, so there werent many things they had to take with them.

Xia Yidong arrived at the airport 40 minutes after he had received Xia Yichus call, and he was pacing anxiously outside the entire time.

Xia Yichu had booked the plane tickets, and the flight would take off around 6:20 pm.

They still had nearly 50 minutes to wait.

Seeing Xia Yichu coming, Xia Yidong walked forward and helped her with the luggage.

“What happened Why do we have to leave for the capital in a hurry” Xia Yidong asked.

“Take the boarding cards first, Ill tell you everything once were in the lounge,” Xia Yichu said.

“Sure.” Xia Yidong didnt continue to ask questions and they pulled their suitcases, walking into the airport.

When they found a place in the lounge where there werent many people, Xia Yichu told Xia Yidong everything.

She didnt hide any details.

After hearing what his older sister had been through, Xia Yidong was furious, and wanted to tear Qiao Guanxiang and Pei Hena into pieces.

“Damn it! How could Qiao Guanxiang treat you like that!” Although Xia Yidong was mad, he still had reason, and didnt shout it out loud in case others would hear it.

However, he put on an evil expression, which even scared Xia Yichu.

“Im sorry.

Its all my fault that I failed to take good care of you,” Xia Yidong said, and he seemed very sad.

Although Xia Yichu was the older sister while Xia Yidong was the younger brother; Xia Yidong felt that it was his duty as a man to protect his older sister.

“Yidong, dont say that.

Youre my younger brother and I should be taking care of you.

Its my fault that I stupidly lost myself in love.

Im sorry.” Xia Yichu felt really guilty.

If she hadnt trusted Qiao Guanxiang so much she wouldnt have been through so many terrible things.

“Im a man, and men should protect women!” Xia Yidong argued.

“Alright-alright, now is not a good time to argue.” Xia Yichu understood that Xia Yidong had a strong sense of responsibility, and she would never win in an argument like that with him.

Xia Yidong also stopped arguing but asked worriedly, “Will Qiao Guanxiang find us even if we escape to the capital”

“Relax,” Xia Yichu said then she told Xia Yidong about what had happened to her after she met Gu Ning.

Hearing that his older sister was signed by an influential entertainment company in the capital, Xia Yidong was excited.

His older sisters musical dream was finally going to come true!

“Really” Xia Yidong was afraid that he was in a daydream, so he asked again with uncertainty.

“Yes, its real.” In fact, Xia Yichu also felt like she was in a dream, because it was too good to be true, but she still gave Xia Yidong an affirmative answer in order to comfort him.

“Thats so great!” Xia Yidong lost words to describe how excited he was now.

As long as his older sister could stand on the stage, Qiao Guanxiang and Pei Hena would be doomed.

In addition, he agreed to transfer to another school in the capital because all he wanted now was that he and his older sister could be safe together.

When Gu Ning got back to the Tang Familys house, it was past 5 pm, and Gu Man was still talking to Tang Yunfan in his bedroom.

“Ningning, you came back so late! Im so bored!” Once Gu Ning walked inside, Cao Wenxin complained.

Cao Wenxin wasnt a quiet girl, and it bored her to stay with the older generation for a long time.

Tang Jiakai wasnt home either, so there was nobody that Cao Wenxin could play with.

“I went out to deal with something serious,” Gu Ning said.

Cao Wenxin was already passed 20 years old, but she still behaved like a child who loved playing.

“Wenxin, dont fool around all day! Why dont you learn something from Ningning Shes achieved a lot at such a young age!” Tang Haifeng criticized Cao Wenxin.

Although the Tang family and the Cao family were rich enough to support their offspring to live a luxurious life for generations, it wasnt a good thing that Cao Wenxin did nothing but fool around all day, because it was a total waste of her life!

Cao Wenxin pulled her lips, remaining silent.

She understood that she wasnt comparable to Gu Ning.

Let alone Cao Wenxin, there were few young people in this world who could achieve so much at such a young age.

Gu Man had talked to Tang Yunfan for over two hours today, but he still had no reaction.

Gu Man felt a little disappointed and sad, but she could do nothing about it.

However, when Gu Man stood up, walking away, Tang Yunfans fingers moved a little then stopped.

After dinner, Gu Man and Gu Ning left, followed by Cao Wenxin.

“Ningning, are you free tonight If you are, why dont you go to a friends gathering with me” Cao Wenxin asked Gu Ning on their way back.

“I am free tonight but I need to stay at home with my mom.

Shell be bored alone,” Gu Ning said.

“Dont worry about me.

Ill be fine alone,” Gu Man said.

Since Gu Man said so, Gu Ning agreed to have some fun with Cao Wenxin.

Gu Ning sent Gu Man back to Huafu Hills, then came out after a dozen minutes.

“Are you going to drink If you are, we cant drive the car because Im going to drink,” Cao Wenxin said when they walked out together.

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