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Chapter 499 Boss, Do You Have a Drivers License

“Lu Xiao called me and he told me that Fenghua is shooting a film, but nobody informed him.” Leng Shaoting said.

He wasnt questioning Gu Ning, but was saying it plainly.

“Oh!” Gu Ning didnt remember Lu Xiao until now, and she felt embarrassed.

“Im so sorry.

Ive been too busy these days to tell him.”

“Busy” Leng Shaoting was confused.

Why was Gu Ning busy in her classes

“Um, Im in City D now.” Gu Ning then told Leng Shaoting everything.

Leng Shaoting had met a zombie in person before, so he believed Gu Ning.

And when he heard that Tan Jiangfeng had picked on Gu Ning, he was furious.

Xu Jinchen and Xin Bei who were in the same room as Leng Shaoting felt a little scared when Leng Shaoting got mad.

They exchanged a glance but neither of them knew why he got angry.

They knew that Leng Shaoting called Gu Ning, but didnt think that Gu Ning annoyed him.

Maybe someone had annoyed Gu Ning, so Leng Shaoting was mad.

The two believed that it had to be the real reason why their boss was suddenly so displeased.

“Its fine.

I already solved the problem,” Gu Ning said to comforted him.

“Call Lu Xiao if you encounter any trouble related to the company.

Hell handle it well,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Sure!” Gu Ning replied.

“Oh, I told him that I forgot to tell you to inform him,” Leng Shaoting added.

“Ha-ha,” Gu Ning laughed because she understood that Lu Xiao had to feel aggrieved when Leng Shaoting used that excuse.

Hearing Gu Nings laughter, Leng Shaoting cheered up a little.

After hanging up the call with Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning called Lu Xiao at once.

She told him how the film was going, but didnt mention the zombie at all.

Actually, Lu Zhan was completely in charge of the shooting

Since Lu Xiao was the executive of Fenghua Entertainment, it was necessary for him to be familiar with his staff, so Gu Ning sent him an e-mail accompanied by a list of their staff.

In the government building of City D, everyone admired Jiang Bowens wit now.

Although his political enemies werent happy to see him successfully settle the mess, it would do nothing good to them if the zombie caused widespread panic, so none of them dared to expose the truth.


Tan Jiangfeng was also unhappy that the news of the zombie was overshadowed by the news of the film, but he could do nothing about it.

A few days later, he was arrested by the police.

Tan Jiangfeng was then sentenced to years in jail because he deliberately spread panic on the Internet.

Meanwhile, many reporters gathered at Changyang Mountain.

Gu Ning stood aside and let Lu Zhan meet them.

Lu Zhan was happy to see reporters coming and he also willingly received many interviews.

Chu Peihans acting skills werent bad, and she didnt seem nervous at all when she showed her face in the cameras for the first time.

Hao Ran and Zhang Tianping werent nervous either, and also did a great job.

As for the miners who acted as members in the archeology team, they simply showed their faces in the cameras but didnt have any lines.

Around six pm, a days work was over.

They werent in a hurry, and they hadnt slept well the previous night so Gu Ning told them to have a good rest in the hotel tonight.

Before they left, Gu Ning asked Lu Zhan how she should arrange their accommodation.

Lu Zhan said, “It takes a long time to finish a film, and we need at least two weeks of filming at this mountain, so a three-star hotel is enough.”

Gu Ning was just asking, because Lu Zhan was going to arrange it at the end of the day, while she would bring Chu Peihan, Hao Ran and Zhang Tianping to stay in the Huangdeng Hotel.

Everybody knew that they were close friends, so no one complained.

Gu Ning called the reception of the hotel before they set off.

Luckily, there were enough vacant rooms for them.

When they were leaving, except for the 10 soldiers, the others were all surprised to see Gu Ning sitting in the drivers seat.

It seemed very strange that a young girl at her age was going to drive such a large bus.

Gu Ning was only 18, and the rest of the people in the large bus were older than her.

“Gu Ning, did-did you drive this bus here” Lu Zhan asked with doubt.

Only a few people knew Gu Nings real identity, so Gu Ning told them to call her by her name in front of others.

“Yes!” Gu Ning said.

She knew what they were thinking, and felt amused.

“Boss, do you have a drivers license” Hao Ran asked.

Gu Ning wore a resigned smile and took out her license.

“Here, do you want to check it”

Hao Ran opened it and had a look.

“You just got it half a month ago…” Hao Ran was still worried about Gu Nings driving skills.

“Relax! Im a skillful driver.” Gu Ning grabbed her driving license back and started the bus.

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