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Chen Ziyao, Zhang Yiming and Fu Mingliang felt disappointed too.

At the same time, they were also terrified.

Gu Ning wasnt only powerful now.

She also had the support of Hao Ran and his friends.

What if she revenged on them for what they had done to her

Thinking of this, they all felt concerned.

Qin Zhengs feelings, meanwhile, ran the gamut of emotions.

He slightly regretted breaking up with Gu Ning, because the girl was so impressive now.

But thinking further, he calmed down.

No matter how impressive Gu Ning was, she was still a poor girl, who would not help him for anything, and probably would embarrass him.

On the way while leaving, Gu Xiaoxiao pulled out her phone and sent Gu Man a message.

It was a message with photos of Gu Ning in a fight with others.

Visually, Gu Ning seemed to be hit by the boys.

Gu Man was walking downstairs after she had finished her meal in the canteen.

She heard the ringtone, then took out the phone to check.

Though she used a cheap old phone, it still could receive photos.

When Gu Man saw the photos on her phone, she was scared and fell down from the stairs by accident.

Her head hit the ground even.

On the other side, Hao Ran and his friends called Gu Ning their boss all the time after they left the crowd.

They complimented Gu Ning the same way Mu Ke had done before.

“Boss, since we all listen to you now, can you teach us kung fu We want to be helpful in the future!”

“Exactly, boss, youre so awesome.

Normally, each of us can fight against seven or eight men, but all of us together cant win you.

You won the fight so easily.”


Hao Ran and his friends wouldnt stop talking.

Gu Ning felt noisy, but not displeased.

Seeing Hao Ran and his friends now were like obedient dogs, Mu Ke and Yu Mixi felt so proud.

However, Mu Ke was still annoyed that they had disrespected Gu Ning before.

“Well, how come someone who was so arrogant, now is like an obedient dog” Mu Ke said deliberately.

Hearing that, Hao Ran and his friends were embarrassed.

They knew Mu Ke was unhappy about their previous attitude towards Gu Ning, thus they didnt blame Mu Ke for his words.

Hao Ran walked to Mu Ke, placing his hand on Mu Kes shoulder, “If we didnt fight, we wont get to know each other.

Let the bygones be the bygones.

Were bros from now on.

If you have any need and want my help in the future, just tell me!”

“Yeah! Yeah!” Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping agreed.

Mu Ke wasnt really mad at them actually.

He also understood they were friends now, since they had taken Gu Ning as their boss.

They even had changed their attitude.

Mu Ke thought there was no need to hate them any longer.

“Mixi is a child without much strength.

We need to take care of her,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure, no problem,” everyone immediately agreed.

Yu Mixi was a little shy, but she accepted.

Gu Ning didnt plan to eat an expensive meal.

She simply wanted to have hot pot.

But when they just walked to the restaurant, Gu Nings phone rang.

Both Yu Mixi and Mu Ke were slightly surprised when Gu Ning took out her phone.

They knew Gu Nings family was poor.

She had used a cheap old phone before, but now she used a brand new one, which seemed expensive.

Hao Ran and his friends didnt know Gu Ning was from a poor family.

They didnt find anything wrong.

The caller was Gu Man.

Gu Ning answered it at once.

Her face changed suddenly when she heard the voice from the other side.

Gu Ning said she would come soon, then hung up.

“Boss, whats up” Everyone noticed Gu Nings change, and knew something bad must have happened.

They all asked in worry.

“My mother fell from the stairs and now is in unconsciousness.

She was sent to the hospital.

I need to visit her right now.

You can have the meal without me.” Gu Ning didnt hide the fact.

She ran to take a taxi to the hospital afterwards.

“Boss…” Before the rest could realize, Gu Ning was already gone.

“Lets go and visit as well,” Mu Ke said.

He ran ahead immediately.

Hao Ran and the others all followed up without hesitation.

Their bosss mother was in danger.

They couldnt step aside!

At that moment, a black Maserati moved over at a very high speed.

There were two men sitting inside.

Leng Shaoting sat on the passengers seat.

He frowned a little.

He was losing his patience, because the one who was sitting on the drivers seat wouldnt stop talking, but he didnt interrupt.

“Shaoting, leave it to our fourth bro! Youre not fully recovered yet.

What if you get injured again! Do take care of yourself!” The man on the drivers seat complained for Leng Shaotings good.

The man on the drivers seat was the one who had helped Leng Shaoting destroy the tapes the other day.

He was in a white casual suit as usual, looking handsome, decent and charming.

He didnt care Leng Shaoting ignored him, continuing to talk, “Why do you have to get yourself involved in so much business You even dont want to have a vacation.

I dont think any girl will like you if you continue to do that.”

From afar, Leng Shaotings sight fell on a girl in a school uniform on the sidewalk.

The girl seemed worried and was in a hurry to take a taxi.

At the first glance, Leng Shaoting felt familiar with the girls figure.

After they approached near, Leng Shaoting recognized her.

He immediately said, “Stop.”

The man who was still talking stopped the car unconsciously when he was interrupted.

The car ceased right before Gu Ning.

“Whats wrong” the man asked, but Leng Shaoting didnt answer his question.

He rolled the car window down.

“Get in the car,” he said to the outside.

Gu Ning saw the car stop in front of her.

She was about to move away when she heard a familiar voice.

It was the man who had been injured the other night.

Gu Ning was a little amazed.

But she heard him clearly.

The man obviously wanted to give her a lift.

Gu Ning was in a hurry now.

She didnt reject, but opened the car door and got inside.

Meanwhile, the man on the drivers seat was shocked.

He didnt expect Leng Shaoting asked him to stop the car to let the female student get inside.

But, who the hell was she How could he had no idea that Leng Shaoting knew such a young female student Leng Shaoting normally never got in touch with any woman.

“The hospital, thanks,” Gu Ning said without further delay.


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