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Chapter 408 Wont Sell it to People from Country R

Gu Ning, who had a strong bias against people from Country R, of course, wouldnt sell her jade to them, even if it was a profitable deal.

“Thirty-five million yuan.”

“Forty million yuan.” A bid from the person from Country R.

After that, nobody followed up, because the price was already high enough.

Gu Ning approached Lord Pan and said to him, “Hes from Country R.

I dont want to sell this jade to him.

Help me bid for this jade.”

Hearing that the man was from Country R, Lord Pan was displeased too, because he hated them very much.

Therefore, he agreed with Gu Ning without hesitation.

“Fifty million yuan!” Lord Pan said.

He suddenly raised the price by ten million at a time.

Gu Ning was going to keep this jade, and its price didnt matter now.

Hearing that Lord Pan joined the bidding, everyone was confused, because Lord Pan came here with Gu Ning.

If he wanted to buy it, he could make the deal with Gu Ning in private.

The person from Country R was disappointed.

Fifty million yuan was almost the highest price, and it wouldnt be worth buying if the price went higher again.

However, the person from Country R wasnt willing to give up.

“Fifty-five million yuan.”

“Sixty million yuan!” Lord Pan said without a second thought and gave them a provoking glance.

By now they knew that Lord Pan did it on purpose.

However, they had never met Lord Pan before.

So why did he have to do it

The person from Country R wanted to continue bidding but was stopped by the local citizen.

They discussed in a low voice for a few seconds, and the person from Country R gave up.

He glared at Lord Pan before he left.

“Ha!” Lord Pan was satisfied.

“Aright, Sir, if you still want this jade, you can pay thirty-five million yuan for it and take it home,” Gu Ning said to the man who had bid thirty-five million yuan for the jade just then.

“Of course I do!” the man said with alacrity.

“However, miss, why didnt you sell it to the person who bid such a high price”

“Hes from Country R, and I dont want to sell it to him,” Gu Ning said directly.

Upon hearing that the person was from Country R, people all felt disgusted, and they also approved Gu Nings behavior.

Meanwhile, some also thought that Gu Ning was dumb, and there was no need to act against money.

After the deal, Gu Ning left the shop.

“I have something else to deal with.

So its time to say goodbye,” Gu Ning said to Lord Pan.

“What” Lord Pan was reluctant to leave.

He still wanted to invite her to join him for a meal later.

“Where are you leaving for I can send you there.

My car is right outside,” Lord Pan said.

“No, thanks,” Gu Ning rejected him.

“Oh, I still dont know your name yet.

Im Pan Zirui by the way.

Since youre my boss now, shouldnt you give me your phone number so that I can contact you” Pan Zirui said.

“My names Gu Ning, and my phone number is XXXX.

Send me a message, and Ill save your phone number.

Ill call you when Im done,” Gu Ning said.

Pan Zirui immediately saved Gu Nings phone number.

They walked out together, and Gu Ning directly took a taxi waiting at the roadside.

Nanshui Village was where Gu Ning was heading for.

It was 23 kilometers away from the south exit of City B, but there was no need to drive on the expressway.

On the way, Gu Ning received Tang Haifengs call.

Her first thought was that he must have heard the news of what had happened at the airport and knew that she was City B now.

She was right.

The moment Gu Ning answered the call, Tang Haifeng complained.

“Girl Gu, I heard the news that you rescued an injured girl at the airport of City B.

Why didnt you visit me since youre here”

Gu Ning smiled and explained, “Grandpa, I have something important to deal with in City B.

I promise that Ill visit you once its done.”

“What important thing Do you need me to help you Just say it,” Tang Haifeng said.

“Thanks, grandpa, but I can handle it alone,” Gu Ning said.

If she could deal with on her own, she wouldnt bother others.

However, if she needed Tang Haifengs support, she wouldnt hesitate to call him either.

She maintained a close relationship with Tang Haifeng to expand her network, so she wouldnt waste it.

“Fine, but dont hesitate to let me know if you need my help.

Oh, Ive prepared a red envelope for you.

Dont forget to visit me!” Tang Haifeng said and used the red envelope as the bait.

“Ha-ha,” Gu Ning snorted with laughter, but she still cooperated with Tang Haifeng and acted greedy.

“Of course Ill come visit you for the red envelope!”

“Oh, so if I didnt prepare a red envelope for you, you wouldnt visit me then, right” Tang Haifeng pretended to be mad.

“Of course not! Even if there is no red envelope, Ill still visit you.

I can eat and drink in your house anyway,” Gu Ning joked.

“Ha-ha!” Tang Haifeng was amused.

Just after Tang Haifeng hung up the call with Gu Ning, Tang Jiakai came home.

Seeing Tang Haifeng being so happy, he asked with curiosity, “Grandpa, why are you so happy”

“Girl Gu is in City B now, but shes busy, so shell visit me once shes free,” Tang Haifeng said.

He was even happier to hear that Gu Ning came to City B than that his grandson came home.

Tang Jiakai was also excited because he was very curious about Gu Ning who was his grandfathers new “granddaughter” and closely resembled his uncle.

“Grandpa, please invite her to visit us at home.

I really want to meet the girl!” Tang Jiakai said in excitement.

Nanshui Village was now a resort.

Originally, it had been an orchard with a total area of 165 acres.

Later, it gradually developed into a folklore resort with farmhouse features, including catering, accommodation, entertainment, and other secondary services.

Other than an orchard, there was also a temple from the Tang Dynasty.

People might go there to wish for good luck.

And there was a reservoir the size of a football field too.

Tourists could fish or sail on boats there.

Su Anjuns location was in Nanshui Village, but not in the entertainment area.

From the GPS map that K had given her, Gu Ning had to walk forwards along the river for about two kilometers.

It was said that people had picked up antiques in this direction of the road.

Most villagers in Nanshui Village were aware of the news that there were antiques around this place, but outsiders might not hear of it.

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