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Chapter 345 Teaching Tang Yaxin a Lesson

Moreover, Gu Ning wouldnt hurt herself during her revenge, because she had family and a boyfriend.

She had to make allowances for the result.

Gu Ning checked on what they were doing in the private room next door every once in a while with her Jade Eyes.

Before long, Tang Yaxin stood up and left.

Gu Nings gaze followed her into the ladies room.

Gu Ning felt like it was a great chance, so she went to the ladies room too.

When Gu Ning went in the ladies room, there was nobody else around.

She used her Jade Eyes to find the toilet compartment that Tang Yaxin was in before she took out a bottle of cleansing oil and poured it on the ground in front of it.

After that, Gu Ning hid in the opposite toilet compartment.

Soon, Tang Yaxin pushed the door open, stepped on the cleansing oil, and slipped backwards with a scream.

With a loud sound, Tang Yaxin hit the toilet which was flushing and the water kept washing against her back.

The loud noise attracted a lot of attention from other women in other toilet compartments, and they all walked out at once, Gu Ning included.

“Miss, are you alright” Gu Ning immediately stepped forward.

“Let me help you, ah!” However, just as Gu Ning walked to the door, she slipped too, and flew at Tang Yaxin with a scream.

Tang Yaxin was injured again, and could barely utter a word because of the great pain.

“Oh, Im so sorry, miss.

I didnt do it on purpose; I just wanted to help you!” Gu Ning pretended to be panicked.

She stood up and apologized at once.

At the same time, she also thought that it was disgusting, because she just slipped in the toilet too in order to hurt Tang Yaxin.

Although Tang Yaxin was beneath her, it was still disgusting.

However, nobody was in a worse condition than Tang Yaxin now.

It was extremely painful, disgusting and irritating to her, but she wasnt able to stand up on her own.

Tang Yaxins loud scream also attracted a lot of attention from people who were at the private rooms near the ladies room.

Many of them came to check on what was going on.

Leng Shaoting and Qi Ziyue walked out as well.

Leng Shaoting merely wanted to see what had happened, but Qi Ziyue recognized that it was Tang Yaxins voice.

The cleaner came into the ladies room before anyone else did.

She avoided the oil on the ground and helped Tang Yaxin get up.

“You…” Tang Yaxin glared at Gu Ning after getting back to her feet, but couldnt say a word because of the great pain that she was in.

Gu Ning lowered her head like she was innocent, but actually she was laughing to herself.

Leng Shaoting was worried after he found out that the agonized scream was from the ladies room, because Gu Ning had just gone there.

However, before he went to ask for details, a woman who was supported by two other women came walking out of the ladies room, followed by Gu Ning and other women.

“Yaxin, what happened” Qi Ziyue ran to her and held Tang Yaxin.

The cleaner explained, “This lady just fell in the ladies room.”

“Come on, lets go to the hospital.” Qi Ziyue put Tang Yaxin on his back without hesitation and left at once.

Seeing the scene in which Qi Ziyue carried Tang Yaxin, leaving in a hurry, there was a touch of gloating that flashed through Gu Nings eyes, which was caught by Leng Shaoting.

He had a feeling that Gu Ning had to have been involved in the “accident”.

The other people dispersed, and Gu Ning went back to the private room along with Leng Shaoting.

After they were both seated, Leng Shaoting asked, “Was it you”

“Yes,” Gu Ning admitted.

Leng Shaoting wanted to say something, but didnt say it.

He wanted to know why, but didnt want to annoy Gu Ning if it was private.

Gu Ning understood what was on Leng Shaotings mind.

“If you want to ask me anything, just ask.” “What grudge between you two made you do it Kissmanga(.)in It seems like you have strong animosity against her every time she appears in your sight.

Im not trying to invade your privacy, but Im worried about you.”

He suddenly felt that maybe he had respected Gu Nings privacy too much because he had no idea about her enemies.

As Gu Nings boyfriend, he was supposed to be aware of both her friends and her enemies, so that he could help her.

“I hate them to death,” Gu Ning said, but she didnt tell Leng Shaoting the whole truth.

“I know that youve always been confused about why Im so skillful at fighting as a senior high school student.

Let me tell you the reason now.

Its because of my tutor.

Her name is Tang Aining.

She was the daughter of the Tang Family in the capital.

The woman you just saw is her half-sister.” Saying that, Gu Ning was obviously mad.

Thinking of what had happened to her in her previous incarnation, she was full of anger.

“Ten years ago, because Tang Yaxins mother had deliberately gotten involved in her marriage, my tutor, Tang Ainings mother was caught in a car accident due to a mental breakdown and was in a vegetative state.

After that, Tang Yaxin and her mother replaced my tutor Tang Aining and her mother in her family.

My poor tutor was dumped by her father into a dark killer organization for strict training, and she had to do many dirty deeds for the Tang Family afterwards.”

“She wasnt willing to do so, but her mother was in her fathers hands.

If she disobeyed her fathers orders, her father would kill her mother.

She did many terrible things, but she rescued me and taught me kung fu.

In my eyes, shes my family, but she was killed by her half-sister.

Thus I must get revenge for her!”

Gu Ning felt like crying now, and she even trembled in anger and sadness with her eyes full of deep hatred.

Leng Shaoting came over and held her in his arms.

“Dont worry.

Ill help you.”

“No, Ill do in myself,” Gu Ning said with determination.

“Fine, but if you need anything, let me know,” Leng Shaoting said.

He understood that Gu Ning could only vent her anger by doing it on her own.

Within seconds, Gu Ning calmed down.

After the meal, they went to watch a movie before going back home.

As for Tang Yaxin, her pain was finally alleviated, and she was able to speak like normal.

She shouted in anger about making complaints against the restaurant because there was oil on the ground in the ladies room, but she was stopped by Qi Ziyue.


They had already left the restaurant, and the oil would have been cleaned.

Without proof, they couldnt make the complaint.

Even if they successfully complained, an apology was the most that they could get which was meaningless.

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