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Chapter 512 Finally Meet Each Other

“You know An Qian” An Guangming was greatly surprised.

“Yes! Were close friends.” Gu Ning smiled.

An Guangming took a long breath in.

It was really shocking news for him.

“Uncle Yuan, Im afraid that I cant drive now.

Can you arrange someone to drive me to the hospital We can use the ambulance stopped there,” Gu Ning said.

She was worried about Tang Yunfan, so she decided to follow him to the hospital.

“No problem, I can drive you there,” Yuan Jisong said.

He didnt ask her why she wanted to use the ambulance instead of his private car.

After that, Yuan Jisong followed Gu Ning, getting into the ambulance.

An Guangming was eager to ask Gu Ning about her special medicine, but obviously it wasnt the right time now.

An Guangming came here with the ambulance, so he naturally went back to the hospital with the ambulance too, but he sat in the front, while Gu Ning stayed in the back by Tang Yunfans side.

Before long, they arrived at the hospital.

An Guangming had arranged a VIP patient room beforehand.

Although he didnt know the injured persons identity, he knew that the man had to be very important since Yuan Jisong had informed him in person.

“Miss Gu, do you know him” Seeing that Gu Ning accompanied the injured man along the way, An Guangming was curious.

“Yes!” Gu Ning said, but didnt give any details.

An Guangming also stopped asking.

After they arrived at the hospital, a doctor instantly conducted a checkup on Tang Yunfan.

“Girl Gu, you can have a rest at home now.

It must have been a long day for you,” Yuan Jisong said.

“Thanks, Ill stay here,” Gu Ning said.

Yuan Jisong was surprised.

“Do you know him” If not, there was no reason for her to stay here.

“Yes,” Gu Ning simply said.

Although Yuan Jisong was curious, he didnt ask further.

He wasnt clear about the injured mans identity yet, but he was sure that the man had to be a senior manager of the Tanghuang Group.

To his astonishment, Gu Ning was able to meet a senior manager of the Tanghuang Group.

The more familiar Yuan Jisong was with Gu Ning, the more he was surprised by her.

The exam result was out a few minutes later and the doctor said that Tang Yunfan was fine and would wake up in several hours.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, didnt think that it was that easy.

They had no idea that there was already a lot of magical power in Tang Yunfans body now, and he should have woken up right away.

However, he was still unconscious.

Gu Ning was confused, but all she could do now was to wait until Tang Yunfan woke up.

Hearing that the injured man was fine, Yuan Jisong was relieved.

After that, Yuan Jisong called Quan Mingkai at once to tell him that everything was fine.

Quan Mingkai was on the plane when Yuan Jisong called him, and his phone was turned off, so he missed Yuan Jisongs call.

The patient needed rest and quiet so An Guangming left with the other doctors, leaving Gu Ning and Yuan Jisong in the patient room.

Gu Ning didnt want to leave now, so she asked Yuan Jisong to send the principals car back to her school.

Yuan Jisong agreed without hesitation and told his secretary to do that.

Yuan Jisong was going to attend a meeting soon, so he left and told Gu Ning that he would come again in the evening.

After Yuan Jisong was gone, Gu Ning gave Tang Yunfan a glance and thought for a while, then made up her mind and called Gu Man.

When Gu Man answered Gu Nings call, she was in a taxi with Gu Ning and Wang Sufen.

They were on their way to find a new apartment for Wang Sufen.

“Hi, Ningning, arent you supposed to have your classes now Why are you calling me” Gu Man asked.

“Mom, he had a car accident and hes still unconscious.

Were in the Central Hospital,” Gu Ning said.

“What” Hearing that, Gu Man was shocked.

In her memory, the man was killed in a car accident.

They finally met each other after 18 years but he had a car accident again.

Was he going to abandon her once more No, she wouldnt allow it to happen.

Seeing that Gu Man was really scared, both Gu Qing and Wang Sufen didnt know what had happened.

“Whats wrong” Gu Qing asked.

“I-Ill be right there!” Gu Man said.

She had no time to explain it to Gu Qing, but said to the taxi driver, “Please, go to the Central Hospital now!”

“Sure,” the taxi driver said.

“What happened” Gu Qing was a little nervous.

Gu Man did her best to calm down, but her voice was still trembling.


Tang had a car accident, and hes in the Central Hospital now.”

“What” Gu Qing was also frightened.

Although she had only met Tang Yunfan once, she knew that he was a good, reliable man, and she also had sympathy for him after hearing that he had a car accident.

However, Gu Qing didnt understand why Gu Man seemed so scared and worried.

When the principal of the No.3 High School received Yuan Jisongs secretarys call, he walked out in a hurry.

Seeing that his car was stopped in the parking lot, he was surprised and wondered why Gu Ning didnt tell him she was back.

However, when he found out that it was Yuan Jisongs secretary who drove the car back for Gu Ning, he was shocked, but soon figured it out.

Gu Ning and Su Anya were close friends, and Yuan Jisong was an old friend of Su Anyas father.

It was understandable that Yuan Jisong sent his secretary to drive the car back for Gu Ning

A dozen minutes later, Gu Man and the others arrived at the hospital.

When Gu Man entered the hospital room, she was heart-broken to see the man lying on the bed unconscious, and she couldnt help but burst into tears.

It had been 18 years, but he was still as handsome as he had been even though he had aged during these years.

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