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Chapter 533 Gu Qinyang Is In Trouble

It was impossible that Tang Yunfan alone could manage Tanghuang Group so well, and he had many able assistants and business partners to help him.

Tang Yunfans two secretaries, Quan Mingkai and Yan Weilun, were his best assistants who were also good at doing business.

In addition, Quan Mingkai and Yan Weilun had helped Tang Yunfan deal with many problems, so both of them were experienced.

In that case, even if Tang Yunfan was absent for a while, Quan Mingkai and Yan Weilun could also manage Tanghuang Group well.

If Tang Yunfan woke up soon, the company would be safe and prosperous as usual.

Tang Haifeng didnt leave right after the meeting was over, but went to the chairmans office.

“Pay more attention to Tang Deming and Fu Kaiyu,” Tang Haifeng said to Quan Mingkai and Yan Weilun.

“Sure,” they said.

They were aware that Tang Deming and Fu Kaiyu were ambitious, but they didnt know that the two were actually secretly scheming with another person against Tang Yunfan.

When Tang Yunfan was in the company, Tang Deming and Fu Kaiyu didnt dare conduct their plan.

In fact, there had been 10 directors in the board, but Tang Yunfan had shut two of them out precisely because of their disloyalty.

Even if they were founders of Tanghuang Group, they had already benefited a lot from the company.

Tanghuang Group had never treated its staff or shareholders badly.

Therefore, no matter who hurt the benefits of Tanghuang Group, he or she would be fired.

In City G, Gu Man and the others had a tour in a shopping mall for two hours, but they didnt buy anything

Gu Man felt a little tired, so they had a break in a café.

Gu Ning coincidentally noticed the café where she and Bai Xueyan had been last time, which was Allans café, so they went there.

Allan was also in the café during this time, so he went forward to welcome Gu Ning in person.

“Hi! Gu Ning, nice to meet you! Its been a while.”

Seeing another man being so enthusiastic towards Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting was slightly displeased, although he knew that they were just friends.

However, Leng Shaoting didnt show it on his face.

“Hi, Allan!” Gu Ning said.

Allan glanced at Gu Man and the others then asked politely, “Are these beautiful ladies your relatives”

Hearing that, Gu Man and the other women were delighted.

They were indeed very beautiful, even though they werent young.

“Yes!” Gu Ning said.

“Nice to meet you all! Im Allan,” Allan said.

“Allan, nice to meet you too!” they said.

“Oh, there is also a handsome man.

Is he your older brother or friend” Allan didnt ignore Leng Shaoting because Leng Shaoting was too outstanding to be ignored and it seemed like Leng Shaoting disliked him.

Allan wasnt dumb, and he soon understood why Leng Shaoting seemed cold to him.

“Hes my friend,” Gu Ning said.

“Welcome!” Allan said to Leng Shaoting.

Although Leng Shaoting disliked Allan, he remained polite.

“Hi,” Leng Shaoting said lightly.

Allan didnt mind Leng Shaotings attitude, but said, “Well, I wont bother you any further, and please feel free to let me know whenever you need anything.”

Allan didnt intend to charge them the fee of the meal in the café but Leng Shaoting insisted to pay it, which amused Gu Man and the others.

Allan wanted to give them a discount but was also declined by Leng Shaoting.

When they left the café, it was only 4 pm, so they went to Wen Yulans place and planned to have dinner there.

Gu Qinyang was out with his friends, so only Gu Qingshi and Gu Yinyin were home when Wen Yulan came back.

However, when Wen Yulan, Gu Man and Gu Qing were cooking dinner, Wen Yulans phone rang.

The caller was Gu Qinyang but the person who spoke on the phone was a stranger.

“Are you Gu Qinyangs wife”

Hearing that, Wen Yulan had a feeling that Gu Qinyang was in trouble.

“Yes, I am.

Who are you and where is my husband” Wen Yulan was nervous.

Hearing that, Gu Qing and Gu Man looked at Wen Yulan in confusion.

“Im Long Ge, from the Qing Gang.

Your husband, Gu Qinyang, has broken an antique vase which is worth two million yuan in the Dihao Clubhouse.

Take two million yuan to Dihao Clubhouse within an hour or you cant bear the result!” After that, he hung up.

“What” Wen Yulan was totally shocked, and almost fell on the ground.

“Whats wrong What happened” Gu Qing and Gu Man were worried.

“Qinyang-Qinyang is in trouble!” Wen Yulans face turned pale, and her voice was trembling.

“What What happened to Qinyang”

Gu Qing and Gu Man were astonished.

From Wen Yulans reaction, they knew that it had to be a lot of trouble.

Gu Ning heard their conversation and walked to the kitchen at once.

Wen Yulan said in a trembling voice, “The man said that hes Long Ge from the Qing Gang.

Qinyang has broken an antique vase which is worth two million yuan in Dihao Clubhouse.

And if I cant take two million yuan to Dihao Clubhouse within an hour, theyll…”

Although Wen Yulan didnt know what they would do to Gu Qinyang specifically, it couldnt be good because they were members of the Qing Gang.

Wen Yulan almost cried.


Hearing that, Gu Qing and Gu Man were also scared.

Let alone ordinary people, even those who were rich or powerful were afraid to annoy the Qing Gang, because the Qing Gang would do anything for money.

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