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Chapter 493 B-List Actors I

Gu Ning returned to the large bus and asked Chu Peihan and the others, “We may be sleeping here tonight.

Can you accept it” Because it was a critical moment they had to tolerate it.

“No problem!” They didnt care.

Lu Zhans team was also curious about why they were shooting the movie in such a hurry, but nobody told them the reason.

While they were waiting, they surfed the Internet to kill time.

Since they were already in City D, they read the news about it too.

Before long, someone found the news of the zombie.

“Jesus! Read this news! Its a zombie!”

“Really How come the zombie is real”

Once the video was played, everyone was scared and shocked by the zombies terrifying scream.

“Changyang Mountain, City D.

Isnt it the place where were right now!” a young man suddenly said.

“What Right here”

Hearing that, everyone panicked.

Whether the post was real or not, it was frightening enough after they found out that they were at the place where the zombie had been dug out.

“Director Lu, is the video real” someone asked Lu Yichen, who was Lu Zhans cousin.

Lu Yichen was around 27-years-old.

Although he was young, he was a stable, mature man.

He was also scared by the video and didnt know whether it was true, but endless guessing would only frighten people so he said calmly, “There is a lot of fake news, and who knows whether it is a person or a ghost from such a far distance I think that it could be a terrorist who was accidentally burned to death, so the government disguised another man as the terrorist.

Although hes a terrorist, its very cruel to burn him to death after all.”

After hearing what Lu Yichen said, everyone thought that it made sense but they still felt nervous.

As Gu Ning came over with the banner, she heard their discussion and immediately went to tell Lu Zhan to explain it to everyone because she was too young to be persuasive.

In addition, she didnt want to expose her real identity yet.

Lu Zhan then walked to them and said exactly what Lu Yichen had just explained to them.

After hearing Lu Zhan explain it in person, they were all relieved.

They then went back to preparing for the film.

After Lu Zhan finished calling around, he reported to Gu Ning, “Boss, Ive made six calls, and three people are willing to come, two men and one woman, but they are all B-list actors.

Theyre all good at acting but not very famous.

Two of them are in the capital now, while the other one is in City B.

Theyll fly here tonight.”

Gu Ning didnt care whether they were famous, as long as Lu Zhan thought their acting skills were acceptable.

“One actor is experienced, and hes in his early forties, the same age as me.

His names Zhao Qigang.

I think that he can act as the professor for the archaeological team.

The other two are around 20-years-old.

The actor is Han Lengxuan, while the actress is Bai Lin.

I think that they can be the leading actor and actress,” Lu Zhan said.

Gu Ning agreed with him.

Afterwards, she called the driver again and told him to pick them up when they landed.

The driver was sent by Jiang Bowen to follow Gu Nings lead, so he would do whatever Gu Ning asked him to do.

Before long, Su Tongnuo arrived along with her assistant, Lin Xiaoxia.

“Hi, boss!” Seeing Gu Ning, both Su Tongnuo and Lin Xiaoxia greeted her with great respect.

When Su Tongnuos sight fell on Lu Zhan, she was a little surprised.

“Director Lu!”

Su Tongnuo had worked with Lu Zhan a few years ago.

Although she wasnt a major actress in the show, Lu Zhan had approved of her acting skills, so he remembered her name.

“Hi, Tongnuo!” Lu Zhan was also surprised to see Su Tongnuo here.

Su Tongnuo knew that Lu Zhan had been shut out of the industry, but it seemed that he was able to work again because of Gu Ning.

“Hi, Miss Su, nice to meet you!” Duan Lixin greeted Su Tongnuo politely.

“Nice to meet you too!” Su Tongnuo said kindly.

After that, Gu Ning introduced Duan Lixin to Su Tongnuo, then turned to Lu Zhan.

“Su Tongnuo is the first actress that Ive signed.

Since you already know each other, I dont need to do the introduction anymore.

Uncle Lu, you can choose the actors according to your own standards, and dont need to accord special treatment to Su Tongnuo.” In case Lu Zhan would feel restricted, Gu Ning put it plainly.

Lu Zhan laughed a little.

“Tongnuo is a good actress, and I think shes suitable to be the leading actress too.

After Bai Lin arrives, you two can have an audition to decide which one of you will be the villain and the other will be the hero.”

Both of them were good actresses, so they could be the leading roles.

Su Tongnuo, however, was greatly surprised when she heard that she had a chance to be the leading role in the film.

No matter if it was a villain or a hero, she would do her best to play the role well.

She had heard of Bai Lin but they had never met before.

Bai Lin and Su Tongnuo were both good at acting, but the difference between them was that Bai Lin wasnt famous because of her bad luck, while Su Tongnuo wasnt famous because she had refused to accept the industrys unspoken rules.

Otherwise, Su Tongnuo would have been a famous actress already after the years of effort.

It would make a huge difference if she could be famous as an actress.

“Im so honored to have your approval!” Su Tongnuo said politely.

After chatting for a while, they went to have a rest.

However, it was hard to fall asleep in the mountain.

When it was 4:20 am, Bai Lin arrived from City B, and Lu Zhan along with Lu Yichen went to welcome her.

Bai Lin was 27-years-old, and had worked in the entertainment industry for five years.

Although she wasnt a stunning beauty, she was very attractive.

And the more you looked at her, the more you would be attracted to her.

Bai Lin also came with her assistant.

Because she was just a B-list actress, and her agent was responsible for several actresses at the same time, her agent didnt come with her this time.

Her agent had heard of Lu Zhans good reputation, so her agent was willing to allow her to take this job.

Although Lu Zhan had been shut out of the industry, he had Gu Nings support now, so the film would be successfully released.

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