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Chapter 351 They Deserve It!

Yan Zhenglin told Xiao Changchun that he had gotten the criminal evidence, and he couldnt hide the fact that Gu Ning had handed it to him from Xiao Changchun.

However, there wouldnt be anyone else that would know about

Hearing that Gu Ning had given the evidence to Yan Zhenglin, Xiao Changchun was more than shocked.

Gu Ning had rescued both Yan Zhenglin and him from dangerous situations, but also got such important evidence, which really impressed Xiao Changchun.

“Governor Xiao, Gu Ning wants to acquire some of Hongyun Groups properties, and Ive already promised her that she can have the priority to buy it before anyone else.

As for the price, do you think that we can offer her a discount given that she has done us a great favor” Yan Zhenglin asked.

“What She wants to acquire some of Hongyun Groups properties” Xiao Changchun was as astonished as Yan Zhenglin when he heard the news.

“Yes, she doesnt lack money, but I think that its better if we offer her a lower price,” Yan Zhenglin replied.

“No problem, we can give her the lowest price that we can offer,” Xiao Changchun said.

All the seized companies would be recorded on paper.

The government had the right to handle their assets, but couldnt sell it at too low a price, because it would arouse suspicion of accepting bribery.

“We have to conduct the probe into it right away!” Xiao Changchun said.

It was the key moment for re-election, so the senior leader behind Liu Shikun didnt dare to get involved, because it would affect his own career.

Although they couldnt unseat the senior leader behind Liu Shikun yet, they wouldnt hesitate to unseat their political enemies.

And they would be very well-prepared before starting the probe.

It seemed like Liu Shikuns group wouldnt have a happy new year.

On the way back to Clean Water Blue Sky, the taxi passed a clubhouse, and she noticed an ambulance stopped outside of it.

She immediately used her Jade Eyes to see what was going on there.

However, the scene shocked Gu Ning.

She saw that two women were being carried out by paramedics and one of the women was Li Zhenzhen.

Gu Ning didnt remember Li Zhenzhen until she saw her again.

There was blood on Li Zhenzhens head, and her body was twitching.

Gu Ning told the taxi driver to stop, and that she would go over to have a look, but she wasnt going to rescue Li Zhenzhen.

They were opponents after all.

Thus Gu Ning simply wanted to have some fun.

She gave the taxi driver a hundred yuan bill and told him to keep the change.

The taxi driver seldom met such a generous client, so he was more than willing to accept it.

Gu Ning went over and heard the discussion among the crowd.

“Whats going on here” someone asked.

“I heard that the two women fought against each other for the same man.

One of them was scratched on her face, while the other one was hit on the head by a beer bottle.”

“For a man Did they have to do that” someone asked with disdain.

If they were injured because of that, no one had sympathy for them.

“Its not that simple! They were using drugs and lost control of their emotions, which is the reason why they fought so fiercely.”



“I think that they deserve it! They dont work but just play around and are even on drugs.

I have no sympathy for them.”

“Me either!”

After hearing the reason, nobody showed sympathy.

Gu Ning, of course, had no intention to help.

She just stood aside watching them leaving in the ambulance.

Before long, the Li Family received the hospitals call and hurried to the hospital.

The moment that Gu Ning arrived at her place, Gu Man called her and asked when she would be coming back home.

Gu Ning had left her home the minute that winter vacation started.

It had been half a month, and Gu Man was worried about her safety.

“Probably the day after tomorrow!” Gu Ning said.

“Mom, how is it going at the beauty salon”

“Not bad, for the last half a month, the people in the Gu Family have stop causing us trouble,” Gu Man said.

“Good to know!” Gu Ning said.

“Ningning, I need your advice on something,” Gu Man said.

“The New Year festival is just around the corner now, so we plan to hold an event in three days.

Normally, they would give discounts or small gifts to clients, but I think that its too boring.

Do you have any suggestions”

Gu Ning thought for a while and replied, “In my opinion, first, we can send all the VIPs a small gift which is around two or three hundred yuan; second, all the clients who join our VIP club or renew the membership on the day of the event can have a discount, and you can decide how much is it; last but not least, all the new clients can join a lottery.

Well have three winners, and each of them will get a jade pendant from Jade Beauty Jewelry as the prize.”

“What A jade pendant from Jade Beauty Jewelry Its too expensive! The cheapest one must cost at least a hundred thousand yuan!” Gu Man was surprised.

If they used the jade pendants as the prizes, it would cost a lot.

“Mom, are you alone now” Gu Ning asked.

She thought that it was time to tell her mother something serious.

“Yes, Im home alone,” Gu Man answered.

“Mom, to be honest with you, Jade Beauty Jewelry is my store, so all the jewelry is free.

Dont worry, we wont lose money.

And we can attract more potential clients by providing valuable prizes.”

Gu Man was aware that Gu Ning had a jewelry store in City G, so she would find out sooner or later.

“What Jade Beauty Jewelry is yours” Gu Man asked.

To Gu Mans astonishment, Gu Nings jewelry store was precisely Jade Beauty Jewelry which had gained a lot of fame and publicity recently, but how did Gu Ning manage to know so many important figures “Mom, please dont tell anyone else about it, including my aunt.

Ill tell you the details when I get back.

Please relax, I relied on my own skills to open the jewelry store, and there are no dirty secrets at all.” Gu Ning understood why Gu Man was worried.

Gu Man was already used to trusting Gu Ning, so she relaxed after Gu Nings explanation, although she was still shocked.

After a short while of chatting, they hung up.

Gu Ning then talked with her friends on their WeChat group for a while.

In fact, Li Zhenzhen was much more severely hurt than Gu Ning imagined.

Because Gu Ning had no intention to help Li Zhenzhen, she didnt pay much attention to her injuries.

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