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Chapter 508 An Innocent Woman

“Ill meet you at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow!” Yang Dazhi snorted, and stopped swearing.

The door was ajar so Gu Ning directly pushed it open.

“Who is it” Yang Dazhi shouted in anger.

Seeing Gu Ning coming inside, Gu Man immediately said, “Its my daughter.”

When Wang Sufen saw Gu Ning, she felt very embarrassed and tried her best to calm down, wiping away her tears.

Yang Dazhi gave Gu Ning a quick glance, then turned to Wang Sufen.

“Get out of my house right now! Dont forget to meet me at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow!” the man said with strong disdain.

“Yang Dazhi, youll regret one day!” Gu Man glared at Yang Dazhi, then pulled Wang Sufen and a suitcase, walking to the door.

Gu Ning helped Gu Man pull the suitcase, and left with them.

Nearby neighbors didnt show any disdain towards Wang Sufen, They all had sympathy for her, because they had been neighbors for over a dozen years and they knew what kind of person Wang Sufen was.

Yang Dazhi, however, wasnt a reliable man.

He didnt have an ability to make money, and even cheated on his wife.

Their neighbors had seen more than once that Yang Dazhi was close with another woman and looked like a couple.

Therefore, the neighbors all supported Wang Sufen and believed that Yang Dazhi was the one who betrayed his partner.

Once they were in the car, Gu Man said, “Ningning, lets go back home now.

Sufen can stay with us.”

“No problem.” Gu Ning understood that Wang Sufen was Gu Mans good friend.

When Gu Man had fallen in the factory back then it was Wang Sufen who had helped her, so Gu Ning always remembered Wang Sufens kindness.

“Dont bother.

I can stay in a hotel during this time.

After finishing the divorce procedure, Ill find a new apartment,” Wang Sufen said because she didnt want to cause Gu Man any trouble.

“Why do you need to stay in a hotel Its a pure waste of money.

Only Ningning and me live together, so you can stay with us,” Gu Man said.

“Yes, please, stay with us!” Gu Ning echoed.

Wang Sufen thought for a while, then accepted it.

Gu Man was right.

It cost a lot to stay in a hotel and she didnt have much money with her right now.

In addition, she also had a daughter.

In that case, Wang Sufen compromised.

“Well, thank you so much!”

“Youre welcome.

Um, may I ask what happened” Gu Ning asked.

Although it was Wang Sufens personal affairs and it wasnt appropriate for Gu Ning to interfere, Gu Man was already involved, so she couldnt stand aside.

If Gu Man wanted to help Wang Sufen, Gu Ning would be supportive too.

Since Gu Man needed Gu Ning to help Wang Sufen in the following days, she told Gu Ning everything

Yang Dazhi and Wang Sufen didnt have much love for each other, but they had no intention to divorce in the beginning.

However, when Yang Dazhi heard the news that the street was going to be demolished and that he could get over a million yuan as compensation, he suddenly had the idea to divorce Wang Sufen and use the money to live a decadent life.

If he wanted to divorce his wife who he had been married to for dozens of years, he needed a good excuse.

Accordingly, he used his male friends phone to send many amorous messages to Wang Sufen then blamed Wang Sufen for her “disloyalty”.

Although Wang Sufen was just an ordinary woman, she cherished her dignity.

Since her husband had already cheated on her many times, and even tried to ruin her reputation for the purpose of divorcing her, she thought that there was no need to save their marriage.

Therefore, she agreed.

Yang Dazhi was determined to find a new wife and have a son, so he abandoned his daughter too.

Wang Sufens daughter was living in the school now.

After hearing that, Gu Ning was mad because she hated men who would abandon his wife and daughter just for money.

It was a good thing that Wang Sufen was divorcing him.

Wang Sufen already knew that Gu Man was rich now, but she was still greatly surprised when they walked into Gu Mans beautiful apartment.

Gu Ning poured a cup of water for Wang Sufen and secretly put a power crystal in it.

Gu Ning noticed that Wang Sufen was upset and hadnt had much sleep, so her body was in a bad condition now.

After drinking the water containing power crystal, Wang Sufen felt much better.

Unfortunately, the power crystal couldnt cure her bad mood.

Gu Man chatted with Wang Sufen in the living room, while Gu Ning went to make up the guest room.

No guest had ever stayed in their apartment before, so the bed in the guest room was still untidy.

After a while, Gu Man told Wang Sufen to have a good rest first, which was the most important thing for her now.

After all, she wasnt alone and she had a daughter to support in the future.

Wang Sufen was a strong woman.

So although she was heart-broken she didnt give up, but was thinking of a way to let her daughter live a

good life.

When Wang Sufen was asleep, Gu Man said to Gu Ning, “Ningning, you know that Sufen is my good friend and she is in trouble now.

I think we should help her as much as we can.”

“Mom, whats your plan” Gu Ning asked.

“She doesnt have much money with her, so I think that we can lend some money to her to find a new apartment to stay.

Her job in the factory is tiring but doesnt pay much, so I want to hire her to work in our beauty salon.

Although she doesnt have many skills she can learn, and we can pay her a higher salary.

What do you think” Gu Man said.

“I think that its a good idea!” Gu Ning said.

Once Gu Man was back to Tang Yunfans side, she was going to live in City B, and Gu Qing would be managing the beauty salon alone.

If Wang Sufen could join them, she could help Gu Qing while Gu Man was absent.

“Oh, mom, have you made up your mind to meet him yet” Gu Ning asked.

She was, of course, referring to Tang Yunfan.

Tang Yunfan was coming to City F tomorrow and Gu Ning hoped that this problem could be solved as soon as possible.

In addition, after so many days, Gu Man had to have made up her mind.

Gu Man was struck dumb for a second then said, “Well, we can have a meeting.”

The next day, Gu Ning went to her school and her friends all came to meet her.

“Boss, what did you do in City D Why did you keep it a secret” Qin Zixun asked with curiosity.

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