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Chapter 540 Do You Hate Him

“Although they havent done a DNA test yet, Im confident its real.

If its a coincidence that Gu Ning closely resembles Lord Tang, would it be another coincidence that Lord Tang thinks that he must have met Gu Ning and her mother somewhere before If coincidences happen a lot, it could be the truth,” Quan Mingkai said.

Hearing that, Tang Haifeng was finally relieved, but he was still very excited.

“Then what are we waiting for now Send a private jet to pick Gu Ning and her mother up right now, so that Yunfan can wake up!” Tang Yunrong said anxiously.

Tang Haifeng, however, criticized her, “Do you think its that easy”

Hearing that, everyone was confused and looked to Tang Haifeng.

“Although its important to wake Yunfan up as soon as possible, its also important to help Gu Ning acknowledge her roots and ancestors and welcome her mother back to the Tang Family.

Are you simply using them as tools to wake Yunfan up” Tang Haifeng said.

Hearing that, everyone realized that what Tang Yunrong had just said was indeed a little selfish.

Although Tang Yunfan was an important figure in the Tang Family, his biological daughter and his wife were also their family members.

“Im sorry.

Its all my fault,” Tang Yunrong apologized at once.

“When can we go to pick them up”

“We dont need to rush,” Tang Haifeng said.

He had to know more details before he took action.

“Although Yufan left Ningnings mother because of a car accident 18 years ago, it wont change the fact that he left Ningnings mother when she was pregnant.

It must have hurt Ningning and her mother deeply, and Ningnings mother must have been under great pressure when she decided to give birth to Ningning.Read more new novels on listnovel.com

They also could have lived a hard life throughout the past years.

If they hate Yunfan they would probably be unwilling to see him again,” Tang Haifeng said.

“Well…” Everyone remained silent now.

What Tai Haifeng had said hit the point.

Tang Yunfan had left Gu Ning and her mother because of a car accident, but it was an undeniable fact that he had hurt them deeply.

They all hoped that Gu Ning and her mother could forgive Tang Yunfan but talk was cheap, and they couldnt make the decision for others.

“Then, what should we do now” Tang Yunrong asked worriedly.

Tang Haifeng asked Quan Mingkai, “Mingkai, do Ningning and her mother know”

“It seems like they already know, but Lord Tang was in a car accident again before they were able to accept each other as family,” Quan Mingkai said.

What twists of fate the accidents were!

“What do they think of Yunfan” Tang Haifeng asked.


Gu was very worried about Lord Tang, but I dont know much about their relationship,” Quan Mingkai said.

Tang Haifeng relaxed slightly.

They still had hope after all.

“Ill call Ningning right now,” Tang Haifeng said before walking back to his study.

When he was in his study he didnt call Gu Ning right away, but adjusted his emotions first.

When Gu Ning received Tang Haifengs call, she was eating.

Seeing the callers name, Gu Ning sensed that something must have happened to Tang Yunfan.

Gu Ning didnt want Gu Man to be affected because of Tang Yunfan, so she walked out to answer the call.

“Hi, Grandpa,” Gu Ning answered the call.

“Hi, Girl Gu, what are you doing now” Tang Haifeng did his best to calm himself down, but he still sounded excited and nervous.

“Im eating now.

Grandpa, did anything new happen to Uncle Tang” Gu Ning asked with concern.

Tang Haifeng was a little relaxed when he heard that Gu Ning was worried about Tang Yunfan.

However, he felt a little sad when Gu Ning addressed Tang Yunfan as her Uncle Tang.

Tang Yunfan was Gu Nings biological father, but they had to keep a distance away from each other before they accepted each other as family.

“Yes, but we need your help,” Tang Haifeng said.

“What can I do” Gu Ning asked.

“One of my friends told me that Yunfan cant wake up is because hes trapped by his obsession,” Tang Haifeng said.

He didnt tell Gu Ning everything at once because he wanted to see her reaction.

“Obsession” Gu Ning cocked her eyebrow a little.

“What is it”

Gu Ning didnt know that Tang Haifeng had already found out her real relationship with Tang Yunfan, so she didnt understand what he was talking about.

“Girl Gu, do you know why you closely resemble Yunfan” Tang Haifeng suddenly asked.

Hearing that, Gu Ning immediately realized what Tang was talking about.

Since he already found out, Gu Ning said it plainly, “Yes, I know.”

“Um, what do you and your mother think of Yunfan Do you hate him” Tang Haifeng was nervous.

Gu Ning understood that Tang Haifeng was worried.

“Grandpa, we dont hate him, because it was an accident and none of us wanted it to happen,” Gu Ning said gently.

“In fact, I found out that Uncle Tang is my biological father a while ago, but he lost his memory so I didnt point it out.”

“After that, Uncle Tang found out himself, and did some investigation.

I have also laid my cards on the table before him because I want my mother to live a happy life.

In the beginning, he planned to regain his memory before meeting my mother, because he thought that its only fair.

However, my mother encountered some trouble later, so he decided to advance the meeting with my mother.

Unfortunately, he was in a car accident on his way to City F,” Gu Ning said.

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