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Chapter 416 Horse Betting

Gu Ning coldly stared at Zhao Kanglin, which terrified him.

He couldnt be more familiar with such a sharp look, and ordinary people could never do it.

This young girl couldnt be simple.

Gu Ning aimed to scare and threaten Zhao Kanglin.

Seeing that he was frightened, Gu Ning said icily, “This is the price of humiliating me.

If it ever happens again, you cant bear the result.”

Although Zhao Kanglin felt threatened by Gu Nings power, he hated her to death.

Thus, he wouldnt give up on getting revenge on Gu Ning.

He remained quiet just because he was badly injured.

Seeing that Gu Ning was so powerful, a woman from Zhao Kanglins group felt like she looked familiar.

“Oh!” the woman suddenly said which attracted peoples attention.

“She-she is the young girl who rescued the injured female fan at the airport yesterday!” The woman pointed at Gu Ning in excitement.

The woman recognized Gu Nings face.

“What She is the young girl who rescued the injured female fan at the airport yesterday”

“Its her”

Hearing that, those who had heard the news were all surprised.

One of them immediately took out his phone and checked the picture.

“Jesus! It is her!”

“Lets go!” Gu Ning said to Pan Zirui, she disliked the noisy crowd.

She walked ahead alone, quickly followed by Pan Zirui.

Meanwhile, some people posted videos of their fight on the Internet and it went viral again.

The videos were attached with a description of their conflict, so the majority supported Gu Ning.

However, there was also a minority who criticized Gu Ning saying that she was evil.

Internet users who had different opinions argued with each other over this popular news.

Gradually, criticisms of Gu Nings behavior became fewer and fewer.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, didnt care about it at all, because she knew that what she had done was right.

“Boss, do you play horse betting” Pan Zirui asked.

“No,” Gu Ning said.

Then, Pan Zirui introduced horse betting to Gu Ning.

In each race, there would be 12 horses.

Before the race started, punters[1] would choose a horse which was most likely to win, and fill its number along with the amount they wanted to bet on the horse racing lottery ticket, then they handed it to the service counter for recording.

After the race was over, if the result was the same as the punters bet, punters would get a reward according to the betting ratio.

In addition, there were many types of betting in horse racing.

“Win” meant punters placed the bet that their chosen horse would come first in a race.

“Place” meant punters placed the bet that their chosen horse would be any one of the top three horses in a race.

“Quinella” meant punters placed the bet that their chosen horses would be the first and second horses in a race.

“Trio” meant punters placed the bet that their chosen horses would be the top three horses in any order in a race.

Apart from those, there were many other types of betting, like “First 4”, “Quartet”, “Tierce” and so forth.

If punters thought that it wasnt fun enough to bet on only one race, they could choose to bet on different races in a group, which was called “All Up”.

Simply by placing bets in the same or different betting pools for 2 to 6 races.

Any dividend entitlement from a winning Leg would be automatically carried forward and reinvested in the subsequent Leg specified in the punters bet selection.

To experience the betting entertainment and increase the challenge, punters might also consider the multi-race pools or pools with a possible jackpot.

A punter could win several million yuan from a race by that.

Gu Ning, with her Jade Eyes, easily distinguished the good horses from the bad ones, but it was still difficult to know the results, because the results could be arranged beforehand!

“Boss, which horse are you going to bet on I can place the bet for you,” Pan Zirui said to please Gu Ning.

“Thanks, Ill do it myself.” Gu Ning declined.

She wasnt willing to let men, other than Leng Shaoting, pay her bills.

Since Gu Ning declined, Pan Zirui wouldnt insist.

He knew that Gu Ning was rich.

“Lord Pan, place a bet for me please!” Xia Jiao said, acting cute in front of Pan Zirui.

However, this time, she did it not because of Gu Ning, but because Guan Bin and Gao Yongkang had both placed bets for their female companions.

Xia Jiao didnt want to be the odd one out, or she would be laughed at by other women.

“Fine, just give me your lottery ticket after you fill it in.” Pan Zirui didnt reject her.

He had spent a lot of money on women, and didnt care about a bet.

With Pan Ziruis permission, Xia Jiao was excited and ran to get a lottery ticket to fill.

She of course knew nothing about horse betting, so she understood that she was just wasting money for fun.

In reality, Xia Jiao didnt have much money, because the rich heirs would only buy expensive bags, clothes, and make-up for her, but seldom gave her cash.

“What betting types do you usually choose” Gu Ning asked Pan Zirui.

“I think the others are complicated, so I choseWin, and I bet on No.

5,” Pan Zirui said.

He thought that the No.

5 horse was most likely to win.

He had no idea how to make good judgments about the horses competitive state by the horses coat color, pace, eyes and sweating.

He simple made his decision randomly.

“I dont think that No.

5 is a good choice.

Instead, No.

4, 7 and 10 are more likely to win,” Gu Ning said.

Although she was giving Pan Zirui hints, she wouldnt force him to follow her opinion because she wasnt 100% sure she was right.

In Pan Ziruis eyes, Gu Ning was almighty.

Since Gu Ning said so, he would definitely follow her lead.

Even if they lost, he wouldnt blame Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt avoid Pan Zirui and directly wrote down the numbers she bet on.

She bet on all of the numbers that she had chosen, because she was more likely to win in that case.

It didnt cost much to lay bets, and the odds were high.

If Gu Ning won only half of the bets, she could make over ten million yuan in the end.

“Boss, can I place the same bets as yours” Pan Zirui asked.

“Sure.” Gu Ning didnt mind.

She wrote the numbers down right in front of him in order to let him follow her.

“Thanks!” Pan Zirui copied Gu Nings lottery tickets.

“If they fail, dont blame me,” Gu Ning said.

[1] Punters are people who gamble, place bets, or make risky investments.

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