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Chapter 368 A Big Scandal in City G

During breakfast, Gu Ning asked Jiang Xu, “Uncle, has Gu Qinxiang caused you trouble recently”

“Hes competing for a hotel decoration project, and he invited Executive Quan to dine together yesterday trying to get the chance.

I was with Executive Quan at that time, but I had no idea that it was Gu Qinxiang who called Executive Quan, so I went to the meal with Executive Quan.

Gu Qinxiang then found out that Im the boss of Xuri Construction Material Store.

He was worried that I would bad-mouth him in front of Executive Quan causing him to lose the chance, but at the same time, he also hoped that I would help him.

I rejected him though,” Jiang Xu said.

Although Jiang Xu didnt get along with Gu Qinxiang, he wasnt mean and wouldnt bad-mouth Gu Qinxiang, but neither would he help him.

“Since Gu Qinxiang already knows that youre the boss of Xuri Construction Material Store, I think that the old lady must be aware of it too.

Did she call” Gu Ning asked.


Maybe Gu Qinxiang stopped her because he doesnt want to annoy me in case I bad-mouth him in front of Executive Quan.” They all knew what kind of person Gu Qinxiang was.

“Well, Im afraid the family reunion wont be peaceful,” Gu Qing sighed.

Although the old lady didnt call them to argue with them, it was impossible that she would stay quiet during the family reunion.

“Itll be fine.

No matter what she says, its meaningless.” Gu Ning despised the old ladys rude behavior, but she wasnt afraid at all.

After breakfast, Gu Qing and Gu Man went to their beauty salon and Jiang Xu left for his work.

Gu Ning also had something to deal with today, but she wasnt in a hurry, so she stayed home with Jiang Xinyue for a while longer.

Around 10 am, Gu Ning received An Guangyaos call.

“Boss, I just got the invitation letter from the Cao family which is the No.

1 richest family in City F.

Theyre going to host a party the day after tomorrow, and all the successful businessmen will be attending it.

They also hope that the real boss of Shenghua Real Estate could show up.

What do you think” An Guangyao asked.

“I dont want to be exposed yet.

You may go on behalf of Shenghua, and just tell them that the real boss isnt in City F,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” An Guangyao replied.

Gu Ning then told An Guangyao about what had happened to Yu Mixis family and told him to prepare a contract.

She would go to Yu Mixis place with a lawyer later.

After hanging up with Gu Ning, An Guangyao immediately asked his secretary to prepare the contract and choose a great apartment.

Li Zewen also called Gu Ning and was ready to go out with her.

Gu Ning called Yu Mixi beforehand; her family was busy working in the small breakfast shop, so Gu Ning and Li Zewen went to meet them right away.

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When they arrived, Yu Mixis parents signed the contract after reading through it.

Although they had already signed the contract, the new apartment wasnt theirs yet, because Jiahua Garden wasnt able to provide a premises permit for it yet.

Nevertheless, the contract came to effect, and none of them were willing to break the law.

After that, Gu Ning and Li Zewen left.

Gu Ning went to Kamei Beauty Salon to check on its condition afterwards.

It was crowded in Kamei Beauty Salon in the morning, and most of them were VIPs, while many had just joined their VIP club.

All the VIPs got a small gift.

And although it wasnt very expensive, it wasnt cheap.

Some VIPs also won some prizes, which was a fun experience for them.

Meanwhile, the luckiest ones won the top prizes which were the jade pendants from Jade Beauty jewelry.

Everyone around them were envious, but each of them only had one chance to play the lucky draw.

Gu Ning didnt stay there for long and left when it was almost 12 pm.

Just a while after Gu Ning left the beauty salon, she received Gao Yis call.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were both efficient and they had settled everything within a morning.

They bought a black Land Rover as their means of transportation.

Even though Gao Yi and Qiao Ya had been chased by the killer organizations, they had never lost their legal documents.

Gu Ning hadnt got her driving license yet, even though she was actually a skillful driver.

Without a driving license, it was better for her to not drive.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya hadnt eaten yet, so Gu Ning told them to dine together.

Around 3 pm in the afternoon, a big scandal hit City G like a strong windstorm.

The vice mayor, Liu Shikun, the head of the Department of Transportation, Wei Chengguan, the chairman of the Hongyun Group, Fang Changsheng along with several government officials who had close relationships with Liu Shikun were arrested by the police at the same time.

Their criminal evidence was exposed gradually.

The vice mayor, Liu Shikun, were found guilty of corruption.

The amount of money he had illegally accepted exceeded a billion yuan, and he was involved in the murder of the previous head of the Department of Transportation.

The head of the Department of Transportation, Wei Chengguan was found guilty of bribery and corruption, and the bribes were mainly from the Hongyun Group.

Several other office leaders of the government were also arrested for the same crime.

The chairman of the Hongyun Group, Fang Changsheng, had committed different kinds of crimes during the past three years.

Hotels and restaurants under the name of Hongyun Group were also involved in many scandals.

It happened so fast that Liu Shikun and the others were struck dumb when they were arrested, but it was impossible for them to argue in front of the solid proof.

Liu Shikuns political ally had tried to use his power to shut the scandal down, but unexpectedly, it had already gone viral on the Internet and across the country within hours.

Thus in order to not be involved in this mess, Liu Shikun and the others were abandoned by their political ally.

As for what Liu Shikun and the others had done, people were furious and slammed them fiercely.

Gu Ning had made a reservation for some of the Hongyun Groups properties.

However, its properties hadnt been seized yet and would be put up for auction right after Fang Changsheng was sentenced by the court.

Although there was solid proof of what they had done, it still took time to finish the legal procedures.

Gu Ning just smiled slightly when she heard the news.

It wasnt surprising at all in her eyes.

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